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Haunting, Shadow, Or Paranoia?


On a fateful July evening, a friend and myself had gotten really bored, so we decided to go to the park on the south end of town. It's dark, and in the middle of open nowhere, so I pocketed my knife without my friend knowing, because she hates instruments of violence.

A prenote to my story: My now-ex friend CLAIMS she has supernatural abilities, being able to switch souls with someone named Kira, see spirits, among other things.

The park has a walk way that goes farther south of town. We took the trail, and before you know it, I have a weird sense, as if something was watching us. Now, this park is notorious for having wildlife such as deer, cats, and others. But this was different, as if I knew someONE was there.

I tried to ignore it, but it got worse, feeling like it was getting closer. So I relaxed my hand on where my knife laid. As we got farther along, it was still getting worse. And then, I saw it.

A shadow-like figure walked across the path. Not very big, fast, and only caught it for a split second. So I took my knife out and hid it in my hand. But it moved again, this time, onto the path, towards us, and then off to the other side. It looked as if there was a man coming at us. She never saw it. But in the panicked state I was in, we ran back to the car, not once looking back.

Ever since then, on what seem like random occasions, I see the figure, and get that strange feeling. But recently things have changed quite... Drastically.

I was at one of my best friend's apartment, when the topic of supernatural abilities came up. The three of us, my friend, a friend of hers from out of town, and myself, were talking just about the whole possibility in general. My friend believes she is of a vampyric decent, but also is a wiccan. The other girl believes she's also of a magical decent.

A third person comes over, and this is where things seemed to change. After she arrived, I kept getting that same weird feeling. Like I was being watched. She claims to be able to read and feed off emotions. Throughout the entire night, things seemed weird, and this is when I saw it. It was in the kitchen, and again, I only saw it for a split second, but I know it was the shadow because I noticed the figure. It looked like a younger man, Early 30's at the oldest.

After I had gone home, and fallen asleep, I dreamt of what I believed was the shadow. Except this time, It had a face, or mask. It was light grey, horns but the left one was broken, the eyes and mouth were pitch black, as if nothing was there at all, and each eye had a red triangle underneath it. Also it had four what I think are claws on what I assume are hands, and they were cutting my chest. I awoke on a cold sweat.

The following night, everyone there insisted on asking what was wrong with me. I told them everything I knew, and then paused. I have no idea how long I was locked, or what happened, but as soon as I was right again, I had something drawn on my right forearm. The image I know now is called is a Wiccan's Pentacle. A right-side up star with a circle around it, with each of the elements around it: water/ice, fire, wind, earth, and spirit/energy. In doing some research, I found that this is either a conduit for wicca power and safety, but also a seal. The friend that believe's she feeds off of emotions came over, and even though I didn't feel near as wierd, my arm burned.

The only thing I have is something that happened yesterday, There is a chant that keeps coming to mind:

Take me o Shadow

Away from the light

Take me o shadow

Away from the fright

Teach me the things

That need to be told

Show me the power

That you can behold

What is this? Am I haunted? Is this some sort of connection to dark spirits? Or does talking about all the supernatural topics just make me paranoid and make my imagination go into overdrive?

If I could, I would have posted the images I have of it. The Pentacle, what I remember of the mask, the "chant", but I can not, so this is all I have. Can anyone help me? Please, I want to know what this is all about.

This is all of the information I have on this shadow:

Height: avg size of a 22-31 year old man

Image of the face/mask


Didn't start until after I was with my "witch" friend

Seems to become more present when spoken about

Wiccan's Pentacle

And I have some sort of chant

So does anyone have something to say about this? Or Know somewhere I can go to get my answers? Because it's starting to get stranger.

The only research I have seen is that there are certain spirits that are of this sort of thing get more "powerful" the more real that the person makes it. And that this spirit can get strong enough to hurt the person that it is haunting and/or family.

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madkiller56 (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-23)
The most easy explanation: dark entities are getting stronger just because your too much busy with it. Believing in darkness creates fear. They need to be believed and so you are unconcsiously opening yourself to them.
AmandaLinette (guest)
10 years ago (2014-02-15)
Just as certain objects and places can be portals, as can you. Your energy can create the opening for Spirit to come through, as a medium.

Check out these articles for more info!


Shadow People:

Dark Spirits:

With love,

Tripox21 (31 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-14)
Lets not confuse things, densities, dimensions such as 3rd 4th and up are the same thing, there are different vibrations/planes/densities out in universe, we are in one of the realities, 4th plane let's call it plane not to confuse with all labels, ex 4th plane of existance is more real to us than this materialistic 3rd plane...

Now the pentacle is used in sacraments or witch stuff as I understand it, if used incorrectly it will as Ouija boards call on everything you don't want to come through, there is groups practicing sacraments that wants to bring forth beings and I don't see why the wiccan practice should be left out of that, as I said if used incorrectly.

So densities/planes/dimensions/vibrations are same just different labels, but I use to call it densities or planes, should only be one word though not to confuse things haha.

And yes all beings can talk telepathicly, I have heard someone had a grey alien entity with them and they talked with different colors, like flashes of light,
But most greys are probing people in their sleep on the other planes, its like a holographic implant that can be detected and removed and it will remove any blocks you might have within you, the greys are no more better than a malevolent entity, but back to the real deal!

Mentally they can subject voices and strange sounds yes, same with you, if you talk in your head or outloud they will hear you, infact everytime you think they can hear you and understand

How they work when possessing a person:
1) mentally attack
2) physically attack with touching, giving marks or bruices nothing serious though only scary
3) talk to you make you think you are insane, because that makes you doubt yourself and feel like something you are not
4) will subject feelings to you, can make you feel scared and uncomfortable and sad you name it
5) they will in their pattern possess by laying a sheath of itself around you to partially live through you co-exist and will most likely only abuse with cravings and unhealthy stuff, can infact if you are fatuiged and feel insane and got no strength left mentally and physically they can take controll, its very rare that it even at all happens but it can happen

Smaller entities will feed and lay a sheath to live through a person, can be with you to the time of death, I mean to live with you for the whole duration of your time here, unless you kick it out with some help, it will also make it more difficult for you, it will put up more obstacles in life
WorriedAnon (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-14)
Thank you for the information. I do have a few questions:

What does the pentacle have to do with it?
Where can I read about densities?
Can they talk to you in your head?

The third question comes to mind because I find myself having full converations and arguments with this voice that seems to have nothing attached. Here is an example:

I smoke. Not very often, but I feel like it helps relieve stress. I went to buy a pack of cigarettes, and I hear a voice go, "Thats disgusting, you don't want to do that." I did not speak out loud, but in my head I said, "I smoke, you can get over it" and this went on for 15 before I went to work.

Am I just insane? Or is this the work of this shadow, who took on the name Benjamin, doing the whole experiencing life thing?
Tripox21 (31 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-13)
Yes entities can be as dangerous as people on this density (3rd density),

Theres different reasons to why they attack people:

1) the demon types usually hates everything and wants suffering and fear and havoc, chaos you name it, that's their nature, ultimately they will be destroyed at some time.

2) there's entites that need energy to stay on 3rd density, and they siphon/feeds of peoples emotions, they can both attack mentally and physically, not close to a poltergeist or some demon these are small.

3) there might be some past life issue you have had with some person that has ill intentions toward you

4) regular people that are not aware they are dead and don't got any ill intentions just wants to live their life but it can have some effects on you

5) self created entities, these are fragments of you that has a polarity to you, its your negative side

Entities can hurt you if you believe it! If you allow them to, you are a powerful being, thoughts can change lives so to speak, if you think machine gun it will manifest on their dimension, or a big bear that protects you it will be there for them, that's why visual practises are great healing methods... Such as white light going through every fiber of the being and healing it.

Different attacks you can get from these guys:


Visions, voices, images, knowing what is going to happen, past experiences, they play with feelings, pose as people you know or spirit guard, or a past life partner for easy access to you, feeling hostile against family members or people you like.


Scratch marks, bruices, feeling of being touched on the top of the head, being touched on private parts, cold spots (not much of an attack), can get sick for a small duration of time with no logical explanation, they will try to make you stay awake.

If its a non soul entity as I understand it, they will require energy to stay alive, if its a soul entity it attacks to get under your personal skin and lay a sheath over you of it self so you take on some of its personality for it to experience life, to use you for cravings or stuff like that.

Then there's the rarer scenarios you either go schitzo or so fatuiged that a stronger entity could fully take a person over, its rare its very rare, for this to happen a person must be really mentally fatuiged and physically, like no sleep for 5 days with daily mental torture.

You should though check with a medium or exorsist.

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