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The Gut Feelings


Over the years, I have experienced "the gut" feelings. Once I was shopping in the store for wine glasses, and I started to put my bags in the trunk of the car, and something told me " If you put the wine glasses, in the back of the trunk, someone could rear end you and break the glasses."

I ended up putting the glasses, on the back seat instead.

About a 1/2 mile down the road I was rear ended.

Once I was driving headed to a phone store, and I thought about someone, and I told my self "I hope I don't see him in here (they didn't work there), I walked in the store, and its is one person ahead of me in line, and guess what, it was the person who I didn't want to see.

I do see "Sparkles" of lights also, usually they are white, or blueish green.

My Concern is that I have awakened during the night to see black orbs floating. I have reached out to try and grab it (to make sure I'm not dreaming) but it disappears into the wall. Another time I've seen the orb, I was sleep, but aware of my surroundings, and I felt my self start to shake violently, and my husband woke me up. I remember the orb, and it again floated into the wall. The next day after this, I started having a really bad cough.

Another time I woke up out of my sleep, and saw numbers in red, maybe 4 or 5 digits numbers and they were moving (can t remember if they were counting down, or counting up.) I had a dream a little girl came to me and asked me to help her because she had drowned at a lake, that is about an hour away from my home. I went online to research but came up with nothing. I also dreamt that it was an elderly white male, he had on an apron, and he walked over and sat at a table with two others they were young adults. The young adults asked the elderly man, about his mom and how he came into owning the restaurant. He begin to explain about "Moma" and how she had to grow up I'm not sure what all of this means spiritually.

(Also I'm not sure which section this should've been published under, since its a little of everything.Sorry)

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gthlvrmx (64 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-28)
Hello nikki,

The gut feelings is your intuition kicking in. If you actually hear a voice in your head or see words in your mind that say what is going to happen, that might be clairaudience (so your higher self or another being telling you the future).

Orbs can be collected human energy sometimes and their colors don't always mean they are necessarily evil. I'm not quite sure what for sure explanation there is for orbs though, sometimes they can be fairies but I see fairies as sparks of light and flashes of light as well... As well as my angels and spirit guides at times when I ask them to appear in front of me.

For the girl who came asking for help, here is a way to help her out. Ask your guardian angel to "FIND" her and "TAKE" her into healing.
Basically, "Archangel Michael, FIND the girl who asked for my help in my dream and TAKE her into healing".

After that, the girl will be escorted by her guardian angel to cross over and she will be in peace. She might even come back and say thank you one day.

But just know that ghosts aren't healthy for anyone no matter what anyone tries convincing you to believe. Use white light shields (you can try that by asking your guardian angel to put white light shields around you every morning) to protect you from having ghosts attach to you and steal your energy.

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