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Finally Putting The Pieces Together. I'm Psychic


To start off I am 22 years old. I have been having strange things happen to me since I was small. I am about to list some. But a majority of this post is to ask for tips on how to connect with my spirit guides and go from knowing I am psychic to being able to actually help people.


-Announcing Pregnancies: As a small child 3-5 years old, I used to go up to women on occasion and inform them that they were pregnant. Even going so far as to tell them the sex of the babies. I was never wrong and this happened a good number of times.

-Seeing the deceased: I have seen full body apparitions in detail several times, some calm and consistent, others very anxious and overwhelming. Have not happened on a regular basis since I was about 13/14 when I asked that they stop coming out of fear of the unknown. (With an exception of a single spirit that I have seen since.)

-Empathic: Since I was a child I can physically feel other people's emotions both people I know and strangers. I don't even have to be around them to feel it. I also seem to be capable of allowing others to feel what I feel.

-Anxiety: I get terrible anxiety in places with a lot of people... I literally feel like my personal space is being violated even if no one is near me. Almost as though I'm being bombarded by energy.

-Lucid Dreams: Recently since I have been researching the gifts I have been having an abnormal (for me) amount of lucid dreams where I am being shown people and events (recently deaths). I know that I am lucid dreaming but something draws me into knowing the outcome.

-Visions: I sometimes go from full consciousness into visions where I see someone and then I see something happen to them. Sometimes it is positive and sometimes it is negative. There usually isn't a sense of hearing... However I have the full emotional experience as well as more often than not a visual of the event and person.

I know that I am not crazy. I have a friend who is a medium who informed me of my gifts after I had talked to her about some experiences that I have had that bothered me. I have always had an overwhelming feeling that I wasn't normal and that I don't fit in. I have always known that I connect to people differently than normal people do, but have seen it as a negative thing. As though I was inferior to others.

I am honestly just interesting in tips on how to develop my gift to help others.

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Kristen_Mindfreak (6 stories) (48 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-29)
First step is to MEDITATE. It is only important that you are able to relax and focus your mind. If you continue the practice of meditation for any length of time, you will begin to notice the existence of your own spiritual energy. It is the connection to your spiritual self which provides intuitive information. Strengthening the connection to your spiritual self will result in an increase of your psychic abilities Meditation is most important for psychic abilities. Then PAY ATTENTION to random thoughts and LISTEN to your surroundings. Record your dreams in your journal. Listening to your inner voice and letting it guide you is also helpful. Sometimes we have this voice speaking through our thoughts letting us know whether something is good or bad. Usually we dismiss it only to discover of we had listened we would have made a better decision. I believe this is our spirit guide. Its a powerful tool if we listen to it. Try your hand at some psychic skills tests and get some more practice. There are many websites that offer ESP testing, and what are called remote viewing tests where you imagine a photograph before you are shown it. Try your hand at some psychic skills tests and get some more practice. There are many websites that offer ESP testing, and what are called remote viewing tests where you imagine a photograph before you are shown it.
I hope it helps.

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