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Bipolar Delusions Or Real Experiences


I have BP1 and a few months ago I was feeling as my spirit guides were very present and speaking to me through various signs and I seemed to take it all very seriously. I was "hearing" was that I would win the lottery! Every day there was some sort of sign and it was like 12 different signs within 10 days. Radio, commercials (55 in 2 days) and I really believed they were telling me to play. WAY too coincidental, but not?

I would meditate and really feel the presence of then through major vibration.

I was also going through a separation and so wanted to get back together with my husband that I also felt signs that it would happen. I would meditate and get visions. See I was doubting my own sanity and asked for specific visions of things that were to happen to prove it was real. Then I would see something on the news that seemed, SEEMED to be what I had asked for. None of it materialized.

I wonder if those with BP ever feel like they have a special connection but could only be what is called "Delusions of Reference"

I know the definition of that is very similar to what I have shared. I just want to know when having a mental disorder how can you tell if it is real or just your illness acting up?

Since all of this fell apart I have lost a lot of faith in my guides and what they are really there for and if I can really count on them OR is it me creating all this because I want some things so badly.

I just don't know how to keep believing anymore. I feel like I am crazy now when I try and speak to them or try to hear messages.

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APsychicTouch (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-03)
I have been bipolar since childhood, as was my father and grandmother. I am also a medium. Your experience of things seeming to be coincidental is very much a typical mania part of bipolar.
Hearing voices when you are manic is NOT at all like what you hear telepathically when you give a reading.

I'm not a doctor, but I would say that it's very important that you learn how to identify the differences of being manic. When spirit tells you something that you know no spirit would tell you (like harming yourself or others, or winning the lottery, or telling you you can fly off a roof, etc) You should know right away that these are not your guides and they are not demons, this is mania and you need to call a doctor ASAP. Mania is followed by severe depression, always. You need to know how to be prepared to deal with the depression.

Once you learn how, it's very, very easy to know the difference between true spirit and your chemical imbalance. Spirits are calming and loving. There is a big difference between the two. I would suggest that you learn all that you can about bipolar FIRST and then work on your contact with spirit. It's vital to your earth body to be able to know the difference and your spirit will bless you for learning how to care for your body.
adayinthelifeofadream (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-24)
I have BP and it its really hard to tell the difference more between what is medical what are truths and what are lies. I am going to be honest with you your guides will never wrong you. They will never lie to you, they will only love you and care you you.

I believe one of two things have occurred, one, you might have had a bad connection and cam upon negative energy. For I do know that gambling is bad and bring the spirit of addiction into your life. It seems you must be a very strong and in tune person. If this is the case they may have seen you are at a weak point such as your relationship and want to break you so that you don't have any hope left. Please push through this. I believe this is the more likely of the possibilities.
RevSilverson (103 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-24)
i do not have BP so I can't address those questions for you but it is my experience that things come to pass whenever synchronicities (accumulations of signs or symbols at a given time) occur. Since yours did not come to pass, my opinion is that you wanted them so badly that you became hypersensitive to things related to what you wanted to occur. I don't know of any one who hasn't wanted to win the lottery and has heard a tiny voice or seen numbers to play which caused them to become excited about the prospect of winning and how they would spend the money. This isn't delusional behavior-this is wishful thinking.

a lot of times we override or create what our spirit guides tell us to do because we want a specific outcome. This happens often. But it is difficult to prove the difference between what we tell ourselves and what our guides tell us. There is no set answer to this question. I have found that after my guides had been proven right many times I started paying more attention to them and doing what they told me provided it didn't cause harm to myself or other things. For example I wouldn't jump off a bridge if they told me to but I would drop my change in the salvation army bucket to get (what they told me) positive energy in return in the future.

your guides aren't there to win you money or fix your relationships. They are there to give you strength and love to lessen the disappointment and hardship when you need money or want romance. They guide you through the rough spots. Sometimes they will tell you of future events but not always and sometimes things come true but sometimes they don't. Being a responsible psychic, I always tell my clients that what I see for their future will come to pass if the energy path creating their future stays the same. If I tell someone they have already met their next romantic relationship and the client moves away obviously this next romance has to be put on hold or forgotten entirely because the energy path has changed. Our use of free will causes changes in what will happen to us.

sounds like you are trying too hard to hear what you want your guides to say. Guides work in simple, subtle ways for the most part. I suggest you keep a journal about what your guides tell you and what comes to pass if anything. See if it's you or them predicting things will happen. Also it is important that you give them thanks and gratitude just for standing by you. Always asking for something (i'm not saying you do this) is selfish and spirits don't respond well to that. Helping others will attract positive energy to you too. When you increase the amount of positive energy in your life- positive things will happen to you.

Love and light... Always

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