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Seeing My Future Family And My Friends Future


I will start with the fact that I have had different experiences on and off since I was a child but this is different. I have had many encounters with spirits from an early age. A few years ago I went to a medium who said I was highly gifted and could "see clearly" but that I was looking for something and when I find it everything would be very clear like looking into a snowglobe. I hadn't told him that at times it's like the old black and white TVs you had to change the channel to get the clear picture on but that made sense to me. I started having more things happen around age 25 besides spirits. But last year I started having more visions and dreams about my future and my friend's future. I think my visions take place in Ireland but I currently live in the United States.

Last year I started to get visions one or two I believe to be past life memories and others future events in my life. The first vision I had was on a rocky beach like England or Ireland of two preteens in 1910/1920s clothing saying goodbyes to one another. The second one I had took me by surprise because it was from my perspective and had happened while I was driving. It lasted only a couple of seconds. But I saw a person I believe to be my future husband leaning against a wooden fence and a little girl twirling around, we were all laughing but I couldn't hear the laughter but saw it. My future husband's face was blurry and I was watching our daughter twirling not looking at her face. She was wearing a white and blue dress and her brown hair was in pigtails.

I hadn't really thought about my future until I saw it. A few days later while thinking about it I heard her giggles and his laugh. We were from what I could gather on our property and to me, my first instinct is to say Ireland. I have had a prior experience involving the area which I say because it looks like the same area I saw. When my friend and I were trying to read each other we both saw a house. I saw more of an outline while he saw the color what it looked like in full detail. As I said before sometimes things for me seem fuzzy sometimes. But I was able to describe to him the windows and door etc. We had also both seen a walkway/road. I had seen us in the future maybe 10 years give or take and walking on a path or roadway with dry stone wall along the path which I could tell was the same area as the vision I had of my family. The grass was the same, same coloring and background. I also had a vision of me talking to a sheep.

I have grown accustomed to calling my future husband/partner Mr. Perfect because every time I think or talk about him Perfect by Ed Sheeran comes on. I kept asking my spirit guides and angels about the visions and asked for answers. I got a potential name for my daughter. I have had repeated dreams with whom I believe to be my daughter probably between 6-10 occasions since then. I also had a dream where a psychic told me I was going to have a boy as well and since that day I have multiple dreams with both children and in the dream, they were my children.

The friend who I had previous visions with I had a dream with a man in a dark grey suit and purple tie, I handed him a purple box and told him my friend would be there soon and woke up. Since that dream when my friend has talked about other guys I get glimpses of this man. Like a reminder that that is the one. The other day we were talking about the future and guys, it was like someone was showing me a slideshow of different things like his hair, his smile, his dimples like no this is him!

Did anyone else have similar experiences? I have other experiences vision wise as well as past life and ghostly encounters if anyone wants to weigh in or have any input.

Thank You:)

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