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So Real Yet So Unreal


I am a 21 years of age ever since I was 12 I've notice things that couldn't wrap my head around doors being opened, random chills down my neck and electronics playing up on me.

When I was 14 I would share a room with my little brother and when I would go to bed as soon I shut my eyes. I would hear a clap in the distance if I listened to it it would get louder and closer. It was terrifying for me I am half aboriginal, I assumed it was my grandfather spirit telling me its time to start acting like a man, but I also felt as if something was trying to get me too look at it. It happened for two months every night some nights iT would make me cry. I was so scared I tried to wake my brother up but it dimmed off until he feel asleep then it would start again. If I ignored it it would fade off and it did wasn't until I was 20 when I asked a psychic friend about it she told it was a old man that was bed ridden in our house and he use to get his family attention by clapping. He noticed I herd him but he didn't know he was dead he didn't mean no harm but he went into the light. As a 14 year old it was terrifying thinking I was going crazy my psychic friend told me I have the same ability she has and I was going to see a lot more spirit lights and she was right it's hard to find people to talk about them tho

I love talking about my encounters I think it's amazing I've seen a full form spirit of a little girl beside my bed last year every detail was stuck in my mind as if I took a photo she was just there staring at me so peaceful she look liked HD bluish grey and white photo from the old days. She had a cap and a beautiful dress as if she was going to church the moment I realised I wasn't dreaming she was gone. So I went back to my friend and asked her to clear my head because I hate not knowing and she told me the girl was just passing through and wanted to say hello she passed away in house fire in the late 1890s but with all the good comes the not so good in counters.

Around the same time I lost my older brother in a car crash and I was heavily drinking and partying but on a Sunday night I was in bed trying to get a good night sleep I turned all my application off I struggle to fall asleep that night I had a very unsettling gut feeling as if some one was watching me. During the week around 3 I would hear some one running through the house I thought it was my little bro so I payed no intention to it but I always felt unsettling when it happened. That feeling came back that Sunday night I herd running again outside my window then in the kitchen then around my bed and seemed as if my room was in a dark bubble. I could only see the edges of my bed so I tried to grab my bar under neath my bed thinking someone was breaking in I came to realize I couldn't move my head I felt pressure pushing my head down with a lot force and a lot force on my stomach it felt like was at least half a hour struggle but was duration of a few second I couldn't scream I couldn't yell I just told my self I was stronger then what ever it was once I realized I was being pinned once I broke free. I was short of breathe and I saw a tall lengthy featureless shadow standing beside my bed as I started at I was very angry I don't know if it was my angry or his but I know it was a human figure it was a shadow like figure that's all I can say being worried I contacted my friend and she told me it's attracted to my little brother who was going through trouble with alcohol but she told he knew that I could help him that's why he did it but she told there was two that pinned me. Me contacting her is helping him she cleansed our house but now stranger things are happening again at a rate I can't keep up with I don't ask for this so why would I make it some days I just need too talk about it too someone that isn't going to think I made it up.

Now that feeling comes back every now and then even with my partner in the room the dark bubble is only way I can describe feels like you shut your eyes. That's how dark the room changes not being able to see anything my girlfriend got up went to the kitchen as I went to the bathroom the door was opened walking past it and walking back as I turned to jump in bed I realized the room was pitch dark and the door was shut and the thing is I can still see everything when our room is shut up I couldn't even see the other side of the bed and straight away I felt uncomfortable like the time I was pinned I thought she was in the room with me. Until she walked in asking me if I shut the door. I moved in with my girl friend it's not the house that was smoked but after we smoked the old house that feeling and room darkening came back and that time there was a shadow figure again around the bed every time I would try too see it it would flicker to corner of my vision. I just need some comfort it's too much to take in at times I try not too believe in this stuff so this kind of things don't happen but it's to the point where I need to know how to move this spirit on or if anyone could explain the room darkening it's so confusing.

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jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-04)
Dear Lane95,

The experiences that happened in your childhood show that you have some psychic abilities and different entities have always noticed that. There's no denying that all of it was/is real.

When it comes to your current situation, smoking the house won't help in the long run. You need to learn how to protect your house and educate people living with you how to deal with spiritual problems as well. I didn't see any information about your girlfriend ties to spiritual realm, so I don't know if she is aware of anything that happened.

The room darkening was simply caused by the evil being that is close by and wandering inside the house. Moving out won't help either as it already knows you're a person with abilities. You need to think about what you want to do with it. It can be a spirit/lost soul or a demon messing around. More things should start happening soon.

Make up your mind about the path you are going to choose. It's either that you take action now, find out the cause of these experiences and fix what is wrong or you give up but it also means giving up on your life or free will


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