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Spirit Guide, Angel, Soulmate, Or Just My Dreams


I'm a female, 18 year old who has a very vivid imagination. Ever since I was young I would see images in my mind, see images in my head before bed, and see flashes of nature and random objects in my mind for no reason. When I was in middle school, I saw a blonde teenage boy in a black hoodie standing over my bed staring at me. The eyes were black and skin pale. I felt familiarity, but nothing bad. I blinked two times and it vanished in the wind. That was the first occurrence. A few days later I saw a old oval shaped frame with a blonde boy smiling. The age about 13. Years later onto my last year of middle school, my firmed who claims to be psychic too me she keeps having dreams of me and this blonde boy. They are reoccurring dreams that never seemed to end until she told me. Ever since she told me, to this day I see a image of a blonde boy smiling at me behind some sunlight. The image is bright. My friend told me his name was Anthony. A longing mystery, I have no idea who he is. And I never met him in my life. I would really appreciate if you could shed some light on what I might be dating with. Another thing that might help with you understanding the situation is that my ex in high school believed in reincarnation. He believed he was the lone boy I was talking about and that the blonde boys story and how I met him was when we fell in love around world war 1. He died in the war and I was his wife. The thing that really makes me not believe him is that my ex was obsessive so I think he was just saying that to make me feel a certain way about him. Now in present time I have a boyfriend who really is a good person and when we first met, he gave me such a familiar vibe to him. I felt like I've known him all my life and I can trust him with anything. Its stance to talk about because I've never really felt that way with anyone before. A side note is that I sometimes see a white string connecting him to me when we are hugging or really close to each other. Any thoughts?

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Stargazer22 (2 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-07)
Thank you SturdyUniverse for commenting on my experience. I found what you told me useful and I will keep in mind all that you've told me. Thanks.
SturdyUniverse (3 stories) (16 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-04)
Hello there!

I cannot say exactly, who he is to you and why you are experiencing it, but I can speak from my own experiences.

Ever since I was a little girl, I saw in my minds eye a young man, who I considered to be the perfect ideal guy for me. In 2008 I met him, I felt his spiritual presence. Thanks to this site, I got to know of a term of Twin Flame, then in 2014 I thought he was my Twin Flame, now in 2019, I do believe he was my pre-Twin Flame helper, because Greater Powers had showed me signs even before I met him. One specific letter and he started with that. Even back then and now especially one specific name had haunted me with the same letter.

I do felt guided to one man with such name and I wrote him, he wrote me back. Anyway I don't know, where it goes, but now the term Twin Flame for me seems something that has to do with something little too simplified tag for us humans. We all are in different life-journey so...

Speaking of your situation, I really can't tell, who he is to you? Why he shows up? But I do feel guided to say, he must be someone with whom you have past-life experience or some sort of soul connection, what isn't so clearly understood by you yet. You will understand, when you are ready! It is one very amazing spiritual journey we are on, here on this site at least!

Hope it helps a little! 😉

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