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I've written in the past and left unsure to what I really am. I think it has been roughly three years but the questions have never left me. I know I am an empath, but I still question if there is something more? It's not just the emotion but the visions, dreams and people. The frequency of intensity varies between weeks, months and even years.

I was always different as a child. I would close my eyes and whisper into the wind. See rocks and minerals for more than the appeared to be; I treasured them for their energy. I couldn't (and still cannot) put simple items away, I feel an overwhelming sense of abandonment. I constantly spoke to God asking to be a messenger. Lastly I saw shadows, orbs and figures nobody else could. This was all before the age of three. During fourth grade I nearly was drowned in a pool by another student who couldn't swim for himself.

I will off and on see the young girl and older man that I wrote about in previous stories. They've been with me since childhood. I've seen others as well. (Voices, laughter, yelling,

I often get these burst of chills which are hard to describe. They start from a central point and burst outward. Normally upon entering a place, speaking with someone, hearing a name/event, etc. These aren't from being cold. They feel like pin pricking in a quick burst and feel much different than shivering. These often make me twitch very violently.

I often feel out of place, as if I'm not always within my body. I've blacked out with visions that have felt beyond real to me. Also my dreams have been very vivid and of places and people I have never encountered. (Shortly after my fiancé's grandfather passed away, I blacked out to a vision of a seed opening up to a vast island. There was a voice that was calming and asked that I tell him his grandfather and brother are together and well.)

I have had extreme anxiety from childhood as well.

I know I am an empath, but is there something else? I feel the need to know if there is something else about me. Could I possibly posses minor medium abilities? Or how could I work on these?

Any advice or comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time!

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