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Spirit Followed Me


I moved to the house I currently live in 7 year ago (I was 12) and a man would stay in my closet. I guess you can say that I would feel comfortable around him. I felt the spirit, he was a male, between his' late 30's early 40's. As time went on I felt a negative energy, that in a sense was attacking the spirit. I believe it to be demonic, because I learned about them at church, and this thing was no where near nice, it physically tried to hurt me. I tried telling my mom and she believed me, because I was terrified to sleep in my room, and that never happened before. We learned that someone placed a curse on this house. It's like that curse gained life from this man's soul and that's why he could not cross over. Like if he was trapped. Well I eventually got rid of the negative energy recently, and this man crossed over, because there was fire in my back yard which is where he died, and I never felt him after that.

Also, when my best friend died, I felt him in my room, and I began to cry, because I knew deep in heart that it was him. Every time he came to visit I couldn't help but cry, and in a dream he told me to "forgive them" because at the time I was angry a group of people. Which would be some type of sign right?

Then, about two months ago we had a family of 3 rent our back house, and when I met the wife an daughter they seemed really nice, but when I met the husband I could not be in his presence. I physically wanted to throw up, there was a knot in my stomach, and I could not look at him at all. At dinner I had my head down every time, and I know I came off as rude, but he had such horrible energy that I was angry at him, all I could picture was money, sadness, and greed. I knew he was not a nice man. We wasn't.

When my dog died she was in my room, when I found her she was still alive, but she was dying. So we sent her to the ER and she died there. She said he last goodbye, at about 2am that night I felt her, and I was able to pet her until I fell asleep, but when I got up again she was gone.

Now, this spirit followed me home from school, and I kept having dreams that he pushed me down the stairs. So I googled deaths at my school, and I found an actual picture of this guy (from 1936) wearing the exact same outfit as in my dream. The only problem is there was no article. Not that long ago I heard him say "hey hey get up" and I did, but I wasn't scared.

I'm not sure if this is just me over analyzing this or that I'm crazy, but I need assurance that I may be blessed with some type of gift.

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RainbowRobinGirl (3 stories) (21 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-02)
I once saw a the ghost of a relative when I was 3 don't worry your not crazy to be honest nobody is normal
ciretee (1 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-21)
It sounds to me like you do have clairvoyant abillities/gifts. Don't worry you are not crazy, you may feel that way at times but you're not. Make sure to pay attention to any words you here from spirit even if at the time they don't make much sense. I always tell people to guard yourself with protection as this will be of great benefit if any nasty spirits come around.
Love and Light.

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