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Thoughts Striking Mind Before Things Happen 2


Today, when I came back from School I went to sleep alone (Usually, my Mom is beside me), and experienced something strange which I used to have (which has came back sadly, obviously).

I tried really hard to get up but, I couldn't. In my half-sleeping state, I felt like my body is all numb and I couldn't move an inch. Then, I don't know, I said that if I'd to die, I'd die here but, God will always protect me. And, then I was able to wake up.

Also, 'someone is keeping an eye on me' thing hasn't gone until now (since my last post). I think something or someone is there. I don't know I'm so afraid of closed spaces too. I don't want to go alone anywhere now.

When I try to sleep, it seems like a slide of images start from somewhere. Some things which I have never seen, like, a table with flowers on it or a card which has yellow flowers drawn on it and something written in it. (My Mon says that she sees the images too when she's about to sleep).

A black shadow like man is there in the house too, I guess. Maybe that's because, the backside of our house is abandoned from 2-3 months. It should get better when my Uncle & Aunt returns, I guess.

These words like, M, L, T and J keep appearing too. Auras start from Nowhere when I'm trying to focus in my class. Glittering flakes start from the corners of my eyes and then, float around in a Circle! And, then, they go away. They scare me, to be honest.

Also, before having some big tragedies, I'm told with the Thoughts. (I've some Psychic abilities, apparently). But, not exactly. Like, a thought strikes my mind that my Dad and Me will meet an accident, a deadly one. But, my dad's friend family died with a car accident... Something similar after that keep happening. It's at its weak stage now and, it gets stronger when it Wants.

~ Sonali

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PsychicThoughts (7 stories) (34 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-03)
Thanks, Lily.
Did he ever tried to harm anyone in any way? (I hope he hasn't!)

I see loads of sparkling spots too whenever I look at the sky. They've so much of energy in em and it seems like, lightning sometimes. I've got my Retina checked, Twice. And, they said everything is Fine. I'm not able to understand them.:/
I've started to get headaches everyday, too. (I don't know if it has to do something with that).

DarkLucyAndLightLily (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-01)
I've Seen The Shadow Man Too... He was Just Standing In The Hall... The figure was Tall too...
So yeah...
Hope This help... And hope You Have Protection too!

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