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How Do I Get Rid Of A Trickster?


On Monday night, I ended FaceTime with one of my friends because I was too uncomfortable. My house didn't feel safe. I called my mom and she called my uncle to come bless the house the next day. Then, I called one of my friends, who's extremely experienced, and she came over. She read my tarot and thought about it for awhile that night. My arms and back were hurting badly. Not like a bruise or something physical, I knew that.

A few weeks before, I was on Oovoo with two friends. I looked to my left to see a face of a man. His eyes were ice cold and looked like black pits. He has high-arched brown eyebrows and swept back hair. His cheekbones were high and hollow. I screamed as I looked left and the two people I were Facetiming starting laughing hysterically.

I told my friend of this. That same night.

I didn't sleep in my room because the pains got worse when I entered and it was freezing. Also, my room felt the most unsafe out of all the rooms. I slept on the couch that night (so did my friend.)

I woke up several times that night I tossed and turned in my sleep as well. When I woke up for good, my friend was also up. She said that the thing I saw was a trickster and that the pains were spiritual sickness. She said since I just accepted my abilities that I didn't have enough protection. I walked into my closet to get my shoes and I realized that it was even worse than my room. I told my friend of this and she said it found shelter in my closet. After about an hour, she left.

The next day, my uncle came and blessed the house. The house felt better but not like it used to before the trickster. I never want to go home. I'd rather be back in school than be home. It doesn't feel safe and we can't move.

How do I get rid of the Trickster?

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karrawr (1 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2013-08-30)
Tricksters are hard, because they're not necessarily "negative" in the sense they have any ill will towards you. They just want to cause mischief.

Here's a suggestion, it's what I tell everyone who is having problems with spirits:

Light a white candle (any white candle will do, scented or unscented). Open a window and ask, aloud, (and very politely) for any spirits present to please leave for now. Explain that you feel uncomfortable and the energy making you feel uncomfortable is no longer welcome. If you're religious, feel free to say a prayer, and then leave the candle burning for a little bit before snuffing it out (blowing it out is fine, too). This should cleanse your house or room. Also, try saging your closet area if you like sage.

Good luck! I've had a trickster living with me for years now, but he doesn't scare me like he used to. You may get used to him, but if he's as creepy as you say, he may need to be evicted.

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