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Felt Like Being Watched, Accurate Predicting, Help Analyzing


I do not know what to make of the experiences I have had the past two weeks. It started out, I would say about last Wednesday, and for every single moment in the day, I felt like someone was staring me done from somewhere just outside my vision. I would go around and see if something was there. Most of the time there was nothing to be seen, but on some of the occasions I would see, the only way I can describe it was a dark mass. It vaguely outlined the shape of a human, and whenever I tried to focus the center of my vision on it, it would simply just not be there and I would get an extreme headache for about 5 minutes, and then it would go away. This would occur whenever someone was around me, and it would always be in the direction they weren't looking. Would this be relevant to a past even that occurred inside said person's family?

Another strange thing that has happened to me lately is that I am able to predict outcomes before they happen without any hints. In class a few days ago, the teacher was pulling names out of a bucket, and I was able to accurately guess the people that would be picked every single time except once. Keep in mind it was a bucket of 40+ names in it, and to accurately guess the outcome based on sheer luck seems improbable. I tested this further out when I asked one of my friends to write a diamond, clover, heart, and a spade on 4 cards. He would shuffle them and lay them out on the table while I was facing the opposite direction, and I was able to accurately point out each type of card he told me to find by laying one finger on each card. I would noticed a subtle difference in the feeling of the fingertips. It felt more electrically charged than the other three fingers. It was hard to notice, but it was definitely there. That seemed originally more probable to guess the cards based on pure luck, but the difference in how the fingertips felt compared to one another really makes it seem like it wasn't based off pure luck, but I wish to get some other people's knowledge on this.

I also wish to mention something that actually might not be related to anything physic at all, but it might be sheer coincidence, but I've lost a bunch of things throughout the past two weeks, and I figured where they were out based to a difference in my head. I would feel one side of my head feeling more tense than the other, and when I went that direction to look for what I lost, sure enough it was there. Personally, I would think this is a mere coincidence, but I do not like to doubt something that I do not fully understand enough to answer my own questions. Any help is appreciated since I would like to know what is going on, and if it is related to anything physic. Thank you for your time.

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Ryan206 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-21)
I have recently seen the black mass in my peripheral vision too. Whenever I seen it it looked like it was waving a really long finger either saying hello or waving me to come here. Pretty scary. Its possible it could be a demon, ghost, alien or thoughtform entity. I really think it was a black magician I know that astral traveled and was screwing with me. Anyways, I got rid of it by getting emotional and pretty angry and basically telling it it can't be around me and to get out of my house Right NoW! I may never know what it really was. But under those conditions I didn't want to see things like that in my house. I beleieve we are way stronger spiritually than we give ourselves credit for. I have been awake for about a year and I have done and seen some very magical things it is truly incredible but I am scared to tell most people because they may think that I'm crazy, and I admit some of the things I have done and seen do seem almost impossible. But who cares what other people think I know what I can do and what I seen. I really do want to find out what that entity was... So many possibilities
Luna_star1016 (33 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-08)
Hey toodenBelch you say you feel followed and watched by something and have been able to see an outline of it threw corner of your eyes But not centered hmm. Now when it comes to this there are more than one possibilities I do not want to jump to conclusion and tell you oh it's this or that. It could be many things actually form a lost soul roaming around to a demon watching or it other things etc.

When you feel followed do you feel like its a bad presence that is near? Or what do you feel at that moment?

About the predicting thing. Again humans have a big capacity to do things out of the limits of logic but that is another thing to go into another day. The electricity feeling you get when picking a card, that let's you know witch one is the right one, we'll I have had that feeling myself as well. Its strange isn't it? Lol but there are many explanations to this as well.

I'd like to help you out with your situation.

Hope to hear from you Luna

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