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It Is Just A Dream?


One of my psychic abilities is seeing the future in my dreams. It's usually small stuff or only part of my dream that comes true. But recently I dreamed of something major that came close to happening. You see, it was my 13th birthday and my friend was sleeping over. I fell asleep that night and dreamt of an orange glow that I figured was just a dimmed light. I saw a couple of my dolls' faces (I collect them) and saw my sister. She was standing up but her tangled hair and limbs were sprawled out in every direction as if she were lying down. I felt an odd pull towards her. Later the next day I realized that the orange light was fire and my sister in the dream was dying and the reason I felt a pull to her was because I was trying to save her. I had had dreams that came true before and was really scared. I told my family and friend and although they knew I had dreamed of the future before they blew it off and said it was just a dream. But when my mom preheated the oven for dinner there was something in bottom of the oven and it started smoking like crazy. Thankfully it didn't start a fire and my sister was at work, but it was still fairly freaky. I of course, made a point to rub in the fact that I was right. "So, it's just a dream, huh?" Please comment on this story and tell me about any of your experiences. I would also like to know if I will ever be able to have dreams that fully come true. My dreams are usually only halfway true. For instance, I may dream my math teacher hands me back a test that I have gotten an A on and in the dream she was wearing a ruffled blue blouse. And the next day she may hand me back my test and I would have gotten the a C instead, but she would be wearing the same thing in the dream.

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lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-17)
One of the strange things of dreaming of the future is you may see something in a dream and when the dream does happen its a little different.
Precognitive dreams sometimes do have different meanings then what you think it means.
Sometimes your dreams will incorprate objects and/or people you know into a dream, so you will have a familiar setting and this gives you a better chance of believing that something is going to happen.
You should keep a dream journal and write down your dreams you believe are precognitive dreams. Dream journals are very useful on keeping track of dreams.
You will only dreams of things you can handle if you can't handle the big events then you won't dream of anything scary.
Meditating a great way to improve psychic abilties and it has many benefits.
108251jman (2 stories) (15 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-17)
Hey thanks for replying on my story. I think you are just like me. Things in dreams. Your dream seemed like it was a warning. I just hope our dreams don't predict scary bad things because I don't think we can handle it just yet.:)

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