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Am I Psychic, Or Is It The Mania In My Bipolar?


As you can see from the title in my post, I have been formally diagnosed with bipolar type 1 about 2 years ago. When a person is bipolar, they go through extreme ups called mania, and extreme lows called depression. I was wanting to know if what I am hearing, seeing, and experiencing is because I'm psychic, or if it is because I am manic. I got hospitalized when I was 15 for believing there was a demon in me... My dad is a fanatic Christian. And so at the time when I had sleep paralysis, he told me I was being attacked by a demon. So to make a long story short, I had a phobia of hell and demons so when he told me that, it was the only thing on my mind... That I literally was drove into hospitalizations because of it.

Although my manias or whatever are a bit overwhelming... By overwhelming I mean I am so happy and I see lights in my mind, everything is super bright, I can't concentrate, I'm hyper, endless energy... And more. But the point is of brining up my mania is because I believe its triggered when I start to use my psychic abilities.

My mind sees images and I hear voices, I feel physical touch sensations on my body and I hear a loud ring or that sound the rooms makes when its real quiet. Sometimes, I get feelings of a certain moods like a moment of peace or just any mood that is linked to what I feel is a person. A memory.

I feel super sensitive to movement in the room for example, like feeling the shift of air in a room change direction. My energy gets drained when I am alone in my room for some reason.

Another thing I should ask is, is being a psychic, or spiritually gifted... Could those gifts be somehow a trick from a demon giving it to you? Is there any demons associated with being spiritual in the way you gets visions and senses?


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DarkMatter (1 posts)
2 weeks ago (2019-08-03)
Your bipolar could be a side effect of your abilities, I can't say for sure without knowing more. But if you are what I think you might be, I can help you and maybe give you some answers. I was drawn to this site for some reason today and it might be to give you some piece of mind. I was also diagnosed with bipolar 1 a long time ago but I have discovered that it is much more than that. E-mail me, I can help.
emmy007 (22 posts)
3 weeks ago (2019-07-26)
Hello Stargazer, demons can trick someone with these gifts. Some demons like playing with people 's mind. You have a duty to find out if your gift is from a demon or from God.

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