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There Is A Curse Laid On My Family


We will begin with the backstory of this alleged curse:

My Italian great grandmother who lived in Italy was once married to my great grandfather. My great grandfather had children and a good life with his Italian wife. At one point, he left Italy for something that I believe he told his wife had to do with business. When he left the country, he met another woman, my family calls her Mema, who would soon become his other wife. He loved Mema more than he loved his Italian wife, even though he had a life already built back in Italy with his Italian wife. His Italian wife had somehow discovered that he had another wife and another life outside of living in Italy with her and their children. That made her very, very upset and angry. It has always been said that in her extreme ire and anguish toward his actions, she had (intentionally is unknown) placed a curse upon his family and all those who descend from him and his other wife; my immediate family now.

So, jump to today:

I feel that the Italian wife cursed all Love relationships in my family. The signs: nobody in my family has a happy love relationship; every member has some sort of repeating turmoil in any relationship they get involved in, including myself. I've had a number of men that I've begun to have a thing with and all of a sudden they all just drop me with no warning. Same for my mother. Another less relevant sign but I still believe it has some significance is the fact that all men in my family had daughters and all women in my family had sons, except for my grandmother and my late grandfather, son of the cheating Italian great grandfather and the other wife, Mema, who had sons and daughters together.

Peculiar thing about Mema: before she died, my mother was the last to see her. My mother was up in FL where Mema lived and was visiting her for the summer. Mema told my mother to get on a plane and go back home to NY because she had a feeling that something bad was going to happen soon. Mema was a Medium, she could sense future events and could communicate with spirits, such as my mother can, as well. My mother complied with her Mema and got on a plane and returned home to NY. Mema had been complaining of it smelling like gasoline in the garage as well when my mother was still staying there. Shortly after my mother boarded the plane, Mema was doing laundry, which my mother had done a countless number of times at her house during her stay there WITH the gasoline leak having happened already (but did not die from), and apparently some leaked gas from the car parked on a rug in Mema's garage where the washer & dryer were had caught flame once the spark ignited from either the washer or dryer. The ignition of the gas exploded Mema's whole house, killing her. I now believe that it was the Italian wife who had not only cursed the entire family, but also played a big spiritual role in Mema's death. I believe that the Italian wife had become so jealous and enraged about her husband cheating on her and marrying another woman while still staying married to her with their children that she caused Mema's death somehow. It's just not logical that the gas leak would ignite when Mema was doing the laundry but not when my mother was doing the laundry, even though Mema had been complaining of it smelling like gas when my mother had been doing the laundry prior to this, yet after the gas had already leaked.

I need to know what I can do to break this curse upon my family! I am desperate because this is affecting us all very deeply, but I am the only one who really has any desire to deal with it. I want to make good for my family and myself, but I need guidance in doing so!

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Real-Helper (15 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-05)
This type of stories is very popular
Woman who catched man of cheating under emotions put curse on him and his new family.
My advice don't listen anybody who try to help you by puttig blessing of some kind of energy.
It will not work. Even church won't help you.
Patrimonial damnation is very strong. As you can see it is so strong, that people in family cannot build love, but in worst case many are dieing either only men or only women in this family.
In the and of the day life is hell. Most of the people who you love you lost.
To break Patrimonial damnation it is a hard work, but it is possible for Real Psychic!
If you want to change you life and life of your family, I CAN HELP YOU!
More detailes in private chat, contact me
Pavel_kravchukmn [at]
hug100 (126 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-07)
[at] Psychic4Life My offer to help still does stand if you wish.
allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-18)
Hi hug100 I understand what you're saying, and how witchcraft works. But I didn't get the message of witchcraft the way the story was told. Maybe I misunderstood it.

She said:
"It has always been said that in her extreme ire and anguish toward his actions, she had (intentionally is unknown) placed a curse upon his family and all those who descend from him and his other wife"

The part that says: "intentionally is unknown" sounds as if the woman placed a curse herself by voicing it, possibly without intending to (Italian stereotype, sorry), or through her sheer pain (karma). I gave a reply based on karma IF the "curse" was placed emotionally/through spiritual pain. In my opinion the story contained no evidence of a love curse or karma beyond Mema's death. Relationships that have turmoil is the norm. And children's gender has simply to do with the timing of conception. What I see here is a young woman binding herself to a curse story that has small proof of being real, with a shadow villain in her psyche. You are qualified to offer help to break a curse but I wasn't able to see evidence of it.

For me a curse means spiritual karma (i.e. It only works if the caster was truly wronged) and a spell is witchcraft, so I possibly misread the post. If the poster believes witchcraft was performed then that is a more reasonable route for her to take to solve it. If it's karma or spiritual energy she can take the route of positive spiritual energy/good karma to bring good things into her life. I take magic seriously and it bothers me when people assume that any moron who buys a spellbook, or anybody screaming I curse you, or any village charlatan has the power to curse or de-curse them. But many people believe this, and I don't like feeding it.

I do agree with what you wrote. My advice was NOT advice to break the karma because I don't see proof of bad karma being present. It was neither advice to break a spell, because I didn't read the post as if witchcraft was performed.

It was intended to help the asker take a stance that will bring herself psychologically above the situation, and connect with the love energy within her. Because she's looking for love. And having a shadow enemy in her mind potentially creates a blockage. I believe in Spirits and I think if one is good to them, they become more helpful, even the ones that start out as enemies.

I leave the spell advice to the witches:) ❤
hug100 (126 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-18)
allinbetween things can be a lot harder than that due to several factors that play into it. Even if you don't necessarily believe in curses per say. That can be very tricky to deal with depending on what type of curse, the strength of, and how long it has been in effect. Normally there is back lash yes but it still stands even if the Italian wife survived the back lash, the curse is still there. Most spells and curses will brake on their own once the person who cast it (intentional or not) dies. However some don't and rarely does the way you suggest work. I am not trying to sound mean I am just applying what I know as a witch and look at it realistically in the terms of the curses 101 area.
allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-17)
Hi there. You wrote:
>> I now believe that it was the Italian wife who had not only cursed the entire family, but also played a big spiritual role in Mema's death.

From my understanding of curses and karma: your great grandfather caused Mema's death, because he was the culprit for the karma. If he hadn't wronged his first wife the "curse" couldn't have worked against him. Obviously Mema also had a spiritual play in this. If your Italian great grandmother wished harm upon them, there will be karmic backlash upon her as well. From what you wrote it's hard to say if a "Love Curse" has been passed down the generations. Most relationships are full of turmoil, the blissful ones are rarer than winning a lottery ticket.

If you believe in Spirits, do something nice for your great Italian grandmother. Tell her in your heart if other means aren't accessible that you're sorry for what happened, and that you wish for the "curse" to release you. Do a donation in her name to help rest her soul (if she did cause a curse this had a backlash on her soul). Show the universe that you are loving and forgiving and not resentful. Fight their negativity with your love. Your love is a wellspring of unlimited power, so tap into it.

I don't believe in curses honestly, but sometimes what goes around comes around.

I hope you'll find the love you wish for.:) Believe in yourself. No other person has power over your destiny. Focus on what's positive about you and your life. Relationships are a way to learn about yourself & grow, the ones that don't work out are life's harder lessons, but they're useful too.
hug100 (126 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-17)
curse can be tricky to deal with even for the most experienced spell casters. I have not had to deal with curse in my time as a witch but I will help you with as much as I can. I need to know a few things first before I can start putting together a spell and set up for it. Does all your immediate family believe this as well? And are they willing to go through magic of the earth to remove the harmful negative doing?

The universe is full of energies that are readily available for use, this is what we witches know as magic. What I am starting to put together will require tapping into this energy and the element earth. This is also why I ask the two things I do the more people believe the more will come together. And everyone can draw into this magic to lift the cures.
I'll be waiting for your reply. May love and light protect all of your family and yourself. ❤

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