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Could I Have Precognition Or At Least Have The Potential


You could just call it coincidence and shut me down but please, hear me out...

I don't know the very first time I had any precognitive experience but the first time I truly remember was in 2016 during a movie. My family asked me to pick a movie to watch, so I did but when the movie ended and the credits came on it appeared with a name which had the same last name as someone who randomly added me on snapchat on the same day. Coincidence? I thought so, but i'm a believer.

Since then I have had different happenings, but they haven't been specific, more "themed-like".

1. I was joking around that I would win the raffle prize (out of 50 tickets) and I happened to won it.

2. I felt sick one night, the next morning my cat was actually sick.

3. I was thinking in my head about master keys and the first time my mum asked me to look into her purse to get money out on the same day, she had a single "master key" to her work, which she only required it on that day.

4. I had a dream regarding my friend constantly scratching her wrists out of anxiety and when I woke up my friend was texting me because she was feeling anxious and had rashes on her wrist.

5. I had a dream about a guy in a restaurant not sure which one (it was blurry around him), on the next day I was asked to pick a restaurant out of a three so I did and when we went to there, that same guy was there.

6. The most frequent experiences is when I watch quiz shows and literally guess the answer, it will either be the answer which is correct or the answer which the contestant chose.

It doesn't seem like a lot within a single year but its more like this: at least four times a week I would have something in my head which would appear in some form in real life. Whether that's a word or phrase or whatever. Or would be flashes right before somethings happens, but nothing major. I would even have a family member hold a playing card in their hand and I would almost always known what they are holding.

In 2017 I started using tarrot cards to see if my "powers" were legit. I mostly did weekly spreads, 7 cards to represent the theme of the 7 days within the week. Whenever the day would come the card for that day would become accurate. Ever since then I have been trying my best to develop them. Sometimes the tarrot cards failing me, sometimes not.

I know it sounds strange and much like coincidence but I'm trying to believe.

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Finleymf (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-24)

These certainly sound precognitive to me. Many similar things have happened to me as well. I used to better at documenting them, and I intend to get back to that record keeping. I always approach testimonies such as yours from a posture of believing, so I am excited to hear more of your experiences.

How old were you when these events began occurring? Did anything particular happen in your life preceding the awakening? (birthday, relationship change, death in the family, etc.)

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