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Maybe It Runs In My Blood?


I still can't figure out what I am. I can now start to see shadows of figures appearing and hear whispers on certain occasions. I tend to just ignore them and pretend I never heard or saw them. I still have nightmares though.

My latest one happened to be of a fire. I remember standing with a person to my left and my right. Each blackened and fell to the ground as ash and skeleton. It was very vivid (as all of mine have been since I can ever remember). I woke up sick to my stomach after that. Well this morning I discovered a burn on my leg that I somehow acquired during the night (which isn't really possible).

Also things have been prone to appearing around me. One morning I decided to play with a video game (this is just one example) and I put my game away when I was to leave for school. Well after getting on the school bus I found out that the exact same game chip I had been using was on the seat beside me. How it got there I have no idea.

I still have frequent visions and can feel emotions that aren't mine. But I have figured out one cool fact:

There is a book out about an ancestor of mine whom was hung in the Salem witch trials. I found it quite interesting that she had things happen to her exactly like this. She had the nightmares, feelings and visions also.

Still if anyone can help tell me what this is I would very much appreciate it.:]

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AnandaHya (guest)
12 years ago (2011-01-21)
try learning some shielding techniques. Sometimes when you have spirit interference you can't remember everything that you do clearly. I've had the problem myself when I forget to raise my shields and make sure all my conciousness is in my body after meditating.

I do things with only half my attention, I have a tendency of multitasking which is good and bad. I get a lot of things done but not always very well and sometimes have to redo those things. Sometimes, I'm thinking of other things and do things automatically like cleaning or putting away dishes. Then when I go to do it conciously it is already done. Or I think I did something but I didn't really.

Therefore, you might have thought you put the game chip up but still had it in your hand or picked it up before leaving the house.

The visions and emotions you should deal with rationally: not all of them need a response, some visions and emotions are based on others misconceptions and are not true to actual reality. I would write them down if you get a chance. Then think before acting. Make sure you are ready to deal with the consequences of your actions whatever you decide to do.

Good luck. Blessed be.

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