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This Ain't The Haunting Of Connecticut


Good title, nay? But that's not really what I'm here to talk about. No, I'm not here to talk about a movie. I'm here to talk about life, specifaclly my life pertaining to a 'haunting'. So, in a roundabout un-specific way I kind of am talking about the 'Haunting of Connecticut'. That's neither here nor there though so I'll begin now.

I'm an Empath. Long story short: I lost my ability and got it back two weeks ago. I've gotten used to it by now and feel confident in my slightly different version of Empathy from how it 'worked' before. (If you want to explain how your Empathic ability 'works' please do share, I haven't heard of it described in the way it happens with me)

But this isn't really about my Empathic abilities, instead this is about a ghost-man. A ghost-man with stalking qualities.

It all started with my mother, or maybe my great-grandmother? I can't remember with which generation he started following us around (the women of my family) but that doesn't matter at the moment.

This ghost-man. Here's the thing. I don't think he's a 'ghost'. I've seen ghosts before, or 'spirits' if that's what you'd prefer. I've seen them, I've felt them, I've never conversed with them and I sure as heck haven't felt their warm breath breathing down my neck.

Have you?

The spirits I have experience seeing and whatever else were never solid. They never BREATHED. Because their. Spirits. Generally spirit means a dead soul or something along those lines right? Key word being 'dead', as in non-living, as in no-longer-having-the-necessity-of-breath.

I'll tell you the whole story now.

Six months ago I had done all the normal things I usually did, go to school, come home. But, that's when it started, when I came home.

I had felt like I was being watched, I didn't really think anything of it. All I felt was a little shadow nudging at my shield (Empathic shield). I was sleeping in my bed like normal when I heard footstep walking up the stairs. Mind you the rest of my family is down stairs watching TV and my mom can sense spirits. So therefore I don't think it was a ghost. Anyway, I was aware of it coming and I knew it was coming for some reason.

It always has a reason has a reason for 'visiting' us, why? I wouldn't know. I haven't really checked on ghost-man's schedule in his daily planner.

I felt it, I closed my eyes and I could see it. I don't know how I could see it clearly in my mind when it was just a black blob-ish kind of thing lazily surrounding and suffocating my shield. I was petrified. I felt like I had literally turned to stone and couldn't move, I wanted to move, but I couldn't.

It walked on the floor, and the floor creaked under its weight, or I could have imagined it but I'm not playing the 'what if' game.

I was shaking under my blanket my back was turned to it and I wanted to pull the blanket over my head, but I couldn't. It stood right above me I felt it's shadow (don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about feeling it's shadow). It leaned down and I felt its harsh breath in my ear (and I'm actually tearing up at the thought of it right now, and I'm getting the eerie feeling that I'm being watched at the moment of 3:05 am while my family sleeps soundly upstairs) and I could move again as I felt its breath and heard it's labored breathing.

I screamed for my mother so loud, I screamed it three times.


I started crying, I didn't think she would come. The thing was still in there with me; it had pulled back and was still watching me. I could feel its eyes staring into the back of my head as if I was staring it straight in the eye (once again, don't act like you don't know). IT WOULDN'T LEAVE! I screamed in my head. My mom finally got into the room, surprised and alarmed.

I don't just cry for the heck of it.

I've seen horribly scary normally nightmare inducing scary movies and never had a nightmare that reduced me to crying hysterically for my mother.

She sat on the bed trying to pull the blanket away but it was tight in my grasp. It was still there. Finally after a few minutes (I was still crying) it left, walking out of the room, almost as if it was swaggering but never made it to the stairs. It simply disappeared. I knew this when I felt the black blob of darkness stopped suffocating my shields.

I've had horrible migraines ever since. Plus my ability disappeared shortly after this.

I remember through my hysterical haze blabbing nonsense to my worried mom "It was here! It was here! I felt it! He breathed on me mom! He was so close!" My mom eventually soothed me, I think she even offered for me to sleep in her room, but I turned it down.

It was gone.

It had come for what it had wanted. And I still don't know what it had wanted. Does anybody have any ideas? What it was would be even better and probably lead to the answer of my first question. Please answer. But until you do I'll read more and research all the while ignoring the eerie feeling of being watched.

I wrote the above article four nights ago. Mind you I have been ignoring what happened for six months, since it happened. After I wrote it I went back upstairs and climbed into bed and went to sleep. My shields were still up even though I've had no need for them the last couple of months. Then out of nowhere a resounding 'bang!' went through my head. It was so loud I had to take a few shaky breaths before even attempting to get up and walk downstairs. I was breathing like I had just ran a marathon from my shock and I stumbled down the stairs. My mom asked what was wrong and I told her I heard a sound like somebody kicking the screen door really hard and asked if she had heard anything.

She said no and told me it was probably a bird hitting my window. I nodded like this was sage advice and went upstairs, I was less shaky and decided it would be good to write down what had happened and did. Immediately after that I took down my shields. And I went to sleep. And I dreamed.

I woke up not long after with this dream fresh in my mind. I drew the picture of the man and labeled it 'Him'. Then I drew a playground situated on a beach with a lake behind it and the man standing by the playground and labeled it 'A Place to Wait for Destiny'. My subconscious very well could have made all this up, I'm a very imaginative individual but somehow. I don't think so.

Does anybody have any clue of what this thing was?

The last incident was last month in January when I recorded both incidents (The first incident happening seven months ago now), I'm posting it now since there haven't been anymore 'incidents'.

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Icedre (2 stories) (10 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-03)
In the dreams he always has a hat, its black. He wares a long black coat with a loose white shirt. The coat or cape is buttoned at the neck with a gold botton almost a medallion looking thing. I can never see his face though. He has dark inky bluish black hair. When I look back at the dream and watch it, his hat isn't on his head but instead on the sand in front of the swings at the playground. I can hear the lake in the background. There arent any scorch marks on my body in the dream.

If its a demon then what kind of demon do you think it is? And I a hundred percent agree that if he comes again I can't show any fear.

Thinking back on that night, it almost seems as if it were playing with me, like a lion with its prey. That I was foolish... And he was dissappinted. But when he breathed on me... Still it sends shivers down my back because I have never sensed something with such strong emotions of almost hate... But I can't say that it was hate but more like reeeeeaaaallly strong and intense badness. Naw, it was probably something close to hate.
barry2962 (2 stories) (104 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-01)
I agree with shapeshifter78 for the most part, except for the demon part. I do believe there are good and bad spirits... Just like there are good and bad people. Your fear does feed it and make it stronger, and I feel it is feeding on your energy. Try thinking of it this way... Everything is energy... Including us... This spirit that is scaring you is part of this same energy. That makes it part of you. Would you hurt yourself? This being the fact... See it as a part of you and send it love and peace. Love will always outshine Fear. This has worked for me several times, and I know it will work for you:)
shapeshifter78 (2 stories) (169 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-29)
Either a evil spirit or demon. For you to know, spirits can affect you in the physical world and even touch or "breathe" on you if they feel like it. Usually only malicious or prankster spirits will do this because why would a nice spirit want to accidentally freak you out like that? I even know that my stepmom always talks about her grandfathers house that if your body parts are not covered that you will feel hands touching it. This is not suprising since they found out that the area where their house was might have been once a cementary and it was built on top of it.

It came to make you afraid and you have to fight it if it comes back. Be aggressive and DO NOT FREEZE UP OR SHOW FEAR. That just shows that you are the weak one. Tell it that you will rip it into peices and protect yourself if it gets close. Drive it away and tell it to never come back. Blast it away with hurtful energy. These things will just keep following you and get strength off your fear unless you do something about it.

Awakening_In_Crimson (guest)
10 years ago (2012-02-29)
I think it literally consumed some of your psychic energy. Sounds malicious, and if it freaked you that badly, generally your first impression are not wrong.
As for getting it back, try cleansing your chakras and your aura, stuff that is literally found by google and look for spiritual healing by your primary healing spirit guide or angels. They are all good techniques to try and build back up from this attacks or whatever... But in a dream do me a favor. Look back on that experience... Go into a room of your mind and watch like a movie... Do you see scorch marks on your body? Can you make out anything, like a weapon of a hat

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