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Curious And Unsure


My name is Des and am from long beach, Cali! Anyhow in the early 90's I had some sort of feeling more like an ability of some sort to feel such presence. I was washing dishes and and I felt like a hand on my shoulder and than it's like I didn't see it but physically felt or sense like a bunch of people spiritually surrounding me like angels it's weird because I sensed they were angels. It felt as if they were deciding my fate! Anyhow I was really a little werided out but not too much! And than 7 years ago I would feel water drops on me out of no where! And a month ago I was in my living room asleep on the couch and it must of been around 1:30 pm and my son I thought I seen walked in the house through the back door where his room is and he walked in and looked to see who was in the living room and he just peeked and than went in the bathroom came out and went straight to his room and shut the door! Well to make a story short he never came home. I was freaked out because I described to him what he was wearing and it was the same exact thing he had on that night. I was so scared because I thought maybe god is trying to let me know something so I told my son to be very careful and don't speed race in his car because he does drive fast he's 20 and he loves sports cars and that's what he has! And I was even more freaked out because I was asleep in the living room next to his room and what ever it was it wasn't my son! And this past few nights. I've been woken up to the sound of a little girl crying and it's around 3:30 am and when I get up it's not my kids so am just asking for some opinions on this! I know we all have some sort of psychic ability's! Thank you all for your time.

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