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Evil Spirits Attached To Me


As days go by, they've played me. They've played me how? Long story short, I figured out of who they really were (evil spirits) through time and my smartness. But my mind has been screwed because of this. They made me believe I had mind reading powers, that I can mind read people. Anything I think of what people are thinking, they would say, he mind read him, he mind read her, and it felt really cool so, I kept doing it. There was this one time, they said they were going to try to arrest me because I know mind reading technology exist so, I texted everybody on my contacts saying, "if anything happens to me, then you know mind reading technology exist". That kept me safe from them for a while but, people would be thinking I'm crazy and was high or something. My mind has been screwed because of them making me believe I have mind transferring skills too. They said if you talk in your mind then you can mind transfer. So I learned how to talk in my mind and I really believe I mind transferred but, it was only to mind transfer them. Then I finally realized that all the stuff they said were fake and they played with me. Now my mind feels so light and I can't stop talking in my mind, it hurts. I'm slowly suffering and need help getting them out. Because ever since I figured out who they really were, they will not stop talking. I'm tired of them, I just want them out, and if you really think this shiat is all fake then I can prove you wrong. There's so much more I could explain of what happened to me with them (evil spirits), what I went through but, it's a long story that would take forever to explain. So here is some part of the story that happened to me. TRUE STORY AND I NEED HELP!

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vuf100 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-02-08)
I am going through something similar. I have spirits following me all day talking to me and putting thoughts in my head. It says the same thing over and over
PrimadonnaGirl7022 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-02-03)
Im going through the same exact experience. It has completely made me seem unreliable, schizophrenic, crazy, dangerous & a hopeless case. But I know that what's going on is actually happening no matter how much the people around me refuse to aknowledge out loud. The unbelivable fact is that its also happening to my family, but they become non-admitting (even me at some points for fear of being hospitalized). It jumps from person to person, depending who is the weakest at that time & once one of us is able to keep some form of clarity they will go on to the next. I don't know if your the only one experiencing such things or if the people you live with are too that's if you don't live alone. I've been dealing with this for almost a year & I've even sent myself to a pshyciatric hospital, hopelessly hoping that my 'mental dissability' can be taken care of so I can lead a normal life. I've had a lot of headaches, backaches, non stop trembling of the limbs where I can't even lay down comfortably or use my touch screen phone. I felt like I coulnt do anything when they were around since they use tactics to scare me, make me doubt myself & what I know. You can though, its extremely hard but after falling for it over & over, you remember that somehow you made it so you just gotta wait it out. It takes a heck of a lot of brain strain, concentration, determination, will & praying to God for strength. For example I've been trying to find similar stories & help for almost 5 hours with so little done, cuzz going to my family & talking to them about what's going on this time around doesn't really change things, what I want is action & results. I'm going to do research, anything to seek help, respond to this if you would like to contact me. God bless you & yours, sincerely PrimadonnaGirl7022
Kristen_Mindfreak (6 stories) (48 posts)
9 years ago (2014-01-29)
If you want to get rid of them, first of all TRY NOT TO TALK! I had friends like you, and I am myself a victim. Try your best not to talk, keep your mind busy on something else not them. Try SPIRITUAL CLEANSING your mind. It helps a lot. Give a search in google about the process of spirit cleansing for mind to remove evil. I hope it helps.
lauterb (110 posts)
9 years ago (2014-01-28)
Dear XHB2
I have some tips for you, please note that those tips are not mine they are in "The Spirits' Book" and "The Mediums' Book" - by Allan Kardec. I found a good US web site where you can find both in pdf:
I will try to resume some concepts and make easier your understanding, but please take a look on both books will help you a lot.
You got burned by having played with fire...
I consider the spirits you are dealing as below:
103. Ninth Class - Frivolous Spirits. - They are ignorant, mischievous, unreasonable, and addicted to mockery. They meddle with everything, and reply to every question without paying any attention to truth. They delight in causing petty annoyances, in raising false hopes of petty joys, in misleading people by mystifications and trickery. The spirits vulgarly called hobgoblins, will-o'-the-wisps, gnomes, etc., belong to this class. They arc under the orders of spirits of a higher category, who make use of them as we do of servants.
In their communications with men their language is often witty and facetious, but shallow.
They are quick to seize the oddities and absurdities of men and things, on which they comment with sarcastic sharpness. If they borrow distinguished names, as they are fond of doing, it is rather for the fun of the thing than from any intention to deceive by so doing.

You started play with them and now they want to continue... In order to break this circle you have to change. This is the difficult part. You have to change your mind set, in the past what were your true intention when you started to play this? You must use your hability (this is called mediumship) for the good for others, not for fun, for fun you will continue attract those kind of spirits, but doing good for others "they" will get bored and good spirits will start to help you.
Pray also helps a lot since will raise your vibrational pattern can therefore be more easily aided by the good spirits.
This is the bottom line help others and do good things, charity, help spirits also count as same as human beings.
"Good mediums are those who understand that the true medium has a mission to fulfill, and that he must be ready, when necessary, to sacrifice his tastes, habits, pleasure, time, and even his worldly interests, to the good of others."
A lot of study and work for the good

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