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Trouble With The Family?


For the past 7 years, a weird and miserable thing is happening and I am not sure if this is me freaking out about it or it really has a connection with reality. First of all, I didn't write about this before because I thought I was going insane. And, then when I thought of it as a "chain" it did make some sense so here I am.

I'm talking about "deaths". Since, the last seven years a lot of relatives of mine, even three family members of mine, have died. And, when I say "a lot" then, I mean I don't even have the count of it. The first death was of my aunt's father like seven years ago and I didn't really think of it anything. It was because he was ill. I get it. People die because of sickness. We moved on. Then, in the similar year a lot of relatives died. Like, the people in the neighborhood and the ones you have family friends and acquaintances. I still didn't relate it with anything.

Two years after it and my paternal grandmother dies. She was well. Suddenly got ill and died. I still didn't associate it with anything. Then, in the following years the same case happened. A lot of people whom we know and are our relatives, we lost them. That's when I started thinking something is up.

Again, two years from it and my maternal grandfather dies. I lost it. It's been more than three years and I miss him like crazy. Every single day. It's hard to move on but, I still carry on. The same thing of people dying follows again. Me and my mother become skeptic. But, I drop it because I don't want to believe it.

And, now in February I lost my Aunt. She wasn't even of the age. She suffered a lot. I lived in denial and I still think I am in denial. And, again we hear of someone we know or have family terms with dying every other month or week. It's so strange and miserable at the same time. I still don't think it's related to anything supernatural but, I have my doubts after losing a lot of people. I'm skeptic about it. I hope you don't take me as an imbecile or the person who needs help because I'm sure I'm far from it.

Well, I hope I get a response and I would really appreciate your help.


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Ang3l (25 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-20)
This is an old topic, but I just wanted to add something here so that future readers may have some understanding of this.

I've went through this myself. My dad was the first to go, then my step brother, then my close cousin, then relatives within my city, then relatives in other states, and then relatives in other countries. All of this happened within 1 year. So yes, lots of funerals.

They all left for different reasons. And, you'll notice I said "reasons" in place of "illness." I'll explain below.

When my dad left, I was angry. He was a good man. I began questioning life, as to why the good ones die but the evil ones live on. I wanted to sacrifice every evil person on this planet to bring back my dad if I could. But, what helped me saw through the mess of deaths was my close cousin who passed away too.

Unlike the other people who left that year who I only knew about it when they've already left, I've met my close cousin twice. On the first occasion, he was in the hospital waiting for surgery. He told me it's the same surgery he's been going through 10 or so times now. He said he desires to live on, and that even if it takes 100 surgeries to keep living, he'll go through each one to live another day. And so, he went through the surgery and lived on.

Months down the road, I met my close cousin in the hospital again. It was like deja vu this time. He's in a bed by the window in a corner facing the south side of the hospital like the last time I met him. Everything was so similar I had to double check that the room number was different. If the room numbers were the same I would've thought I was dreaming. But, the room numbers were different, which logically should be since he came back to the hospital months later. Anyways, I approached him and expected a similar talk we had last time. After all, he did said 100 surgeries was fine, and this was like the 11th only. However, his look on life was completely different this time. Death was all that was on his mind. I couldn't understand why he was so negative. It's the same surgery, and the doctors didn't even notice anything more danger this time then the past 10. That month, be left.

Through my talks with my close cousin, I've came to realize people know and choose their time of leaving. I thought back to my dad and step brother and I found why they left. For my dad, it was a speech he always gave me when I was a kid. Of course, being a kid I've always didn't think much about it. But, as an adult, I revisited that speech and remembered what my dad wanted in life. And, when my dad left, it was soon after he had reached that goal. My step brother had his own desires in life. As for my relatives, I'm not closed to them but I wouldn't doubt they had their reasons too.

I don't know why some people leave alone, or why others leave in groups, but what I do know is we all leave when we choose to. When the world around you goes, you can stay so long as you still want to. Death is a gatekeeper, not a hunter. It welcomes you to the other life; it won't take your life.

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