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Dreams And Thoughts Cause Deja Vu


For some time now I've had nebulous dreams that seem to come true in some shape or form. Usually I get an extreme feeling of Deja Vu and most of the time I'm with my family and friends. When I experience Deja Vu my memory of the dream becomes clear and I feel as though I have already experienced a scene of dialogue with people, or an event. Sometimes when talking with someone when I'm experiencing Deja Vu I know what they are about to say. And now more than ever I think my abstract thoughts are preceding the Deja Vu events. And I wouldn't think much of the events but it seems like I'm the only one out of my family and friends who experience Deja Vu as often as I do. I'm also beginning to think they manifest according to some sort of internal clock because they seem to die down and flare up at different times. I have read a couple of other stories and some seem to be going through the same thing that I am. But they never seem to include somebody else in their life who experiences the same thing. But if there is anybody who knows what this might be can you please comment because I'm just curious and I kind of like the experiences. Hopefully somebody out there know what this may or may not be thanks for reading.

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hermitgan (guest)
9 years ago (2013-11-27)
I have similar Deja Vu experiences since 18 (since 1999). I'm currently in my mid 30s.
Mine is more extreme usually a weird nightmare first. Followed by a Deja Vu experience... (a day later)

Like Haven's Gate mass suicide in 1999
Deja Vu of mass suicide (in a US warehouse 2000)
Deja Vu of Tokyo train poison incident 2001
Deja Vu of China Falun Gong 2001

Deja Vu of me and girlfriend being robbed in a certain location (malaysia) and yes. 3 Months later we were robbed by a guy with bloody HIV syringe needle at the exact location. We gave our $$ to him. Lucky for us!

Deja Vu of myself winning a small prize (Coffee maker) Good Deja Vu (Last year)

But Just Imagine waking up sweating in fear and unsure who to share with especially it's a mass suicide (Bloody) and being very unsure about the location and unable to stop it from happening. (Usually 1-5 days before)

I'm getting lesser of Deja Vu nowadays, hope it will end. Or should it continue?
Please share our thoughts! Thanks!
Buttahflyy130 (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-24)
For about 9 years now, I have experienced something very similar... I get a feeling of extreme deja-vu that makes my heart beat fast, I get very hot, and I get an incredible urge to vomit... I never know when it's going to happen, but when it does, it lasts for 3-4 days... At first I had no idea where this irksome problem came from... As I got older it became stronger and I realized that it is somehow connected to my dreams... Sometimes when I'm sleeping/dreaming, the same terrifying feeling and urge to vomit, wake me out of my sleep... At that point, I always dread the next day or so, because I know it's going to happen over and over again at random times throughout my day (s)... I never remember the dreams. Never know when it's going to happen... I will be going through my day and out of nowhere it will happen... I could be working, at home watching tv, or just having a conversation, and the horrifying feeling comes over me... (I actually just had an episode while reading this, and have been having them all day) It's a feeling of deja-vu multiplied 100 times... Sometimes it's so strong that I actually do vomit... It's almost as if I dream whole days before they happen, although I never actually remember dreaming it... Over the last few years it has escalated to the point that the "stupid deja-vu" experiences leave my nerves completely shot... Throughout the few days or so that it occurs (over and over through sleep and waking hours) I am completely on edge and carry around an unexplainable feeling of fear... My son/boyfriend coming into my bedroom unexpectedly will cause me to jump out of my skin... I find myself afraid to take a shower with the door closed, afraid to be in a room with my back to the door, and even afraid to fall asleep... I never know why I'm so jumpy, Except that I know it's directly related to the "deja-vu" feelings... I find myself begging for relief from whatever the hell it is, and praying it will end soon... I try to explain it to my family/friends but I know that no one who doesn't experience it could ever understand... I don't know if it's a gift that I don't know how to interpret/use... Or a curse... I usually refer to it as the latter, due to how bad it makes me feel... It leaves me scared, frustrated, and depressed... I really wish I could figure it out and find a way to end it... As crazy as it sounds, it's almost like an outer body experience when it happens and it makes me feel like my mind is on a different plane than normal people... Anyone who has similar experiences or any idea what this could be, PLEASE help me... I'm so confused and stressed behind this matter...: (
godsprayer (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-15)
Wow I do this as well. It is another thing that freaks me out. It doesn't happen all the time. Every 5 years or so and its not anything very important, but the details are very strong and accurate.
wise_mom (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-01)
I get deja vu quite often myself. I would find that my dreams were playing out in real life and I would wonder if I was living in something like an afterlife. But I have realized after writing my dreams down, and telling people my dreams right after I have them, that I am predicting small pieces of my future. And having the information from my dream fresh in mind due to sharing it or writing it, keeps the experiences from feeling like deja vu. I just end up feeling right about things that will happen.

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