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Am I Putting Myself In Danger? And Many More Questians


I have a big collection of porcelain dolls. I've always felt strong vibes around them, like maybe their are some sort of spirits in them. I can just fell their personalities and feelings. Could I perhaps be an empathy of sorts. I never fell anything with people that are alive)? Am I just going coo-coo from being around them for so long or do you think there is? How can you tell if there is? Anyway, I've always felt a strange connection to one of them. I sometimes talk to her after I've a had a bad day or I'm stressed out and I just pour my heart out to her. If she is a spirit, could I be making myself vulnerable and easy to possess. Is she dangerous? How can I tell? Please answer and I will comment on your story in return. I sometimes wonder if its the spirit of my dog that passed away last December. Also can spirits of animals speak to you verbally? Oh, and another thing, I saw this video on youtube that showed me a trick to open myself to the spirit world and be able to see ghosts better. You were supposed to lay down, turn the lights out, stare into space breath deeply until you see a gray swirly thing and then look around. I saw really crazy stuff some fairly random like fish or cartoon characters and some downright terrifying. Due to the silliness off some of them I dismissed it as me being tired, but I think it's strange that I only started seeing them after I did that trick and that they are in some places more than others. I remembered one time I was at a hotel and saw many horrible things. I saw a bald child scream silently and a hairy man/woman (I couldn't tell). I saw Lilly D (evil doll from R.L. Stine's the haunting hour) in various positions, and hands reaching out to grab me. But the most chilling thing I saw was reflected in the mirror in front of my bed; a grayish form drifting back in forth behind me. I tried to assure my self it was a guardian angel but I know deep down it's not. What do all these thing s mean? And why do I only see them in the dark? I need answers!

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Zin (guest)
11 years ago (2013-09-07)
I would not worry, you see simply over worrying about nothing can cause something. As you said nothing really has happened, but hoping for it can cause something to happen. Old dolls like the ones you have generally are strange each is designed to present certain emotion and feeling.
Thulsa (1 stories) (34 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-06)
RainbowRobinGirl, I agree totally with pretty much everything MotherChristian has stated. To MotherChristiana you basically read my mind and I have little to add, it is nice to know that someone else leans my way on these things out there. I only have one request, please both of you keep posting on this situation so everyone can gain knowledge of it. There are many different sides to the same situation and it helps us all further our growth.
MotherChristiana (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-06)
Hello I first would just like to say I'm keeping you in my daily prayers and sending much good karma your way. I see that you have questions about your dolls and if they are spirits? There are three stages that must take place for someone to get possessed by an evil or demonic spirit. I will define these and you will be able to understand.

Infestation stage - The demon introduces itself into the life of the intended target or victim. This is usually done in a deceitful manner. For example, if you have a deceased relative it may try to make you think it's one of them. Just as you mentioned above as to whether or not it could be your dog. Remember that spirits are powerful and you must be careful.

Oppression stage - This is when the demon picks out its intended target or victim and begins its onslaught. This is when things begin to happen around the home and that is usually only around it's target. For example, furniture may start moving on its own, small things disappear and reappear in odd places. The person may begin to hear strange noises like scratching on the walls, whispering coming from empty rooms, shadows moving around the house, and seeing things out of the corner of their eyes, foul smells, etc. All of these things are done very subtly. This is so the person will begin to second guess themselves, doubt themselves, and eventually go crazy. In most cases nothing will ever happen to anyone else in the home, just that one person (the target). This is also done in order to make everyone else doubt the person or make them think that the person is crazy. If no one believes the targeted person then it makes it that much easier to break the individual down mentally because that person will begin to seriously think that they are crazy. If it does get to that point the person will then usually develop the mind set of "I give up", or "Just do whatever it is your going to do and get it over with" or something that indicates that they give up mentally and emotionally. Once the person has said or done that, then possession could occur. The spirit could have attached to your doll. Be careful of telling it anything else. If This is an evil spirit that has attached to your doll remember that it's main goal is taking control and creating fear and weakness. Do not throw away or burn the dolls. This will not remove the spirit. Your will need to have a spiritual leader that is experienced in the removal of unclean spirits to do This. If you think you are too weak do not do it. I am not
Trying to scare you I am only answering your questions with complete honesty. I prayed and decided to send This No matter how long. Now to number three.

This is when the demon actually enters into the person and takes control. Unless you are a part of the person's immediate family or close friend you may never know the person is possessed.

Okay so you should know by your inner knowledge and gut feelings (I don't know your gifts so I'm just calling it your gut or intuition) as to whether or not This doll is creating control, you might feel obligation to speak with it or guilt if you do not. If you feel that please seek immediate help. I have worked with demonologists, Pastors, Priests, American Indian spiritual leaders and I have watched removal of unclean spirits. This is not easy and should not be handled by anyone with a weak spirit or inner being, new to the spiritual gifts and without thorough understanding with the spirit world. So I urge you to get help so that you can remove This from your life. When you do you should also meditate and balance out your chakra or any that may need be balanced.

As for This trick to see more spirits; I have some questions. Did you chant or say anything? Did you focus on something and did you see This apparition immediately? When you saw these evil things at the hotel had you been doing the same trick again? Was it late at night or around dead time or 3am? Did you just see them in your room and was there a feeling of dread? I hate to tell you This but I don't believe from what you have said that the gray figure behind you in the mirror was at all your guardian angel. It's my opinion that when you did This trick to see ghosts it merely was and has opened a portal for bad spirits. It now must be closed or you could be dealing with much more than This. If you were telling us you were seeing spirits of all kinds from civil war veterans, ones who had very traumatic deaths and need help communicating and crossing over but aren't scary, it would be different. I myself see the dead and can communicate with them. This gift is in my opinion only to be used in hopes of the spirits finding the light to cross over or to help those left behind in their grief. Sometimes also to help discover why they died so that they receive piece as well as family. There is nothing good to gain by calling upon bad ones and I know This wasn't your intent at all yet, This is why it is very dangerous. If you want to communicate with the dead or see the dead and or apparitions: meditation, prayer, practise exercise and spiritual guidance, and other things are the safe ways to strengthen your gifts without force. Whatever gifts you may have that are God given Will be strengthened if you just practice and have a really happy and healthy life and inner self. I hope I have helped you and I would be happy to speak with you through my email address anytime. If you will answer my questions I will certainly make sure that I continue to ask in prayer for help from all the guardian angels to surround you and keep you safe and only in God's arms untilyou know and or rid your life of This doll and possible portal of unclean spirits now and always. I wouldn't talk to that doll anymore. Don't be afraid because I feel that some of these sightings may be from This doll oppression. Be strong and God's Grace Mercy and Peace be with you Always.
MotherChristiana. 0:-) ❤
Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-04)
One thing you could do to prove you're sane is you could take a lot of pictures. Before when my friend and I were obsessed with this stuff we started going to spots where we had seen, felt, or heard spirits and took pictures of the area and then pictures of us and mostly the pictures of us there were other spirits. My pictures held darker spirits while hers held lighter ones such as lost ghosts.

I think porcelain dolls are extremely creepy and evil. When they were set up in my house, wherever they were everyone would sense a very scary, bad presence from that place. You should get rid of them or be very careful around them.

Animals can't talk and so I would assume their spirits wouldn't either but there's always a possibility.

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