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Haunted House Occupied By A Spirit


A couple weeks ago my mother and I went looking at houses up for rent. We looked at this one house, and I just remember the distinct feeling of it having the feel of an old people's home. I even made mention of that to my mother. So we walked inside with the realtor and we started looking around. When I look at houses I like to branch off and look myself, for some reason I don't like to be part of a mass decision until I've seen for myself alone. I like to look around and seriously evaluate the place without having someone in my ear, "oh, do you like this about the house?" or "Ooh, I don't like that." As I was walking around, I could just internally feel that something was here with me, and I knew well enough that it wasn't my mother's nor the realtor's energies I was picking up on.

For those of you confused by what I mean when I say I "internally felt" that something was here, I mean when I pick up psychic energies, spirits, etc. My psychic mind translates the energies so that I literally sense them within my body as opposed to externalizing the energies, say for example, feeling a heaviness on my chest from the energy. My mother externalizes what she feels; we have the same ability, just different ways of reading the energy we receive through our ability.

So, with the knowledge that there's something here with me, I continue my walk through the house. I approach the garage, with the door tightly closed, so I go to open it. It stuck the first time I tried, so I kept trying and finally I got it to open. It's pitch black in there with only a barely luminous light shining down from some small window overhead. The light almost looks tinted, sort of like a light shining through a mural window would look like. Just imagine that. Creepy... I know.

As soon as I stepped foot, no wait, I didn't even step foot inside because for 1. It was dark, and for 2. I felt such a strong vibration in here and I did not like it. So I shut the door. A few seconds later my mother finds me and she says to me, "I think this place is haunted." I'm like, "You're telling me?!" Haha So then she starts telling me how she's been feeling this heaviness on her chest ever since she stepped foot into this house. Like I said before, she externalizes the energies she picks up on, whereas I internalize them.

So we turn around and much to our dismay we see this huge photograph as old as time itself in black and white of a family (solemn faces, not sad but solemn. I guess in olden times it wasn't uncommon to not look particularly sad at a funeral) gathered around two gravestones in a cemetery that each read "Mother" and "Father". It obviously wasn't factually known whether that had something to do at all with the entity (s) in the house, but my mother and I sure felt like it did.

Oh, side note**: The moment I started sensing another presence with me, I protected myself with the White Light, Love & Protection from God and The Universe. Just in case you ever find yourself at psychic risk, the chant I use goes as follows:

"I clear myself of all negative energies, vibrations and entities, and I fill myself with the light, love and protection from God and The Universe."

To cut a long story short, we got done looking at the house and went to go outside to our car. But as I turned around to look at the house one final time, I noticed that all the blinds were down. I remember them being down in the beginning, but the eerie thing is that one, JUST one of the shade things were creaked open, as if someone were peeking through and looking at us from the inside. And it DEFINITELY wasn't like that when we got here.

After leaving the house for good, we drove to a movie theater; we had plans to go see "The House at the End of The Street" after we looked at the house. But as we exit the car and start walking, my mother stops me abruptly and claims that she feels super super light-headed and like she's going to faint. She asked me if I felt like this, and I said no, but then I told her that I protected myself when I felt something watching me in the house. She did not. So I told her to breathe and expel it, and she did so and began to feel better after a bit.

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darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-06)
I do think people need to be careful about that. When I read about saul raising samuels ghost I'm like wait they say do not talk to familiar spirits. How come saul raised Samuels ghost if people think all ghost are evil spirits? This is the part I'm confused on.
allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-06)
I haven't seen those videos but i'll look into it.:)
The idea that all human ghosts that haunt are demons, is supported by most religions that acknowledge a God (or many).

The belief in ghosts is automatically linked to a belief in afterlife. It's impossible to hold a theory about ghosts, without linking it to a theory about afterlife, to what a spirit is, and where do spirits go...
If someone has a religious stance regarding afterlife, they can't at the same time believe that a ghost can permanently haunt. The belief that a human spirit gets trapped here, or has the willpower to disturb the living, goes against the belief that spirits are divine and return to the source, or enter the next world. Within a religious frame, only demons have the power and freedom to manifest here, because it's their "job" to cause spiritual fear, or lure us into false beliefs. Therefore all hauntings have no spiritual meaning or logic, and they can only be demonic apparitions. Holy spirits and ghosts of dead loved ones, can also manifest but they don't have the freedom that demons do. And those spirits sure don't haunt. If a person holds a Gnostic perspective, and goes by what has been written by religious experts, and believes in a God, he can't believe in hauntings, only demons. Those experts that "release" the "trapped" ghosts through the name of Jesus, or something, can't possibly believe in Jesus... The paradox is mindblowing.

If someone doesn't hold a particular religious opinion and takes everything concerning afterlife as a vague concept where all ideologies can fit, they are then open to the possibility that a ghost can haunt, that a spirit can become trapped, or vengeful. That an elemental can be mistaken for a ghost, etc. They can create their own theory basically.

There are no clear cut answers, you can believe whatever you choose. It's hard discussing these topics with objectivity. It's why if someone sees something, it's important to take their beliefs into account, otherwise our advice can't be applied. From my knowledge, most people that see apparitions (not dead loved ones, but ghosts of strangers) are people with some psychic skill. Those people are perfect demon targets, (because they accept manifestations and can become fooled) that's why I feel they need to be cautious when they see something.
darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-06)
Very off topic this youtube user thinkrival I think its his account thinks all ghost are demons and no dead can haunt. He got these from a haunting series or something. Even in some series in a haunting have evil spirits trapping good spirits human ghost.
allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-06)
When a demon shapeshifts as a ghost, it usually does it to cause fear or to bully the person into taking an action. Real ghosts (of humans) are not trying to scare us. The poltergeist is an aggressive type of ghost, but it's something else.

Demons don't appear at random to people. Only those that have progressed with their abilities somewhat receive demonic apparitions. "Demon" has different definitions but because we're talking about shape shifting, I used it here as a malicious spirit (non-human).
darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-05)
I think some ghost are demons in disguise. But mostly I think they are human spirits.
allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-05)
It's a little hard to tell. Ghosts are usually passive and rarely interact with us. Some ghosts are an image from the past and such "presences" do not interact at all, because they're like an old movie being projected. If the ghost is of someone you knew, then it wants to be seen & communicate with you, and it's likely a real ghost. Such spirits rarely feel scary, they might show up once and never again. If it's the ghost of someone who lived there before, then it's likely a ghost also.

The most common ghost sightings are of people we knew. Ghosts of strangers usually make their id known.

Anything that causes you harm (psychological or physical) interacts with you without your consent, or is odd for the specific place, has a high chance of being a demonic energy. Anything that has a vulnerable age, look or attitude is also likely demonic. Demons can usually be dispelled through calling God's power against them. It's a way to test them. But there are situations where this might not work.

Demons like all Spirits have intentions and do not act randomly. Part of detecting the nature of an entity is to determine what it wants and why it uses its methods to get it. So why would a demon show up? Why would a ghost show up? When somebody sees something it's not enough to ask what did you see? You have to take in account the person's psychology, if they have many sightings, what are their beliefs, where do they stand spiritually, what rituals they've performed (did they do the rituals properly), what is their lifestyle, their past, etc. If someone has consciously delved into learning about demons, magic, religion, anything of the sort, the chances are much higher they'll see a demon and not a ghost. There is always a logic behind the encounter.

If someone hasn't looked into those topics at all, the chances of a demon appearing are smaller. The more spiritual a person is, the higher the risk of demons disturbing them. But this also affects the location. So if rituals were practiced there before, or a highly spiritual person was present, demons might have access to the place even after those people moved. It's hard to summarize it in simplistic concepts, but you get the idea!:p Wardings against evil energy should keep demons out. It's a way to filter out energy that will cause harm either short-term or in the long run.

Counter to popular (cinematic) belief, the Spirits do not need much from the living. They need us on a spiritual way but not so much in a physical way. When they need something, the request is clear and detailed (it's not that hard for them to get their message through to someone who'll do it). So anything vague is a bit fishy.
darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-03)
Off topic How can you tell the difference from a ghost and demon? Yesterday I read on yahoo that some lady had a demon in her house it pretended to be a crying woman it even promised to help out when she said reveal yourself demon the demon said took you long enough or something like that.
FlowerofAutumn (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-06)
Wow, sounds like quite the experience. And I can relate. There have been times where I have become physically sick before due to a presence. I'm glad you asked for protection, because it feels as though whatever presence was in that house, didn't want you there. When you mentioned the "solemn" faces, I felt as though the family was feeling a bit resentful, I'm not sure because of the deaths, or because they felt this way towards the "mother" and "father" but the family seemed to me to be broken. Well, I'm glad you and your mother remained safe. It's also good to protect yourself before entering any place with historical significance, as every space has its story.
-Laikyn ❤

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