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Psychic Sensitivity/ Awakening: Seeing Orbs


A while back (around 5 months ago) I went to a spiritualist church - which I had attended a few times before - and was told that I would become more sensitive and more in touch spiritually.

Since moving house at the age of around 12 (8 years ago) I have frequently had the feeling of there being another presence in the room with me and in the beginning I would hate to be alone in a room let alone the entire house. This confused my mom as the house was brought by us before it was even built, nothing significant was on the land beforehand either. And yet for years I would see shadows from down the hallway, hear kitchen drawers be opened and closed, the keys that would be left in the back door jingle, etc. It was only me this was happening to, all of these things were told back to me by the lady that I met at church.

Sorry I've sidetracked a little!

Anyway, the other night I noticed a light shine across the glass of a photo frame, if the reflection hadn't have hit me I wouldn't have seen it at all. It was quite late at night and I had a soft-lit lamp on, so it couldn't have been a reflection from the light. I saw around 5 of these orb-like things that were bright white virtually one after another. By the third time I saw one I had shut my blinds to make sure it wasn't the moon, but I saw more after my blind had been shut.

I also saw a yellower one a few nights back in the same place in my room - at the foot of my bed, over my desk.

The thing I'm really here to ask advice on is I have just walked past my parents bedroom; it was no later than 5am so it was still slightly dark, but not pitch black, their door was open, I always paused or a split second near their door to see if anyone of them is up. Out of the corner (ish) of my eye I saw a very large (like pretty extremely large) white thing, I can't even describe it, it was nothing near the generic idea of an orb, floating about the head of their bed. At first I thought it was the art work that hangs above their bed but there isn't a shred of white in that whatsoever!

I'd just really like to know people's opinions on the chance that I'm not being crazy, and if they've had any similar experiences, have any knowledge of any of this.

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Winter_Solace (109 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-21)
I have been to a spiritualist church once in my area. It was bizarre because they talked so much trash about God. Which even then, I knew there were things hardly anyone understood about how God truly is.

Anyways, all of this you have been describing about any white orbs and especially the white form around you sounds very much like an angel. I would even go so far as to say this is most likely your guardian angel watching over you. You are blessed to be able to see all this. God loves you very much, that is what this means. This angel cares for you too.

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