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Could I Possibly Be Psychic Or A Medium?


I am currently 18 and am unsure if I posses any psychic or medium abilities but please bear with me. I doubt that I am because every test I have tried on this site I failed but I'm not sure how to feel about it because strange events happened less as I got older.

Some may wonder why I am posting but I can't explain many events that have taken place in my life and I've struggled to ever find an answer and hope to find one here. It happens a lot less now but when I was a little younger around 12 I would have dreams of people I've never met and places I have never been, sometimes I would end up being with that person I saw in the dream a week after I had it, sometimes months and even years. When I end up in that location I had dreamed about I would immediately have a feeling of Deja Vu and remember the dream. A few examples of this is when I was 14 I had a dream of being very close with people I had never seen in a school I never went to and this person ask me "Are you Ok?" when I woke up and just brushed it off but when I ended up moving across the country and was a freshman in high school I saw the exact person from my dreams but once again brushed it off it wasn't until my sophomore year I walk into a new class and sit down with my friend and It hit me like a train, I had seen that place before and everyone in it and at that moment I look at my friend and they ask "Are you Ok?". This may be a weak example but things like this have happened many times but I began having these dreams less and less as I got older.

I have also had two near death experience in my life. One experience as a kid I began drowning at the beach and as the waves pushed me out further no one at the beach noticed not even my friends and as I began to drown I stared up at the sun and soon felt a sense of calm and stopped flailing then blacked out. I soon wake up with my friends pulling me back to shore and when I told them I drowned they said I didn't and I asked them why they'd go out to get me and pulled me back to shore and they said they didn't know why they just did because something told them to. Another incident is when I was standing on a side walk talking to my tennis coach as a car was parking (The side walk had parking spaces in front of it) the drive accidentally thought they were reversing and drove forward jumping the curve right for me but I had no time to respond to the car coming at me and as it was then that I felt some type of energy push me out of the way enough to wear only one of my legs got hit. The one leg that was hit was completely broken and took a year in a cast to heal, my other leg was fine but if it wasn't for whatever tried to push me out of the way I would have been crippled possible permanently or killed, whatever pushed me saved my life.

Since I've have gotten older I have had less of these unexplainable occurrences such as dreams but I always feel this one presence here with me and watching me and I know without any proof its the same presence that has been protecting me. I can't see it I can only feel it, neither have I ever spoken to it, I know its there watching me always with me. I could always feel the presence of other people without actually seeing them but even if its 2 people in a room it always feels as if there is 3 like an extra person I can't see. I even had an incident with a Ouija board spelt out my name asking me specifically for help and I felt the presence next to me.

As I said before I don't know if I am psychic or a medium I simply want to know if their may be an answer for these occurrences because I can't find any.

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mmk (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-07)
There is only one thing I can tell you that I'm absolutely certain of... The "force" you felt push you out of the way was your Guardian Angel. He most likely is also responsible for pushing your friends to go out and get you. Guardian Angels save lives every day. The Lord assigns each human their own personal Guardian Angel; they are never "recycled," or reassigned to other humans once your journey is through. They are your Guardian alone! Thank him for saving your life and talk to him every day. If you have special gifts, he can help you discover them better than any psychic can. Your Guardian Angel waited an amount of years that cannot be grasped just for YOU to be born. He deserves your attention!
terryd (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-13)
Hi, AhmadFSTF - coming from a non-psychic, it sure sounds like you're in touch with something. I might disagree with the person who suggested you 'go to 2 or 3 psychics' as my experience tells me that one in twenty, maybe one in one hundred are legit. Maybe a higher ratio than that have some psychic ability,but, like, let's say, musical ability - psychic ability is most likely distributed randomly among nice and not-so-nice people. I think something happens when people try to take what's possibly a gift, and bend it/use it - I recently read 'On Life After Death' by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, a renowned researcher in death & dying. She seemed convinced that life continues after death, and had spent countless hours with people who were dying (so she should know whereof she speaks!) - but I was saddened to learn that even she became entangled, in her later years, with some unscrupulous & probably bogus psychics. So use your judgement - plenty of sleazy people who wouldn't think twice about taking advantage & steering you wrong. Good Luck!
vhoff38 (1 stories) (37 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-04)
All you can do is go see 2or3 psychics and see what they tell you.

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