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Dark Shadows


I was eight years old and experiencing my first period, this was very traumatic for me and stole my childhood. I first started seeing shadows out of the corner of my eye, then I began standing out in the cold waiting on the doorstep waiting for a member of my family to come home, this happened more to often. I was the only one seeing and experiencing this. Wherever I was at home or holidaying I would always see shadows and inform my family of bad feelings, on one occasion could not stay in the let, which was also felt by other members of my family on that occasion, we had to stay next door in my Grandparent holiday let next door.

When I was older, I had my first child and went to stay with my parents on the first night on leaving hospital. I slept downstairs in the living room with my son, while the others were all asleep upstairs. It happened again a dark shadow appeared in the corner of the living room then drifted towards my son who was sleeping in a pram in the centre of the room, I was fearful for him and went towards him to pick him up... When I was hit back with such force I fell backwards onto the floor. I was petrified and very upset that how much I tried to pick him up, there was a force stopping me. Eventually I ran to my parents and they came down, and then it had gone. This was a one off incident of this type.

Now a lot more older, I still see dark shadows out of the corner of my eye and experience a lot of Deja vu's, But what is different is the echoing sound of chanting and singing of Alvi Maria whenever someone has passed. I sing it when I don't even know I'm doing it, I become very tearful for no reason. Only to find out later that someone has died, and if they have a special tune I hear that too. What is this and why have I had this all my life?. I have also had a very unusual gift of dreaming of doing something only to find out what I did when I slept actual happened even if I was miles away from the particular incident of occurrence. How is this explained. If my Sister is ailing, I feel where she hurts before I am told. So many to many to be coincidental. This is my Story maybe shortened but all true

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Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2016-03-22)
Hello minnyemblue,

So you definitely has a psychic ability but you probably already know that. So let's talk about the dark shadows you saw on a few occasions. They are not of good nature for sure. So you probably wonder why they came to you and put fear into your heart when you have no personal connection to dark entities. It has to do with the unseen world and the unseen spirits who share the same space in a sense as our physical world. Just like here on the earthly plane where you see evidence of both benevolence and malevolence, the same exists in the spiritual realm. The "bad" spirits constantly try to do their best to disturb and even instill fear into people in this dimension. And at times even try to hurt people. It's not as random as you may think. This is because any being living in a dimension higher than in the physical realm "hears" and "sees" everything what's happening here. So the time and place of a visitation from a spiritual being happens as a planned action. Anyway, so what you experienced was an attacked from a negative entity trying to disrupt your life for the reason I explained.

About your dreaming and how things occurs in real life as you simultaneously dream it, that can be explained too. Of course nothing can be proven about spiritual matters but at least I will give you an explanation that hopefully makes some sense. If you were to live in a non-physical world, there would be no concept of time and space. This means that there is no linear time like here in our dimension so past, now and future are all weaved together. From that vantage point you can look down into the physical world and knowing about the possibilities of events. This is also how premonitions work. It's not possible to know the future about this dimension from within this dimension. Such information about the future must come from outside this dimension. It can come spontaneously in dreams like you experienced but also on command in a more traditional psychic way. Like any other ability in life, the ability of receiving premonitions can be cultivated and controlled.

I hope that helps a little.


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