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More Than Just A Feeling


For the longest time, I have had this sensory that is different from the other 5 senses. It developed right around the time I turned 14 or 15, so I am trying to remember what sparked that transformation. I can feel the true emotions of others without them telling me. However, this feeling is much strong than a description. Their happiness, sadness, or anger is determined by the strength of the vibrations I can feel that they bring into the room, when they enter my "space" or a close vicinity. I am not sure how to properly explain it to someone who has not experienced it. My mother has the same ability. Which is bad in a sense. Sometimes I try to hide things from her or avoid speaking about certain things but immediately she can feel those harsh vibrations that I emit. I looked up this sense. Apparently, my mother and I are Empaths. If I dared to ask my other siblings or my father about this feeling they wouldn't have a clue. According to them, when my mother and I try to describe it or other encounters we have had they become frightened, even when we try not to scare them. The description for what an Empath is matched perfectly with what I try to explain. I'm trying to meet people like me. Moreover, my sensory and physical appearances don't seem to stop there. As I've grown older, my eyes have gone to a dark brown to an amber brown, and at times look like a reddish brown as well. I have met a man that had the same physical appearance with icy blue eyes that I have never seen before. I am also very connected with nature to the point that I can feel when plants are breathing and when they are vibrant before dawn (I wake up very early sometimes). Can someone explain what this is?

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Loren717 (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-22)
It's actually very beautiful even though it happens at dawn, but for the most part plants tend to behave like that during the dawn especially in the spring. Unfortunately being an empath is draining. Because I can have negative emotions without anything bad happening to me simply because I feel them from others. But thanks for commenting, I'm really glad that I could talk to someone about this! 😊
starsofclay (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-12)
yes you do sound like a very strong empath. I'm sorry the rest of your family becomes scared when hearing about it... Considering you aren't saying, "oh, I see ghosts" or "Oh, our dead grandma told me to give you a message"... It is a sad reality that most humans are so scared of something like this, and even something as simple as feeling emotions.

I'm not sure if your eyes changing colors has anything to do with psychic abilities, but I could be wrong...

I have also never heard of knowing when plants are breathing, but would be interested to hear more.
Desteny4u4ever (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-11)
Hi I am new to this site I had my passport in my drawer in my room somehow it disappeared I wasn't plan on going anywhere right now but if was there if I needed it I looked high and low in my room haven't found it but I get this feeling it is near by does anyone have any kind of feeling where it is if someone took it or it's just misplaced thank you

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