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I Want To Develop My Intuition, And Other Ability


I'm 17 this year. I started having deja vu at the age of 10. I had deja vu for just a week (Everything came true) and then it stopped. After that, I started to have "feelings".

At first, those "feelings" of mine wasn't as strong as now. It might just be something related to myself. Other than that, I can't feel much. However, those feelings of mine grew each year. I started feeling for my families and my best friends and pets. I feel as if something will happen to them. Or something happened to them when they were not around me.

First story, my mother's car accident. I was 11 back then.

That night, I remember clearly that my mother went out with her friends late night. It was only 11P.M. Suddenly, I felt something is not right. (My mom usually comes home at about 2-3A.M. If she goes out with friends.) It's not that I'm worried that she's late home. It's just that I felt that she might be in danger. I waited until 1 am. I thought I am just over thinking. I went to bed. The next morning, I saw her injured. She got into a car accident.

Second story, whenever I buy something for later (as in a few weeks time to use), I got to use them the next day.

That day, I felt like buying a coat, boots, and gloves to prepare for winter. The next day, all of a sudden, it is snowing. I got to use the things I bought immediately.

3rd story, sometimes I bring something unnecessary

Yes, I bring things that is not necessary for that particular day. I just felt that I should bring it. And it seems like I really need them. For example, I brought a band-aid with me all of a sudden. Then I got cut by glass at the beach. I don't usually carry those around.

4th story, my grandpa passed away. I'm 16 years old that time.

That day, I suddenly thought of my mother. (I live with my siblings cause of studying abroad in Canada and my parents live in msia). Then, I thought maybe something happens to my mother. But I felt it is related to my mom but not entirely about her Grandpa? The next day, my mom phoned us and told us that my grandpa passed away.

5th story, not long after my grandpa passed away, my bro got ran over by a car.

My older brother always inform us if he is going out the next day. However, he didn't inform us about it that day. I went to school, feeling worried. Thought about my brother. As if something might happen to him. Then I cast away my thoughts again thinking I am just over worrying, because my bro didn't said he will be going out that day. After school, when I was walking home, I saw a police car outside the school. (my house is 3 minutes away from school and my bro got ran over nearby my school. By the time school ends, he is already in the hospital so I couldn't see him.) I felt weird, but I thought I'm just over worrying. Got home, went to my bro's room. He's not there. I went and wash my hand, worried. Suddenly a phone call came to my sister. Sister walked to the washroom and look at me anxiously."Oh great, she's going to tell me he is in the hospital, ran over by a car, alright, cool down." I thought. And BINGO. She really said that my brother got into the hospital after getting ran over by a car.

6th story, I am able to know someone's personality once I see them.

For all I know, I am careful in choosing friends. When I see someone, I am able to tell what type of person they are. I am always right about it. However, when I'm 13, I changed to a new school and my instinct told me that I don't like a particular girl. I thought to myself that maybe I'm wrong. So I befriended her. We became best friend. I treated her like a sister. However, one day, she betrayed me. She went around gossiping my secrets, my worries, and even backstabbed me. I don't usually talk to boys, since I'm a shy girl. The boys don't know me well so they believed what she said. The boys and that girl bullied me for a year. After that, the next year, the boys found something wrong, I'm not like the type of person she said. They started to stop bullying me, but they didn't apologize. They kind of started to respect me. When they see me, they give me a slight nod as if showing a little respect and sometimes they talked to me a little, trying to joke around. So yeah. Since then, I thought to myself I gotta belief in my own instinct. Not believing it will only hurt me.

7th story, I am able to know what the person want to say.

It's like I'm a part of that person. This happens to me a lot of time even though I'm meeting different people. As if I know their thoughts and what they will say later. I was surprised when I first found out about it. In addition, I can also feel someone's emotion when they come into the room. No, I can't the aura. But the feeling of those people make me able to use my mind eye to see them. If you know what I mean.? Something make me able to understand them perfectly without even asking as if I'm reading a book that doesn't even have words. But I still can read them. Something like that.

8th story, I always win lucky draw.

I always win the top prize when I choose my own lucky draw. I use my instinct to choose them. I even got 100% off voucher in Chapters by lucky draw.

Another story. When I was young, I remember clearly I could make a pencil move just by staring at it. But I kind of lost that ability now. I just discovered I also control the wind and water. However, it is only a little such as direction. I also am able to float. Yes. But I was only able to do it twice. I felt really light all of a sudden and kind of float a little above the ground. I can feel it but I can't see it since I only float A LITTLE. How I wish I could float higher, lol. If there's a third time, I want to float higher.><

Yup, that's my ability. I don't know what you call them since I don't know the name. However, if possible, I would like to develop them properly. I want to improve them so that I can at least prevent something from happening to the people around me before they are harmed. I'm glad I found this website where many people here are like me. I was about to cry thinking that I'm a monster for having such abilities while searching in google. (I thought I was alone and if found, might be experimented.LOL) Since they said it's not proven. But I felt better after finding out this site.:)

Do give me guidance on how to develop my abilities:)

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amygracekim (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-05)
I could say that you might have psychic abilities, telepathy, you can read minds, and etc... If you do train them, you might as well beat the first record in history to have those powers. Although, according philosophy and the minds of other people, we are quite different from one another, the way the brain functions matters to our human health. For instance, if we think of something, our brain is like a signal brainwave to the earth, whatever our brain targets to, it will be linked on behalf of how well the brain functions. Sometimes in the center of the earth there's a longitude and latitude lines of the equator of the earth; the radiation of that makes the brain hallucinate and make the brain do all sorts of crazy stuff. I hope this really helps you. All I have to really say is, try your best into practicing what God gave you.:)
AustinT (1 stories) (10 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-04)
well I'm only 13 my self lol and need help with my abilities please help. Email is austinzmac23 [at] thx 😆
Awakening_In_Crimson (guest)
10 years ago (2012-02-29)
hnn... For your instincts, I get those too... I'm 13 right now... Just about introduced to this new world. I remember being able to see the cords that connected people and auras... But ignored it so now I only see thick white lines.
Seriously, you have good instincts. Precognition or something like that. Pretty undeveloped but you can get there:) I can sense someone's powers and dark energy. I developed my abilities myself through google and my loving friend.
To develop my preognition, I use the rose meditation and moring meditation. For the rose one I see a beautiful rose and imagine I'm sitting in a circle with random people from my life. Sometimes classmates I barely know. Just let my mind put the people there. Then I pass around the rose and watch what happens. It turns different colors, wilts, closes, blossoms, and you interpret what happens with the person's personality.
The morning one is I sit (this has to be in the morning) in my bed when I get up, relax, meditate/pray for a bit, then just leave my mind blank and open. Then I mentally ask to be shown what is going to happen to me today. Sometimes you get literal clips or pics representing what you're doing, i.e. A large stack of papers can mean lots of homework and projects at school. Remember to be open about this, you will learn a lot more from experience than reading online. Good luck!:)

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