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Insight On Seeing Auras?


My name is Brandon, I'm seventeen, and have been on a spiritual journey through life since I had an awakening moment at twelve. Most of my life I have always had an open mind, and enjoy expanding my beliefs in every which way I can. Along my journey I have been shown/taught many things by my guides, but mainly through myself have I learned my abilities. For starters, I am an Empath, and a rather strong one I would say at that. I began having my empathic troubles at 14 as we all do at some point. Learning how not to be an "emotional vacuum" all the time is difficult to control, but I have gotten past it.

I can also sense spirits mostly only when they come and go or decide to show themselves to me. I have never been able to simply see them, though I know they tend to be everywhere. Being an empath with this ability it is easy for me to pick up on the benevolence of the entity rather quickly. The newest of my abilities I am finding rather difficult to work with. Seeing Auras. Now, although I can see some forms of energy the energy of the body (sightwise) is hard for me to see. I've heard of the common staring in the mirror in dim to no lighting, and have tried it, especially when trying to see my past life selves. I can't really recall when or if I have seen my own aura, but when I do notice others, as I know they tend to be described differently, I see them usually when someone is sitting or standing in front of a mono-color wall and it is a glowing outline of their body (slightly behind the actual body not any glow in front)

Problem is, I am not sure if this is their aura or if it is something else. Sometimes I wonder if I was not meant to learn the gift of seeing auras because I am quite pleased with how powerful my empath abilities are. My question is does anyone have any tips as to how I can better train my eyes or third eye to see auras better? When I meditate I can see auras especially when I practice a remote viewing session but I've heard of people with aura senses strong enough to see with their normal eyes. Any tips? ~Peace Love and Light

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Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
8 years ago (2014-02-10)
Hi Brandon,
Yes you are correct, if you have mediumship abilities than you have other abilities and often it just takes time to recognize what they are and how to access them. In my opinion it is not wise to limit yourself to just one ability, I did hear somewhere that that is like stopping your progress by accepting that that is all you are capable of, so good that you are continuing to investigate your other abilities.
I have the opposite problem to you, I have always seen auras in my mind's eye and not with my actual eyes... Occasionally I see them with my eyes but rarely.
For me, people were just always different colours, I just knew them to be either this colour or that colour but very specific shades of colours, some dark, some light, some electric looking, or soft and pale etc etc. I know what I see is very accurate as I can describe almost exactly who someone is with these colours, even if I don't know them. Anyway, from what I understand, there are people who "see" auras and people who "sense" auras (or see them in their third eye). I sense auras and somehow they appear in third eye. How to do it? I think it's a matter of sort of tuning out of what is going on around you and just tuning into that person, and gently allowing a colour to form, if you continue to focus on the person (you don't need to look at them), other things appear in the aura. You realllly have to learn how to access that side of you that forces out all current thoughts, interpretations, values, judgments etc etc, for me, it's very easy now, but it took practice to see "beyond" the basic aura and allow the other elements (other colours/symbols) to appear. It's sort of like meditating while awake and functioning in daily life. I sort of visualize all my thoughts being moved to one side in my mind and the other side remains open to allow through whatever wishes to appear. Always ask that you be allowed access for the benefit of helping the person. Also, try not to limit what you see, that is, if you begin to see other things with the aura, just keep an open mind and keep notes and then investigate the meanings. If you find this is hard to do with other people around, try practising it while meditating in a peaceful surrounding and focussing on that person. Not sure if that helps but I hope it does.
Good luck to you!
Brandon6996 (1 stories) (27 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-28)
Lauterb, Thanks for taking the time to read my inquiry. Though much of which you have shared I am already aware of, but choose to use different terminology, because mediums can aquire different types of abilities. I have always know since that day when I was twelve that there was more to life and that I had something to fulfill in life. My goal has always been to help others, that is why I choose to use this site to help me reach out further than my immediate surroundings. I find great pleasure and joy in helping others and see that karma has played a major role in rewarding me for doing the kindnesses I do for others. I will take the time to read the books, though what you shared did not necessarily help me with my question. If you have any feedback regarding my question I would be glad to hear it. ~Peace Love and Light
lauterb (110 posts)
8 years ago (2014-01-28)
Dear Brandon
You are just a medium (please keep in mind this term, because other references/names are incorrect), as well as everybody is. Difference is your abilities are more developed compared to others, but everybody is a medium!

I have some tips for you, please note that those tips are not mine they are in "The Spirits' Book" and "The Mediums' Book" - by Allan Kardec. I found a good US web site where you can find both in pdf:

You are missing the point, did you already asked yourself why do you have those habilities (the proper name for this is mediumship)? Nothing in the world is random, it is not luck have mediumship, it is a serious commitment.
What you will do with your mediumships? What for develop this or that mediumship?
You have to figure why and this will give you a direction and purpose in your life...

"Good mediums are those who understand that the true medium has a mission to fulfill, and that he must be ready, when necessary, to sacrifice his tastes, habits, pleasure, time, and even his worldly interests, to the good of others."

This must be your goal help others, not only human beings but also spirits that need some kind of help.

Take a look on those books and if you have some qestions pse post again here.

Lots of study and discipline...

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