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Psychic Abilities Growing Everyday?


Hello. Since I was a child I have been experiencing strange occurrences and have been wondering lately if I am psychic? I'm not really sure if I am or not and would like feedback if somebody may have any information on what I've been experiencing or if anybody has had any similar experiences.

I can't remember too much from my childhood but I do remember one occurrence at my fourth birthday party. I remember feeling a little off and kept hearing strange noises. For a couple minutes I ignored them thinking it was my grandpa (who's lap I had been sitting on) but when I had asked him if he heard that noise he just looked at me weirdly and asked "what noise?" After that I had an impulse to go out onto my porch to check and see. I remember seeing a white orb of light floating in the middle of my porch and running back inside.

I have also been able to see visions of things when I close my eyes. Like when my friend and I were playing one summer. I closed my eyes and was meditating a little when I saw a vision of my sister and her sister running around the corner to attack us. I told her what I just saw but she really didn't believe me. About five minutes later our sisters ran around the corner in the exact way that I had predicted.

I also remember seeing a man when I was little. One night I awoke and saw a man sitting on the end of my bed. He was just a shadow but it scared me and I ran out of my room to get away.

Since then I have seen another man. It was on Friday the Thirteenth and I was taking a walk in the local graveyard. About halfway through my walk I saw an old crippled man walking with his walker. I felt bad for him. He looked to be around 60-70 years old, had white hair with a tan hat, denim colored blue jacket with a white shirt underneath and wore long khaki pants. It took the man about a minute to move his foot. By the time I reached him he was resting at a grave. He appeared a kindly old fellow he waved and me and smiled. Next he made the sign of the cross, I felt a little weird for looking at him so I glanced away for a second and looked back once more to find the kindly old fellow to be nowhere.

It has only become worse in time. I can feel things before they are going to happen most of the time and predict what is going to occur. I get a lot of random chills that are constant and seem never ending.

I have continuous nightmares of people dying. These dreams are very vivid and detailed to me and I can barely tell them apart from reality. In my one dream I have witnessed one child that has haunted me. She is a little girl who is around the age of 6-7; she has medium length brown hair and wears a white dress. Since I have had my nightmare of her dying she has appeared to me in my dreams a few times.

I have actually been able to see orbs floating around me. I have heard voices also. Once I heard a man whisper my name into my ear (which startled me a lot (my sister has also heard this man)). I have also heard the little girl laugh. My visions have also become worse. I tend to have out of body experiences and tend to black out and forget where I am, who I am, and what I am doing but come back within the next five minutes. Recently I have had visions that are more realistic. I was sitting on the couch with my boyfriend when everything went black and all I saw was a gruesome scene of a murder, it was like a flash of a scene and then my vision came back. This happened three more times as I saw individual pictures of the scene. The victim was a little girl and I could feel her pain and emotions. When I finally came back I started bawling and my boyfriend told me how I had a blank stare on my face for a while and he couldn't figure what to do. I then explained to him what had happened. It was just all so real that I couldn't tell it apart from reality. I still can't believe it wasn't real...

I have always been in tune with nature and felt very connected to spirits. I am in good health and cannot think what this could be so I thought that maybe I could be psychic? I really would enjoy feedback. Thanks for reading this and if you have any information please let me know.

*Update: I wrote this a day ago on account of submissions being closed, within this day I have had two things happen:

First I went to draw out the vision I had seen because I had an urge to. So I started to draw and put my pencil down to answer my phone. After picking up my phone my pencil slid across to me and I then felt a tug on my foot.

Second I was sitting at my boyfriend's house [whose grandfather just passed] when I felt an unbearable amount of pain shoot through my head starting at my right temple, traveling through to my left temple. After this pain had left I then smelled something burning; it didn't smell like wood but more like clothing. This was then followed by a burning sensation through my entire body. It sort of scared me because it was completely out of the blue. The rest of tonight I have been shaking and not really been with it. I keep feeling like I'm not really here and it's hard to stay focused.

This is starting to scare me because every day it gets worse. I'm too scared to tell anyone other than my boyfriend because no one will believe me. If I am psychic what category do I fall under?

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oceanown (4 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-01)
also about everyday I close my eyes and can see a scene from somewhere else, it looks real to me. This usually happens when I enter a different place. I can also feel the emotions of what is happening. Can anyone tell me what they think I might be? Thanks 😊
wise_mom (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-01)
I have had a similar experience like what you said happened at your boyfriend's house with the burning. But with me I was laying down and heard a gruff voice grunt, I then felt so cold that my joints became rigid. I then started to shake. My boyfriend, now husband, came in the room and saw me violently shaking. He asked me what was wrong and I told him. He then hovered his hand over me and stopped at my chest, the center of coldness, and shakes. He then closed his eyes and made a grabbing motion to the cold air he felt. Then he pulled. I felt a pull. Like something was being pulled out of me. As soon as he stood up, I felt better. Then he drew an abstract drawing and burned it. I never had it happen since. I do believe that it was a demon that had a hold of me. So I have been trying to learn about spirits, demons and angels so I have a better understanding of the things I have gone through.

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