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Finally Able To Meet My Guides


I've had very few experiences with spirits in my life, but I guess I've always had an interest in the subject. Mum and I watch a lot of ghost hunter shows (especially Ghost Adventures, which has been quite educational) I don't think I had any experiences until my family moved towns.

It started a few years ago, when I was trying to lucid dream. While laying there on my bed, I heard someone hum in my ear, then my eardrum twitched. I didn't think I had any psychic power at that time, so I thought nothing of it. Everything was normal after that until last year, when my mum was having trouble with the people we let live downstairs. She heard someone walking up the back stairs. When she checked, no one was there. This happened again, but instead I was hearing it. It was around then when I was trying to sleep (I have autism, which messes with my sleep patterns), I was looking at the small table leaning on the wall. A ball of light appeared next to one of the table legs. I didn't know how to respond, but I wasn't scared.

Some time after that, I was brushing my teeth late at night. The voice I heard so many years ago hummed in the hallway. I asked my mum and sister if they heard anything, and they said no.

It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I asked a psychic about it. Before I even asked her anything, she asked if I had a brother. I don't physically have a brother, and mum has never been pregnant with a boy. Once I asked her about my experiences, she told me that I actually have two spirit guides, presenting themselves as a young male and an older female. Since then, I haven't stopped thinking about them.

It's only since yesterday that I've started actually communicating with them. I use ouija (I only ever ask for my guides, and I ask for Archangel Michael to make sure no other energy comes in) and I found out their names: Fownu (the male) and Numedcon (the female). They must know I like to make up strange names, because I looked them up, and there wasn't any other person or object with those names.

I was talking to Fownu yesterday and he informed me that it was his voice which I heard, and Numedcon is the one who sends orbs. He also gave me a website, which is suspended. He then started to make no sense to me. I told him and we both got frustrated. Fownu probably got a little mad at me for not understanding, because he stopped talking. Today I got to speak to both of them. On the ouija, I wrote their names. I spoke to Numedcon first. She's a bit of a jokester and has told me she is old years old and died by the rap god hap god Fi. Fownu told me he is 20. They're very adamant on letting me know that they protect me. Particularly, Fownu is like the older brother I never had (and he may be a little intimidating to those who meet him, but he's just being suspicious) and Numedcon helps keep my emotions in check.

Now that I know my guides a little more, they are in my heart and they always will be.

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