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Psychic Abilities And Bipolar?


I experienced and kundalini rising and a full awakening which culminated in me having an out of body experience. I am a very old soul, to the point of remembering what it feels like to be Home, often crying in desperation of missing being Home, feeling trapped here on Earth etc. I feel very much like a visitor and have been working on grounding myself in my body. However I do realize how amazing, although often painful because of the duality and the fact that our world is not awake to our inherent Divinity, this human experience is. I was a very psychic little child, the abilities went away for a period of time when I became quite lost, and then recently in 2011 and 2012 (surprise surprise) they came back. Here is my question - I was diagnosed with bipolar II or possibly cyclothymia (mild bipolar disorder) around the same time as I was having my awakening. My "down" periods are pretty atypical. Instead of feeling typically depressed I mainly feel absolutely exhausted and sleep a lot and lack motivation and just feel SO TIRED of being on the physical plane. Just a completely wariness as if I was a very very old person... I can sleep for up to 30 hours straight during these periods and it is debilitating. Then I get "ups" in which I feel very energetic and need a lot less sleep. Again I never lose touch with reality at all but simply get a lot done and sleep less, no reckless behavior which again is atypical, and oddly, I have recently noticed that during these periods my psychic abilities increase. I also get lots of body jolts during these up periods and sometimes experience heart chakra openings, both of which I know for me are signs of my active kundalini. I have experience completely Divine Love, I have left my body before and experienced an ego death, I have seen a glowing orb of light, and often people's thoughts come into my mind, I feel people's emotions even from far away, and soak up energy like a sponge. I am extremely sensitive to negative energy. Just so you know I truly have psychic abilities I'll give a few examples: knowing I would see someone I hadn't seen in many months the next day, thinking "what if a baby fox ran right in front of the road and I almost hit it" and then a few minutes later a baby fox ran right in front of the car and I almost hit it, I had a vivid dream about a specific place, involving a path and shrines and a waterfall, and have always remembered this dream. I ended up unknowingly visiting this place and it was exactly how I dreamed of it years before. As a student, many times before I am about to get called on during a mindfulness practice or class project I already begin to stand up because I can hear my name being called before the teacher actually says it. I often have thoughts like "I am very cold" or "I hope grandma is ok," thoughts that clearly aren't mine because I am not cold or worried about my grandma, etc. And then someone proceeds to immediately say exactly what I just thought. These are just a few examples so you know I truly have these abilities. Anyways, I have read about kundalini syndrome and read that periods of "ups" and then periods of exhaustion are symptoms of active kundalini as well as are psychic abilities. I wonder if there truly is a correlation between mood swings and being an older soul/more awake or if it is just simply what I signed up for this time. My question is if anybody else who is highly sensitive to energies and who had psychic abilities experiences mood swings or has this diagnosis? I am confused about the overlap between what is caused by brain chemistry and what is caused by the soul. Lots of love to all you beautiful people and thank you for reading this.

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tmitchell0504 (1 posts)
4 years ago (2019-11-28)
Hello live free

I've been wrestling with the same thought for years. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 10 years ago while I was in the military at 23 and that comes with a whole different set of paranoia. I believe I have some psychic spiritual energy that you were talking about. Its nice to read about alternative reasons behind our drastic mood swings. My psychic abilities or intuitions come to me through people. I might think long and hard about someone or something to try to make a connection out of things. My mother calls its coincidences but damn how many coincidences can you have in your life until its not a coincidence its truth. For example I might see someone multiple times and then question myself. Why am I so fixated on this person. Or it might just be once but I'm stuck on this one thought. I don't have intuition or insight on everything but certain people and topics I do become fixated on. Why is this person here at this time. Why am I looking at you is there a reason? Are you trying to tell me something? A childhood friend of mine would constantly tell me to check up on his sister and I would always think to myself why are u constantly telling me the same thing? Are you actually trying to tell me something else? She was diagnosed with cancer and that could have been his reasoning behind it but she was in remission and fine living her life. The last time I seen him he said the same thing and I had the same thought. Like why? Well not sure but a few months later my brother was in the hospital with cirrhosis of the liver and could have died. He passed out in front of my mom. Well he was getting better thank you god but then the news broke that this childhood friend died. We grew up with him. It Freaked me out a bit. Its a small town so everyone was affected but I felt so bad becaise I started to think could I have saved him. I also started thinking was that the reason he was telling me to check on his sister because he knew he was going to die. They always say things happen for a reason. If you believe in god and heaven and hell why is it so hard to believe that people can pick up on energies. I take my medicine but sometimes the connection the pull is to strong that even the meds don't help. Its easier to say all these thoughts and things are coincidences or maybe its from a higher power.
MagicalLife (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-24)
Yes, I am bipolar and I experience psychic phenomena (both on and off of medication). Thank you for writing this post. Its nice to know that I'm not alone. I've been struggling so much with this lately and have been very emotional because not all of my premonitions are of good things. I see many trials and tribulations and I see people's health problems and have even foreseen a dear friend's death. As if its not burden enough to have a mood disorder, I have to have a gift that sometimes can feel like a curse. But I accept it and I know that I will do wonderful things with my gift. Patience is a virtue. You were really courageous in writing this. You have helped me a great deal today. Blessings to you and good luck with both your moods and your gift.
sundance (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-17)
Hello Livefree,
In response to your post, I would like to tell you that you are not alone. I do not know how many of us there are but I can tell you that I am in somewhat of the same situation. I also have some psychic abilities (one of which is I dream about things before or at the time they actually happen.) I too am bipolar, I believe type I and have been for 10 years. From the time of my childhood still to this day I am a very sinsitive person. I can walk into a room full of people and my mood will change to how they are feeling (almost like I absorbs their energy and emotions.) So even though I may be in a great mood if the people in the room are mad I immediatly become mad... I believe that there is a connection between having bipolar and being psychic. Personally I believe our moods change so much because we are so sinsative to others energy. I hope this helps a bit if only to let you know you are not alone. If you have any other questions just ask. Have a great day:)

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