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Unusual Lifetime Experiences. Do I Have Abilities?


Just came upon your site and thought I would see if anyone can provide help. I have experienced strange psychic phenomena all my life, starting in childhood. I "saw" my brother after he died, sat in the kitchen and looked up at the cabinets, then they all opened and slammed shut. Almost every house I have lived in has been haunted or I have experienced some strange things in each place. My mother has told me that when she was my age, she had some type of psychic ability. She could always tell when a loved one was in danger or something out of the ordinary was happening to them. She awoke one night and knew something was wrong with her aunt. She learned the next morning, this aunt had died. These feelings got so bad for her that she sought a psychiatrist who told her to shut off these perceptions by telling herself no. She now has no psychic experiences and feels that seeing the psychiatrist was why. I have had many ghost experiences... Such as "feeling" a physical presence in the car before finding out my dad had died. When my children's father died, before I knew he had passed, I had been giving the kids a bath and felt a "wind" come in from the door and sweep through my back. I always felt like both experiences were from the dead to say goodbye as they moved into the other life. Lately, I've seen many mediums on tv shows and wonder what kind of ability I may have. No spirit seems to try to communicate with me that I know of. But, I never tried going into a room and trying to pick up psychic markings or anything. I wonder if I could do that or if it's just wishful thinking!? Anyway, I have been wanting to learn to meditate and clear my mind for personal reasons. What is the easiest and best way to begin? My kids are 5, 8, and 14 so, I have very little quiet time. Does anyone have any ideas?

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allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-20)
Hi there. I just want to add that the experiences you had are called after death encounters. They are usually visitations from dead loved ones. You are a very perceptive person so trust your instincts and go where your heart takes you.

There is no wishful thinking where developing your abilities is concerned. Life is never random. The fact that your mother had those experiences, opened your mind to the reality of spiritual communications. Your own experiences added to that awareness. By sharing them here, you're helping others see this reality. You are part of a whole and the whole is a part of you, so of course you can tap into it: it's already inside you.

Meditation can be as short as 5 minutes a day, if that's all you have. The point is to create a ritual that is comfortable to you, in a relaxing environment, and that takes your mind completely away from your regular daily activities. You can imagine a light surrounding you and healing all your negative feelings. You can also simply lie down and burn candles or an essence you like. You can pray. You can mentally talk to the Spirits that rule the world of Light (or to God directly), and tell everything you wish to develop, explain why, as if you're talking to your most trusted friend and ask for guidance. Be patient. Any of these techniques can work, depends what works for you. If you abide to a belief system, it's better to have a ritual that respects it so your mind will work in sync with it. Using rituals from a different belief can create unnecessary confusion in your mind and a storm of questions.

Given your situation, because you're limited on time, instead of meditating you can simply read books on the topic of encounters, mediums, clairvoyance, chakras etc. The simple act of reading will enrich your perspective, and can remove blockages you have but are unaware of.

Rare people were born exceptionally gifted. The rest had to learn and be patient. Encounters happen depending on your own capacity to handle them. You have protectors around you that know your limits. As you show your will to learn and experience, the communication will slowly be allowed to happen. Be persistent. If you really want this, insist in your heart. Guidance will arrive. You sound really sweet and I hope you'll receive the blessings you wish for. Have a wonderful day & Good Luck! ❤
ShineBrightly (3 stories) (12 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-20)
It seems that you have had many "weird" experiences relating to death and spirits and such. You may very well be an unrecognized medium. I have had some strange experiences with spirits and entities myself. I also sense them in different ways when they are near and they sense me too. It's definitely a weird thing but I think society had turned it into something weirder than what it is. Many people are afraid of spirits but it is because we do not try to understand them. I think you should definitely start meditating because I feel it is an important first step into developing yourself further spiritually. If you find that you are a medium then I say embrace it because you were meant to be one. You are connected to it for a reason, you just have to find that reason through experience and learning. Another thing I feel I should mention is that in life, certain things and experiences and personal thoughts line up and lead to something important in one's life. You have been thinking about this part of your life a lot right, and then you were watching the mediums on the media, which all lead you to writing this article to hopefully find answers, plus I'm sure there have been other things happening that you didn't explain that is related to this specific topic, right? Then after all that I came along and made all of these points and suggestions to help guide you into finding this part of yourself. My point is that if it seems like these things are lining up then that's all the more reason you should go with it and work to find the answers yourself, as it is most likely a very important part of your life in this lifetime. It's actually pretty likely that you have more abilities than just sensing spirit energy.
I would also like to say that you and I are similar in the way that we have natural abilities we don't fully understand yet and also that we have mothers who shut off their own natural abilities. When I think about that aspect of my mother and how she is today it makes me want to explore these abilities even more because I believe we should embrace them, not shut them out. You have them because they are meant to be a "thing" in your life. If you reject them then you are rejecting yourself and that puts you on the wrong path, not your life path. Hope this helps you find your way:) feel free to message me if you have any other questions down the line. I love helping people:)

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