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I'm Perceiving More Than Usual And I Don't Know Why


Weird things have been happening to me lately, well, weirder. I've never considered myself "normal", ever since I can remember I have felt the presence of certain things that aren't able to be seen, I've also sometimes feel emotions from other people, which I have learned to deal with now. About 3 weeks ago, whatever I have kicked into high gear, I'm able to see and feel things much more than I did before. I saw one of my close friends one day and I saw this weird thing surrounding her, but it was benevolent so I didn't pay attention to it, I told one of my other friends and eventually I told her that this thing was following her, to which her response was met with laughter which I didn't mind, I've never talked to her about weird stuff like that. It followed her for about 2 days. On the 3rd she didn't come to work because her uncle, who was missing for the past 2 days was found dead at his house... I felt weird but I kept my mouth shut and didn't say anything, when I saw her again, that thing that followed her was gone, I couldn't see it or sense it anymore. I told her and she was a little creeped out about the fact that I told her something was with her around the same time her uncle went missing.

And that's just one example, I see and feel things from other people all the time now, before it was every now and then, but now for some reason something changed, and there are also these strange pulses that I feel from time to time which I don't know what they are, they're very faint but I feel them every now and then, like a heart beat. So if anyone has come across something similar, where suddenly their "gift" just got a lot stronger for no reason, please let me know, and should I be cautious? Is it a bad thing?

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artsylemon (2 stories) (9 posts)
6 years ago (2016-10-20)
empathy usually means clairsentience, you should look into it!
LON (2 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2016-04-17)
[at] Holdyourbreath I don't know if it stress levels, I don't think I live a very stressful life so I don't know. One idea that I have is, I have adhd, and I didn't take any medicine for it because I run out for like a month, coincidentally this happened around the same time I stopped taking adderal, but I started taking it again and nothing has changed so I ruled that out. And about the pulses, I feel them at random times, I feel it throughout my body, it's pleasant, it's kind of hard to describe, but it feels like a pulse. I don't know what it is though, I did a little bit of research but couldn't find anything on it so I don't know what it is.
holdyourbreath (6 stories) (38 posts)
6 years ago (2016-03-23)
Hi Lon, I can totally relate right now, that is why I searched out this site. I used to receive information just every once in a while, always been a strong empath though. At the start of 2015 it changed and I also can't figure out what is different for me that my gift became stronger. To give you an idea I went from once in a while getting names or basics details of events or seeing faces, to being able to efficiently communicate with spirits "face to face", like having full on conversations. Also lucid dreaming has been taken up a notch, and I was shown a crazy event in which I had to contact the police regarding a case they have been looking at. However I had no knowledge of this case and through my own detective work discovered I had info I could not have possibly known. It was the most stressful thing I have had to do, call the cops & say hi I had a dream that is about your case. I have left out many details on purpose but you get the idea.

I don't think it is anything to be concerned or cautious about, maybe your guides helped to amp up your gift because there will be something you need to see/hear. It is really hard to say, but I very strongly believe in the thought that everything happens for a reason. Or at least almost all things, I believe there is still events that are the cause and effect of a bigger plan and not necessary but they happen as a bi-product of the original divine intentions.

Do you have any ideas of why you may be more sensitive? I like to think my reason is less stress... But I look back & am like uuhhhh not really. I am interested to know more of your experiences. To be honest I came to this site for more insight and yes I have received more but still not what I am looking for. The problem is that I am more gifted than I thought and most people don't seem to share the... Uhhmmmm... Same level of experience as I do, I guess is the best way to put it.
What do you mean by pulses? You feel it somewhere or hear it?

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