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Evil Spirits And My Struggle



I am a highly sensitive psychic person who is struggling everyday and every second. Why am I struggling? Well, this is a long story to tell, it could take days to explain so, I'm just going to explain a little part of it rather, a summary. This is a true story that happened to me, if you don't believe me then I can prove you wrong because I've been writing down everything that happened to me through my phone and a notebook and everything has been dated. It all started through one night, I was woken up by voices that were speaking out of no where. I was so confused and scared at the same time that I did not know what to do, they just kept talking and talking. They would talk about what was going on with my mind, what I was thinking and what I was imagining. So, I did not know what to do so, I talked backed, I asked them, who are you? They would tell me I'm a psychic and can hear them but, they didn't reveal who they were. I got excited at first but I was still confused of who they were. I thought to myself, the only way someone can see of what I was thinking and imagining was through mind reading technology so, I believed that they were people under the government using mind reading technology. I mean, how else could someone see of what a person is thinking and imagining? (By the way I was not under the influence of any kind, plus I do not have any mental illnesses or anything wrong with me) So, everyday I would hear them and I would talk back, we would have conversations sometimes, talking about things, having a blast with each other. As days go by, I figured out who they really were, they've played me. They've played me how? I would look back at evidence left behind by them because I was still curious of who they were. It's a long story to explain of how I figured out who they really were but I know they are evil spirits because now they will not stop talking, calling me stupid, distracting me, making me forget, and bad stuff, ever since I figured out who they really were. I have to ignore them every single day and every second, they are annoying the hell out of me. I just want them out now, they have screwed up my mind also, I cannot really think normal. They made me believe I had mind reading powers, that I can mind read people. Anything I think of what people are thinking, they would say, he mind read him, he mind read her, and it felt really cool so, I kept doing it. There was this one time, they said they were going to try to arrest me because I know mind reading technology exist so, I texted everybody on my contacts saying, "if anything happens to me, then you know mind reading technology exist". That kept me safe from them for a while but, people would be thinking I'm crazy or I was high or something but I'm not. If you don't believe me, you could talk to the people that I texted to and you will know this story is true.

My mind has been screwed because of them making me believe I have mind transferring skills too. They said if you talk in your mind then you can mind transfer. So I learned how to talk in my mind and I really believe I mind transferred but, it was only to mind transfer them. Then I finally realized that all the stuff they said were fake and they played me. Now my mind feels so light and I can't stop talking in my mind, it hurts. I keep getting distracted by things because I feel like the back of my mind has a mind of its own now. I'm slowly suffering and need help getting them out. Because ever since I figured out who they really were, they will not stop talking. I'm tired of them, I just want them out, and if you really think this is all fake then I can prove you wrong. There's so much more I could explain of what happened to me with them (evil spirits), what I went through but, it's a long story that would take forever to explain. So here is some part of the story that happened to me. This is the truth and I need help!

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Tripox21 (31 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-13)
thats why they attack, because they know you can't take that they talk too much, until you make up something else that you wouldn't like, they would switch to do that thing, for instance I can take all their bullshiat but when they sexually attack me it can be quite hard, and I'm not going to lie its hard, same with my heart, they know I don't like heart palpatations so they affect me with that, thing is they want in a way to co-exist with me in this body and use me... So it tries to lay a sheath of them on me, so I kind of sometimes take on its personality, fear is the key for them, actually not to hear them haha I got a good one for you,
Begin target practice!
Or use bb guns and stuff, it really helps to eliminate any voice and it really requires concentration:)
So that's the thing your concentration should be in the here and know.
XHB2 (2 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-01)
Thank you Tripox21 and psychicgirl456 for the information given, it definitely is helping me by knowing. But my problem is that I hear them every single day. I know not to pay attention or talk to them because after I figured out who they were, I realized all that stuff that they said were all lies and fake, they were playing mind games with me. But I just want to find a way to not hear them anymore or a way to get them out or something. Anything that would make me not hear their voices anymore. The things they say, are non stop, they say the same things every single time. It annoys me, but I know everything what they say are things to influence my mind. I know better. I'm not going to let them repeat the past of what I went through. Any advice of how to not hear there voices anymore, is what I need. I've been keeping my mind on other things rather than them but there voices are just still there. Even though I've been emotionally scared by them, I know I'll recover through time but the thing is, there just still there, non stop talking. I just don't want to hear them anymore.
Tripox21 (31 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-30)
I have a troublesome entity here with me too, and there are plenty other people today being messed with, you are not alone.
worst case scenario people go schizophrenic, this info could help you feel more secure protected and how to handle the beings harassing you.
With the thing you got around you might be a similar entity to what I have.

For instance my situation at this moment:
I'll get daily mental and physical attacks every day and at nights, I have had these attacks with occasional ends to them to being worse or less worse, been going on for about almost three years now

So, depending on my inner state of being, they will attack when I feel weaker, even a single thought or insecurity about myself will make it attack.
If I'm afraid and think oh yeah that thing will happen soon, it takes advantage of that and attack.

How they will further influence me if I feel weak: it subjects a thought to me that I need alcohol, coffee, be alone, sexual images, desire of something, can be strange fetish thoughts aswell, I have had a few strange ones where I know I don't think anything like that, and I know that. It will touch my head scalp, at nights will make me feel uncomfortable by touching me at my waist, and on other personal areas.

It will make a pattern if you let them abuse you, and it can take a while to get out of it depending on how long you have been messed with, to notice blocks, and to finally simmer down and remove excess stress and emotional trauma.

First step is to realise the situation and state for yourself how you feel and what you want and don't want, live in the now don't drift away in fear thinking about the next attack it will only happen if you allow it, if you think it will happen.

Why are they attacking?
1) you are spiritually growing up, you don't feel that you need to be told what to do, how to do it, and when to do stuff, you ask questions, you are seperating from your ego, like them they are always serving some higher being or might just go solo out in the universe doing what they want, destruction, its about the fear factor here.

2) It may need a constant supplie of energy, so it interacts with you to get an emotion it craves so that it can keep on growing or exist, if its an non soul entity it won't exist for long without energy,
Dont try to bargain with it.

3) It could be a past life person you knew, and it wants to intentionally hurt you for something, heck you wouldn't even have to have done it anything but it still didn't like something about you.

4) this falls into demonic or malevolent entity section: Destruction, it hates, it wants havoc, just mess around, and it will do anything to have it their way.

The thing I have is a number 1 mixed with number 2 if it makes sence.

So, you are as protected as you think you are!
Dont think that you need protection, it will come from you!
Becasue we souls are very powerful beings, and even so more powerful than they are, our thougts literally manifests at their plane, if you think huge protective bear, it will be there to them, and yes we are telepathic, we just haven't learned to notice when we are given a message by another person, or another being around you sending you a thought. You could pickup another persons thoughts and emotions, people are like radio towers.
This being will lie and lie so don't talk to it, its true that the being may have enhanced your readings, what they hear they sent to you clearer, they can hear what you are thinking as if you would speak out loud, if you talk in your head they will hear you.
They want you to doubt yourself, that you are insane.

Get me? Your inner being how you feel protects you, and your aura, huge amount of stress, alcohol, sexual interaction will make aura drop.
They can put a feeling mantle over you so that you think you feel a certain way when its not your feelings, they can at an extent physically touch you, even give you heart palpatations, pains in the body...
They talk negative too, like, you are childish, you are stupid, you are this and that, but they want a certain reaction from you so you start to feel insecure about who you are, why give a crap about it? If you know its not true you will defuse that negative impact on you.

So as long as you allow it to personally affect you, it will continue play mind games, don't worry everything will get better if you work on the stress and obsessive thinking, try to realise that its not as bad as it could have been, its not going to get worse, change your ways, exercise, get a new hobby, anything will help, and listen to self affirmation music,
Ambient music like:
Moon song psybient psychill on youtube, very nice tones getting your brain to relax,
Universal Mind Meditation (guided meditation) find it on youtube aswell.
Its never to late to change your will and ways.
Dont feel pity for their cause, don't try to manipulate your own thoughts about it or them, they like to mess around and play, be indifferent about it/them just let the negativity pass aside, don't hold it in your face don't react to it being there.
I hope I could have made things clearer for you and hope this helps.

Other good people who shares his/her knowledges and info on this type of subject:

Rich2150x on youtube:

Atomarane on youtube:

Welcome to the real world, quote:
(Morpheus from Matrix)

Music that relaxes and affirm your being:

Moon Song:

Universal mind:
psychicgirl456 (4 stories) (14 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-29)
Evil spirits control through fear. To get rid of them, replace fear with love, for perfect love cast out all fear. Without fear, the controlling ghost is unable to grasp the mind of another. I really think you are telling the truth.

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