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How To Get Everything You Want When You Want It


Chapter 2

How to get everything you want using real E.S.P.

My wife, Dee Dee has a special perspective being right next to me and watching one dream after another of mine come true. One day it all solidified in her mind and she realized something intriguing: I got, everything I wanted when I wanted it.

After being married to me for thirty years my sweetheart walked up to me and asked me the question she had been thinking about. "How come you get everything you want when you want it?"

So being wise, 'sometimes', I did not answer her question. I did not tell her I used the secrets in the book

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Instead, I asked her another question in return. "I asked her what do you want sweetheart?"

She said, "I don't know." She asked, "How can I know what I want?" I said, "Imagine I have a real magic wand crackling with real magical energy and I can just wave it and make any dream or goal you want to come true." She said, "OK". I said, "Write down several things you really want on a piece of paper."

She returned a few minutes later with a list of several things. I read it and said, "Now put numbers beside each item according to their importance to you." She left and came back with them listed in the order of importance to her. I read the most important one and said; now list every exact detail you want for this most important item.

A few minutes later she came back with a detailed list of everything she wanted for this one thing. I read it and said ok.

Her description of what she wanted was this.

I want a job a few blocks from our home; we lived in a residential area, so fairly unlikely. Next, she wrote that she wanted more money than she had ever made before, challenging. Next, she wrote that she wanted a job in bookkeeping which she had one class in High School and no work experience; that is impossible. She wanted to have her own private office which she had never had that, maybe, but not the norm. She wanted to be in an office with no other women. Usually, everywhere she worked was full of women and just a few men.

I did not contact anyone in any way about these things she wanted. At the end of the week, she got a call from an old employer, Jeff. Jeff said his new boss, Bob, needed key man insurance. My wife was an insurance agent so Jeff wanted her to write up the application for the policy of his boss. We went to Bob's, a new office and my wife finished writing up his application.

We were standing outside of his new office a few blocks from our home. Bob said to Jeff, "Our bookkeeper has decided not to come with us to this new location. Wish I knew where we could find someone to take her place." I smiled and looked into my wife's eyes and she looked back into my eyes.

I could personally feel the real magic (E.S.P.) starting to resonate like it always does when I get what I want.

I said, "My wife might be interested in this position." Her ex-boss, Jeff immediately said to Bob, "She is fantastic and can handle this bookkeeping with ease!" My wife added, "It is only a couple of blocks from my home so it would be perfect for traveling."

She asked, "Where would I work?" He showed her the private office which would be the first private office she ever had. My wife asked, "What kind of staff would I be working with?" He said, "We are all men here, you would be the only woman."

My wife asked, "What kind of salary would you be starting the person at?" It was the highest salary she would have ever had. He said, "Can you start after giving notice where you are currently working?" My wife looked at me with sparkling eyes, and then said, "Yes that will be fine."

Now, remember what I told you. I contacted no one in any way. I did not write or talk to anyone about her grand detailed dream. How did I do it? I promise you, I used the sixth sense also known as Extra Sensory Perception (E.S.P.).

Go to chapter 14 How to get ten million dollars if you want to immediately see how to develop your sixth sense. This will let you get what you want by using the sixth sense and explains in detail how the sixth sense works.

For many years I have been blessed with the fantastic real magic gift of personal power to get what I want when I want it on my terms. I have shied away from sharing this with others because I just felt from past experience that it would be a waste of my time to share this wonderful reality.

In chapter four I will share some of these past experiences and it will become clearer why I had some hesitancy to share these facts. See, Chapter Four: How to get a "free" $420,000 education using a magic trick.

We now live in very magical times. People are seeing wonders happening all around them. So perhaps now is the time to share "the truth once" with you.

By the way, many years later, my wife said she wanted to have her own business in her home. This time because of many magical experiences of getting what she wanted over and over again; she said to me, "Work your voodoo!" She has been working in her own business now for many years.

We are now both officially retired and are taking it easy enjoying our 24 grandchildren.

So what do you do when you get what you want, when you want it, on your terms? As my third mentor, Ken who retired when he was a young man said, "I help others get their dreams."

Ergo this book, I hope this book inspires you to take a few small actions so you too can have your grandest dreams with absolute dependability. And so, I am now sharing how I got to this place of living the good life of fantastic health, wealth and happiness.

Not to brag, but just to help you understand where this book can take you; here are a few results I have personally experienced because of the sixth sense.

I was a local and regional celebrity and I was asked to become a national celebrity.

Just to put things in perspective and give you an idea of the level we were living at. Our phone bill in today's money was about $5,000.00 per month.

I was making as much in one month as many today make in a year.

The last time I checked with my insurance agent to do one show it would cost me three thousand dollars for the million dollar insurance binder that is required for my one performance.

As my mentor, Duke said, "I am going to teach you how to live the good life."

He didn't mention that it would be a very expensive life.

And now I will take you step by step revealing how you can have what you want, when you want it, on your terms.

Here's something for you think about. The first law of Real Magic is:

People would rather believe a lie told to them a thousand times, then the truth told to them once. This comes from the book Real Magic.

The lie told to you thousands and thousands of times is: "There is no such thing as magic". Who has perpetuated this lie for thousands of years: who else, the real magicians, the ones who use real magic every day in their own lives to get everything they want, when they want it, on their terms.

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emmy007 (23 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-20)
Hello Magus120, your story is quite fascinating. I believe you have mastered the art of using the sixth sense to your advantage. I can't get my hands on the books you mentioned but I sure need your help at the moment. Please feel free to send me a message at emmarexx3 [at]

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