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Weird Things Happening?


The past couple weeks, weird things have been happening. Kind of like 'Abilities' and such.

First time: I went with my friend to her family friends house and his house is very old. As soon as I stepped in I got dizzy so I leaned against the wall. Right when I made contact with the wall I got a bad headache. A couple seconds after the dizziness left but the headache didn't. So I stood back up straight and my headache left. I didn't think much of it at that time so I my friend and I went to the bedroom we where sleeping in (we're both girls) and I sat down, the bed is old too. I got dizzy again so I laid down and a couple seconds after it left. Later that day I stumbled over my feet and leaned against the wall for support. I got a headache! That kept happening the whole weekend and it totally weirded me out! Everytime I touched something old I would get dizzy and depending how old it was I would get a headache.

Second time: me and my dad were in the car going to the grocery store. I was going to say what do we need but I thought of saying it instead of using my voice. As soon as that happed my dad's eyebrows furrowed and she looked at me as if he heard me speaking. I was weirded out so I tried again. This time though I imagined saying 'Hi' and he looked at me again while his eyebrows furrowed even more! That was a little while ago so I tried it today, saying 'Hi' and right when I imagined the words going to him he looked at me and his face held a bit of confusion.

Third time: I was walking down the hall to the bathroom when I smelled smoke. No one in the house smokes and None of us are friends with anyone who smokes. I got a but freaked out and prayed, also imagining a protective armour around me and I couldn't smell it anymore.

Last but not least: so my friend and I were fooling around, pretending we had telekinesis. So I got my napkin and held it in my hand and thought 'bend like newspaper' and the corner farthest away from my hand folded twice in extremly sharp creases! And it couldn't have been my friend because we tried making the crease as sharp as the mysterious ones and it kept breaking no matter what!

If anyone has any idea of this please help and I can't call a medium or anything like that

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1_2_3_A_B_C (2 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-03)
Thanks guys! That really helped and I'm going to look deeper and try practicing telekinesis.
Am_I_Psychic_ (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-02)
The headaches could be a number of things. A possible explanation could be that the geomagnetic field in this house is unusually strong. While it may not affect most people, you could be more sensitive to these fields. It's not that uncommon. I would ask your friend who lives in the house if anyone else gets headaches, and perhaps also ask the parents the same question.
As far as your second instance, try doing the same thing again with your dad, except this time ask him if he can hear you, or why he is giving you confused looks with furrowed brows.
The smoke could have easily been coming through an open window, or perhaps someone outside smoking and the smoke made it's way into the house. While it's difficult to rule out something paranormal, it is more likely that you just smelled smoke for a moment, and then the smell went away. It was more than likely just coincidence that you stopped smelling it when you imagined the protective shield. Think about how long it may take for the smell of smoke to drift to your nose, and then continue to drift away from your nose. Probably close to the same time it would take for you to pray and imagine a protective shield.
As far as psychokinesis, continue to practice and see if you can affect objects more often. A classic way to practice is to use a spoon. Try to bend it!
Hope some of this helps.
bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-02)
The old house and things making you dizzy and then have headaches may be you developing psychometry. The second thing id put to either a strong will or psychopersuasion. The third thing was probably a psychometric experience, praying and imagining armor was good. As for the folding napkin, you may have developing telekinesis too
DarkLucyAndLightLily (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-01)
That's Cool... I Have No Idea What It Is Though...
But I Would Get Random Headaches Kn My Home And School...
Then Later It Would Dissaper...
It's weird But I Don't know if it's related to your Gift...
Anyways You might Be Allergict To Dust Or Its A Gift!

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