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Tingles And Other Story's


The first thing is really hard for me to explain but here goes, so for a few weeks now I have been having a feeling as though I'm going really fast on a ride but I'm not moving when I close my eyes it's subtle and the longer I close my eyes it starts to feel like something's coming out of me and my eyes will start to hurt and my fingers will tingle. After I open my eyes I feel like I'm vibrating fast. I often find myself sitting quit during the day with my eyes shut and the same will always happen but not always as bad as each other. This all started when I was told by my nan (who is very spiritual) that I was opening my third eye. I was also told the same thing by a friends mum who is a white witch she also told me that has been able to feel my energy for a while now. I am also able to see static in the air (known as visual snow but also seeing energy around) I have also been giving off electric shots but this could just my clothing in the hot weather. Please let me know if you have experienced any of this it would help me so much to know I'm not alone or crazy.

Also has anyone ever looked in the mirror and saw that it is yourself but something tells you it's not? Well I had that and I couldn't look at my reflection in anything all day until the sensation had passed.

Thank you for taking the time to read and please comment. (I understand that everything I have wrote may not have anything to do with this but I thought I would give it a try so if you also don't think it is please say)

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