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Feeling More Real Than This Reality- Seeking Explanation


Normally, I wouldn't post a dream experience on here, but I had an unusual experience related to some spiritual things I had been going through and I was hoping for a logical explanation for it.

Some background that may help explain things (and I'm not trying to judge here so please take this all with a grain of salt): My father used tarot cards when I was a child, and my stepmother has used them since she met my father, at the very least. There is a group of spirits that don't have my family's best interests at heart. They visited my father when I was a child when he used tarot cards, and since my parent's divorce (which is around the time he met my stepmother), they have been visiting him again. My father thinks these spirits are good but I don't believe they are because what they have told him doesn't match up with reality (i.e., they lie). It is also how their energy feels, which is harder to explain. It is as if their delusions feel like a spiritual blanket being thrown over a person; as if you are covering someone with a new reality. Ironically, my dad has done this same thing to others which is probably part of why I can recognize it now. I am not sure what the tarot cards have to do with it, other than possibly who blessed/cursed them and/or it is a means of contacting spirits in general so one has to be careful. As I do not know the specific brand, I couldn't say. What I can say is that I was visited one night by three evil, moderately strong spirits (equivalent to a district level vp in the business world; one is called Thoth) which scared me so I prayed. After that, it seemed like my stepmother (or entity with her) was trying to drown me in my dreams except it didn't work. My family has since contacted a healer, and things have gotten much, much better.

Well, in the middle of all this weird stuff happening, I had a dream that felt more real than life in this reality. In the dream, I was sandwiched between two men in prison. All three of us were naked and unconscious with our bodies halfway stacked upon each other with me in the middle. There was nothing sexual about this even though I'm a woman; the men were like brothers to me. The prison had dirt floors. This part of the dream was in the middle of two other parts of the dream. I am not looking for dream interpretation because I understand some of what I have experienced, but I want to know: Why did this prison feel more real than current reality? Things like the dirt floor and other bodies felt more solid than objects in this reality. Why? Has anyone else experienced similar things? And also, why would I be in prison, naked, with two other people? I know that all three of us had done nothing wrong; we were good people that had been persecuted out of fear. But why? It felt like we were prisoners of war, hence the naked part (psychological warfare).

Also, I have been under a lot of spiritual attack lately, especially as I keep trying to apply to medical school for next year.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-09)
The Tart cards are just a tool to open up the
The conscious and unconscious.

Yes you are right if the individual practicing
A psychic art is able to attract like energy to
Them self. If they like to party, or have unruly
Neg thoughts/words or action they will attract
The same to themselves. Sometimes humans just want
To feel special and refuse to deal with reality,
So the support they attract helps them not to be
Open and responsible.

Your dream of nakedness (volunerable position. As and two individuals, who seem like family in a similar
You know of are,

As to personal knowledge I knew a lady who liked
To smoke cannabis and drink. Who had two
Teenagers. One day a man dressed in black
Clothing visited the youngest a few times.
Yes they felt chased and trapped.
After the parent threw out the Tarot
And other objects the man stopped visiting
From another realm.
I believe if a child/teen/adult child
Lives under their parents home.
The parent is the authority be it
Pos or Neg-physically/spiritually.
And these activity can affect the adult child
In some aspect, despite the child not participating
In psychic activity.

The best remedy is to move.
If you can not, take spiritual precautions.

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