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Better Than A Radio


Am David from imo state, Nigeria but I live in lagos. When I was 7 years old I could see white figures hiding and peeping at me, I told my parent about it they did something about it and I stopped seeing the figures. At the age of 9 something strange happened to me, I was laying down in a kindda half awake and half asleep state with my eyes closed when I notice I could see some friends outside discussing but in double or blur state, when I got up I confirmed that they where actually there. That was so strange for me. Am 20 now all this strange stuffs never stopped, when I ever lay down to sleep (half awake and half asleep) alone with light off I could hear some people talking and I could also feel many of them. Some days ago when I was laying down I noticed that I could hear all the radio stations very clear as if am live in the radio station it amazes me that my finger act as the antenna, the more I manage to turn my fingers on the bed the more stations I could hear. Sometimes before going to bed sounds made at a distance are drawn closed to me I could hear it as if its made next to me right in my ears. All this thing kind of scares me a lot and am confused about this whole thing, it scares me to lay down to sleep because all this happens when am in half asleep and half awake state. Please does this have anything to do with psychic ability or is a sickness. But am not ill in any way, am normal. My dad don't like seeing me in dark please guys I need your advice although they don't occur always but when most when am very really stressed out before going to bed.

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wat123 (41 posts)
9 years ago (2014-01-16)
Do you have any metal in your head/ metal toothfillings? This can be the cause, if not I will relay this information to you in the hopes it might help however I'm uncertain whether this is indeed your problem. I think you might have a form of out-of-body experience (obe) to stop this it is recommended to (at the moment of hearing/seeing strange things when lying down to sleep) create strong emotions through powerfull memories, like a sudden anger (non-floaty emotions). It will also help to try not to stay in one position when trying to get to sleep, I have heard that lying down while concious and silent for more than 30 minutes in the same position can create spiritual power over dreams but you might want to try everything to prevent this. I will also tell you this: sometimes (they say it's genetic) people are gifted to hear low frequency sounds and pick it up in their subconcious there are a lot of people that claim to have problems with radio signals this is called: Electromagnetic hearing. I wasn't able to find more but I hope I've given you some leads.

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