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A Brief Overview Of My Life And Current Situation


Seeking advice, direction, support. I'm turning 33 on 20 Jan 2014. Vego at age 7. Always loved animals and fought for equality. Wish everyone could just be open and accepting, embrace each other's differences. Always marched to the beat of my own drum. Always known the world was in danger from a young age. Felt very isolated, underestimated, misunderstood, bullied since I can remember. Very strong person, always stand up for what I believe in, and for those who can't speak, at any cost to myself. Constantly laughed at by all around me, especially my family. Felt the pain of those around me. Go without, so others can have. Most do not notice this. Completely devastated when hate, cruelty and pain is inflicted on any living thing, and the constant destruction of the environment. As well as natural and unnatural disasters (HAARP) occurring practically daily. Possible pole shift, could be imminent. Always searching for knowledge, truth, answers. Feel as though I am being watched, noises always in my house, especially when very sensitive (others hear it too), my electrical equipment always dies quickly, especially iPhone chargers, DVD players, etc. I have seen/felt paranormal activity on many levels. Have seen many inhuman qualities in "human" forms. Always very close with all my pets. They have been my best friends in life. Have been attacked by every single person in my life in some way. Can pick a liar immediately. Sometimes predict people's thoughts. Very creative, musical, intelligent, intuitive, clever, charismatic, cheeky and sense of humour. Always want to bring out the best in people, without praise. I don't like the spotlight, just want happiness and balance. Very immensely buried in the numerous current world events, to the point of desperately scared for all of humanity's lives - immanently. Have been diagnosed as bipolar, although I know I am not crazy. I'm depressed, but not crazy. I live in a world that is crazy, run by a non-human race that is destroying us in every way that it can. I see hate breeding everywhere. The death and destruction of all Earth life beyond repair. People at most, have forgotten God. Death and destruction is everywhere. People are isolating themselves. Banks and Corporations are in power and everyone is their slave. Every country on the planet is being destroyed. Our planet is being taken over and destroyed. GREED and LUST are prioritised. Lack of manners and morals more evident as each generation comes through. This is just a short summary of what I see and know. Can anyone help with what I am? I'm very isolated from anyone like me. I would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks for your time. X

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Immigrant-Song (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-12)
I think you are extremely sensitive with a kind/caring heart, a high degree of integrity and sense of purity, and do many positive things for animals and others/the world. Do you think you could try staying away from media, 'bad news'? World Events can drag you in, unfortunately you can't fix-all. Staying away from it for ten years has made a big difference for me re: depression (I stay informed about animals -and donate, donate...:) and other select issues via Internet) This may sound selfish but put yourself first (well, 'maybe' after animals;) so you don't let it all build up and run yourself down too far by putting others first, it can cause Severe Burn-Out and having to stop giving, hiding completely from the world (or cause you to end up in hospital when you really needed love or a vacation!) There really is Only So Much You Are Able To Do; it Helps To Remember That. You may be isolated and have been bullied, ridiculed, etc, but You're Not Alone in your caring/compassion. You Do Make A Difference, please remember that to balance feelings of "it Never gets better". It's good you're strong and march to the beat of your drum. Animals will ALWAYS Be There For You. They Are Truly Best Friends, Family:) <3:) Aren't they-?-! Trust Yourself First. You're Very Special in this world; I'm sure your caring doesn't go unnoticed to kids, people, and rubs off on some of them. That's a wonderful way of doing good in the world too.
VinylLunaLover (1 stories) (12 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-08)
I feel the exact same way about the world as you and I agree with everything you have stated though it was hard to follow.

I don't know if your crazy I have never met you before but if you say your not then I believe you 100%!
Zin (guest)
10 years ago (2014-01-04)
The world is always ending in someway isn't it, but it is still here and will be here for a very long time. The causes may vary person to person, but in the end, is there really anything to worry about. Absolutely not, this planet, our Earth is much stronger than anything we could ever do to it, and will remain here. And as a species we will continue to exist although, this does not mean all of us, simply because at our current time there is too many of us. But, nature always corrects itself and will again too if the need arises.
goodkarma (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-03)
I see the world like you do in so many ways. It refreshing to know I am not alone in my thoughts. So much of what you wrote I feel or have had the same experiences you have had. We have much in common.
Love1st (guest)
10 years ago (2014-01-03)
Oh, and also learn to protect yourself spiritually. I am still learning how to protect myself from being drained via shielding my chakras from other people. Hopefully, others can comment on good ways to do this. Or just search the internet for more info.

Also, remember to forgive.

Find someone (friend, family member, etc.) who you can talk to about your experiences, even if they don't have the same ones as you. Just a neutral person to listen and give feedback from time to time. It helps a lot!
Love1st (guest)
10 years ago (2014-01-03)
Learn to focus on the positive. Grieve over the negative things when you need to, but move on quickly to the positive. It is what it is, and you are only responsible for yourself and your own actions.

You can't stop others from making their own decisions, even if you know it's going to hurt. If you interfere too much like an overprotective mother, it can hurt you and prevent the person you are attempting to protect from learning the life lesson they were meant to learn. This is especially true if the person you are trying to protect doesn't want your help. (Now, even though I used an example of an overprotective mother, there are obviously times where you would have a right to step in and protect someone, such as a young child, etc.)

I had to learn this through attempting to protect my father from the negative consequences of some choices he made, and all that happened was I got hurt more. He still chose what he chose and has to live with the consequences. However, I ended up getting hurt a little because I tried to protect him from something he had wished on himself.

Also, be careful with reading others' thoughts. I once got into an argument with someone because they only 'read' half my thought and therefore didn't understand the true meaning behind my thoughts, which made a night and day difference.

I would also recommend taking a break from the craziness and just being. You may call it prayer/meditation/whatever. Just take some time to rest and clear your head. Remember moments of great love where you just feel the positive energy flow over you. And remember: We are all eternal beings.

Most of what you read online is not the truth, whether it be mainstream or "psuedo"science/conspiracy theories. If you want the truth, seek it with your heart.

Darkness and free will exist so we may learn and grow. If the world was perfect and we lived forever, would we understand love as deeply? What about free will?
hrk (guest)
10 years ago (2014-01-02)
This is as if I wrote it. I would say you are what the world needs more of: empathetic.

You are definitely not alone.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2014-01-02)
You see the world for exactly what it is. Any advanced soul is going to recoil at the horrors of what is being done to our planet. You're a sane person in an insane world.

Ok so you know what you know. As much as you try (like me you probably donate, vote, recycle, help people in the way that reflects you, etc., etc., etc.) but the tsunami of earth destruction is so colossal and so obvious and so inevitable that all we can really do is work on ourselves spiritually. You can climb a mountain and scream until your lungs burst at what is wrong with this world but it will fall mostly on deaf ears. I can't even go in public and look someone in the eye anymore because their heads are all bent over their iphone apparatus. I'm not even going to repeat the other hells man has created because I'd be preaching to the choir.

We have to look at the larger picture (either that or jump off the nearest bridge). There is always life and death and cycles to everything, including earth, the sun, and even galaxies. We are born into this physical life to evolve spiritually so that we stop the hellish birth and rebirth karmic cycle. This is first grade spiritually speaking so people are going to act like first graders (fight, pull hair, name call, you name it). The point is to finish this up, be loving and kind, and graduate to the next level. And after this earth has been beaten to death and everything on it, the "first graders" are going to reincarnate to another planet until they figure it out. Everyone goes through first grade! It's a natural part of evolution. You, as a person are about to make the leap into the next level. It's important to try and refrain from lowering your own vibrations through resentment, hate, anger and other low vibrating emotions that will keep you yourself reincarnating. In fact, I think part of the non-human "plan" is to keep souls like you good and angry so that you don't escape this cycle. This is why true masters kept the bigger picture in mind, even when faced with the grandest of stupidity.

You're doing your part which truly is all you really can do. You and I, along with every other seven billion souls on this planet are going to die in less than 100 years regardless of how we act. Focus on you and keep being kind to others, even if they laugh or are cruel to you. Keep your favorite Master in mind (Christ, Buddha, whomever resonates with you). Do as they would do and you'll enter the afterlife as the true angel you are now.

It may seem it, but you are not alone.

Best to you.

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