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just recently, I have done some short google searches to try and find ways to hone in on what I believe to be a gift I have had for a long time, but it just now at age 22, being really brought to the surface.

For my whole life I would say I could pick up on what people where feeling. Not by obvious signs, or confusion with my own feelings. (what I think most people experience. "OH NO! I have SOOOO many feels and it's just so intense, I must be picking up everyone's feelings..." NO!)

I somehow would just know what the person is feeling, without really realizing it I think. Thinking back I have always been the type to analyze people because I felt like somehow I just KNEW what was going through their minds... Before, I just assumed it was because I had been through so much. That I could pretty much figure someone out based off my own feelings and experiences.

Well, just recently. I got a really bad infection in the cartilage of my rib-cage. (really painfull, it's been over two months and there is still pain/inflammation. Although, the infection is taken care of.)

My mother recommended that I go to see this lady who does acupuncture.

If you know me at all you would know, I am VERY skeptical of these kinds of things!

But, she insisted this woman healed a chronic shoulder pain she had been having for months, in just 3 sessions. And also, offered to pay for my sessions. So, I figured, it can't hurt right?

So, every session there would be probably somewhere around 10 needles right dead center in my chest.

Recently, I have noticed the emotions that come in aren't really like hunches or some kind of crazy coincidence.

But it's like I can hear it, and unlike what most people seem to say. It's the positive emotions I pick up on the most.

One night, I suddenly felt just overwhelmingly good and kind hearted. I started calling old friends and people I have not talked to in years... And told them how in some small way, made an impact on my life and I was straight up telling these people I LOVED THEM! Not a normal thing for me to be doing!

Also, recently, I have noticed A LOT of attention from the women. Now being age 22, this is kind of expected. But I have been taken for 5 years. And most of the women I know, realize there is no way I would leave the love of my life for any of them.

But regardless, I have had 5 women in the last 2 months straight forward either confess their undying love/lust over me. And many others just being a lot more friendly than others. (and I can sort of hear their affection for me.)

All of these positive emotions make me feel really great, the negative ones it's more like I just hear them whisper into my ear. And then I know what's going on with them. Not just "depression" or "fear" or whatever else... But much more detailed.

People also seem to just open up to me like nothing, people I barely know. Just open up about really deep down, even dark and very personal information.

I also feel a really strong connection to all these people.

And now here is a curve ball, my dad (age 56) is a very gifted psychic. He has been developing his multiple talents for over 30 years!

He does energy work, astral projection. I would even go as far to say mind reading! I have always been skeptical of my dad and his stories. But there have been a few occasions where he had me astonished at what he knew about what I was doing and how he knew it.

With this in mind, he thinks without a doubt that the acupuncture opened my heart center, to an even greater degree than it already was, and in combination with 22 years around my own father's energies has helped me develop this gift. But, here comes another curve ball.

I have been having VERY vivid dreams lately! Like who entire experiences in worlds that are CLEARLY not normal, but I when I am there. It's like I know the places very well and sometimes, I don't get a good feeling about these places. And it seems like some of the people I know. (family and friends) are just not acting like themselves and "empathically" don't "feel" the same


ALL OF THIS SINCE THE END OF DECEMBER! I am not even quite sure how to take it all in. But I almost feel powerful. Like all these people gathering to me, and how much I can know about them based off of feelings is just blowing me away. If anything, I don't think I would have problems with my emotions running away from me and getting out of control. But rather, develop some kind of a God-complex because I just feel so out of control powerful, and influencing over people.

Now, I am not the type of person to take advantage of anyone. But I guess that's my way of "painting a picture with words". I am pretty grounded and don't think that is likely for me.

But, I have seen other people read books about astral projection or energy work. And then short months later, hear them talking about how they are jesus and have some sort of crazy agenda to save people. I can think of 2 different people myself.

Does anyone share any of this craziness with me?

Or is this website just full of pubescent teenage girls with an over-active imagination.

I am sorry to say, but if all you have is "a lot of feelings". Well, I don't think you have a gift. You are just unstable and have an overactive imagination.

Same goes for the people who find themselves feeling "suddenly upset" when someone else feels the same.


That is also, VERY common! And again, not a gift. Just human nature. If I storm into a room having a bad day feeling pissed off, I can tell you I will not be the only one. Same goes for any other kind of emotion. It just depends on the individual with the most presence that day.

Of course, that's just my opinion. You could, I guess have a "gift" of some kind. I think all people are psychic on some level. But if everyone has what you have. It's just human nature, still.

So concludes the final chapter of my novel, I don't know if there is any connection. But also in recent time. I find myself with my thoughts racing at paces I thought where not possible before, all just profound thoughts about life and humanity. And sometimes, it makes it impossible for me to fall asleep, for example right now. It is 8:34 AM and I have not fallen asleep in over 24 hours. I usually wake up at six AM.

Anyone out there?

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Thulsa (1 stories) (34 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-28)
Sorry I kind of ran that post together. I was trying to save space on the page.
Thulsa (1 stories) (34 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-28)
Hi shadowmooney, I understand what you are poking at. Be careful with your new found experiences and gifts. Yes there are a lot of feely people out there who are young and full of drama and imagination. That is why we all have to guide each other and try to bring some compassion into what we write to help them along. We can't tell people how they are supposed to experience things, because everyone is unique in their own way. We can however suggest helpful ways of improving and growing. I am in my late fourties and have experienced and seen a lot of weird and wonderful stuff. I have also had to be very blunt at times to get my point across to some people who just don't get tact. I have had to learn how to communicate with people better and am still learning. It is difficult sometimes to figure out how to talk to people in a way that we can relate well. I have an extremely high IQ and do not function well in society and very often am mistakenly thought to be arrogant or a know it all. I try to squelch that as much as possible and sometimes it is just the fact that I know what someone is going to say or how they feel before they know themselves. Some of this is from intuition some from intelligent deduction some from universal knowledge and some from empathic abilities. The trap is becoming to sure of yourself and your abilities and how you approach other people. If you hit the mark over and over again it can morph into a kind of power trip or even God complex. So there needs to be a constant struggle for humility and patience in dealing with people. Also as everyone knows confidence can be very appealing to many people especially young women. So enjoy your life and use temperance in your dealings and attitude. Even if you are right most of the time people don't want to here about, just ask my relatives. I have tried to save them from themselves more than once, but bad things are going to happen anyway. If you tell a person don't touch that it's hot and you will get burnt, and they do it anyway well_____. You get where I'm going with this. They got hurt but somehow your the bad guy, and yet you say I TOLD YOU SO. That statement won't win you any popularity contest even though you were right, and you tried to save them from harm. You are going to have to grow thick skin yet be soft in how you deal with people. If you are an empath you will have an advantage over people, but you must not use it for gain. That would be unethical. I have never tried to manipulate or force people to do my will, or profit from there emotions or decisions. Karma will kick you square in the backside one day. I hope this can help you a little if not post with more details and concerns, and I am sure someone can help. This is a big world and we are stronger and smarter together.

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