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I Don't Want To See Them Anymore, I'm Scared


A while ago I posted about seeing hooded figures with no faces but it seems recently it's been getting to be more than that. I've been seeing more and more odd things lately and remembering some odd occurrences from my past upon visiting my childhood home. In my old home I used to see many things from the hooded figure, to a small boy with black eyes, a man my brother and I called Mr.suit, and something very dark that I never actually saw but felt constantly. Since I was very young I never paid much mind to these people I was seeing, I just thought everyone saw them and since my parents often humored my talking about my "friends" I thought they were just as normal as everyone else.

The only other person who saw at least one of these people was my little brother who saw Mr. Suit who we called because he always was wearing a suit and he told us that he was a suit, which we never really understood what that meant but he was very nice to us and he warned us about whatever was in the basement a lot. I have no idea what it was or is but it would watch you and just make you feel so unsafe, like it wanted you to know it didn't want you there. At one point when I was playing with my brother in our basement bar the collection of shot glasses fell though we were doing nothing but playing cards and the glass badly injured my feet and we both heard a very low chuckle, since then I refused to be alone in the basement if I ever did go down there and I always insisted the basement door stayed shut.

The little boy was someone I often used to talk to when I was younger, he was very boney and ill looking, his skin was tan and covered in what looked like dirt and he never liked when I played with my brothers and would always convince me to hurt them or fight them. I can't remember very much about him but he scared me, he had sharp teeth and his eyes held no light, it was because I listened to him that I always got into trouble and the day I told on him, he attacked me and I had huge scratched on my leg that my mom just blamed on our dog at the time.

My brother was always scared of the bathroom, he said he saw a woman hanging in the shower but I never saw her, nor did I see the eyes that he said would watch him at night through his window.

Regardless I have been seeing more and more things like this around my home to the point where they're not trying to hide anymore. I was fine up until a month ago when I suddenly froze looking in a mirror and saw my face rotten and twisted and my eyes all white and dead, the hooded figure was behind me, that was the first time I saw him during the day. I don't know what to do, I've been getting touched and had things thrown at me, the only comfort I have is that I know my aunt is watching over me and that I've seen Mr. Suit again who smiled at me as if to tell me I would be okay but I'm scared. I barely go into my room anymore unless someone sleeps with me and I have lights on. I don't have money to get help, I'm not sure what to do.

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Joni-luv (2 stories) (39 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-15)
Hi, I agree much with Malou's reply to you. One thing I know now is if all our action are loving there is no need for protection... Does that resonate with you? It is the truth... In all you do, tell the truth, and be love at all times. In perfect love, there is no fear... Love others unconditionally, but keep from disturbing situations if need be... At all times pray for others out loud, acknowledging that no one is perfect, but verbally express to lift up any concerns for one's higher good, every every time, use the words higher good, because the universe can work with that for what best suits the situation. To be of any less is all not the best of any situation... No matter how much someone pisses us off, etc... It does not one any good to come from a lesser intent.

For you, The images that you see as spiritual images are to go away entirely, the only experiences you are to have on a spiritual basis are for your higher good, things that help you in your life so that you may help yourself and others, no harm to none, through love we say ❤ ❤

Be well in all the energies raising them to a higher vibration of unconditional love, as you would want someone to do the same for you.

Peace to our world,
MaLou (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-23)
Have you tried meditating or something, it looks like your 'Brow Chakra' or your 'Third Eye Chakra' has been opened.

As you said that you've been seeing things especially this Mr. Suit of yours and you are dealing with these scary restless souls.

Based on my research, once you've opened your Brow Chakra or if it has been opened, one thing you need to do is to put God into your heart and think of HIM as a white circle bright light and focus on expanding and expanding it until the circle-bright white light with 'Positive' Energy and high vibration is covering your whole body.

Surround your self with positive energies such as Nature and Happy people possessing high vibrations and do not be with someone who has a negative energy for the reason why you see this restless souls are that you are surrounded with negative energies or worst you are thinking negative things which leads to negative Auras such as fear,anxiety,depression and other negative auras. Open up and and think only what you desire most and it will give you positive and high vibrations.

You have angels with you and the Spirit guides too, try calling them and ask for protection from any evil spirits, try calling God's Angels and Archangel Michael- He Fights off demons and evil spirits with his Shining sword and once you feel a very high, warm vibrations on your body like passing through your Physical body or like hugging to you'll feel it because of the parts that are highly vibrating (trust me, I've tried it when I was feeling negative energy in the air and I called them and ask for Protection away from evil spirits) then that means they've heard your calling and is there to protect you from the Lower Dimension beings such as the creepy restless souls who are attracted from your negative energy.

Remember, once you've called these Higher Dimension beings-Angels,Archangels and the Guides you also have to think or put in mind positive thoughts, once you've planted positive thoughts on your mind it'll strengthen your vibrations and the white shining ball surrounding you and once you've done this evil spirits that were attracted to your negative energy will leave for the light that is surrounding you will burn them because for them it's very warm and they can't get through you anymore.

Once you've done this also, of course with practice, you won't be seeing beings from the Lower Dimension and your Brow Visions (Third Eye Visions) will level up and you will be able to see different Dimensions, much nicer than the Lower Dimension.

But remember, if you shut off your Brow Chakra, you won't be seeing things like these anymore but your abilities will also fade and it'll be though for you to get it back.

Just work on your Brow Chakra and continue asking the Divine Intervention or the Beings in the Higher Dimension for Help and Protection. Your Brow Chakra will give you visions, beautiful and wonderful visions from another Dimension and not the Lower Dimension.

Based on my Researches and based on my experiences 😊

If you want further private conversations about this, you can contact me through my gmail email address which is on my Profile 'MaLou'.
yinyang (12 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-20)
It seems you have a choice. You can either try to ignore these beings, or accept your abilities and try to improve them by practicing. Best of luck for whichever way you choose.:)
theonewhospeaks (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-20)
if you believe in a god pray to him. Wear symbols that show you believe in him perhaps that will work for a while. It did with me once when things started getting physical. Things may be scary now but you are stronger than them.

Remember that. Be forceful. Tell them to leave your place of residence. Get them out of your house as soon as you can
jyoti-mj (guest)
9 years ago (2015-05-15)
Sorry wrong mail id
The correct one is mj.jyoti91 [at]
jyoti-mj (guest)
9 years ago (2015-05-15)
Well if that is that then I might know the easiest way for you to get protection. I intend to bind those ectoplasms so they will be here with me and leave you alone hopefully. Email me at mj.jyoti6 [at] I can't share the details here.
eightheye (2 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-13)
Hey thunderpug. Ask your ancestors for help. I was in some trouble with a spirit before. It tried to latch onto my body and live inside. I asked my ancestors for help and I literally felt the demon leaving my body. They're always there if you need them. Do not fear the the bad spirits. They feed off of fear.

The mere fact that you can see and sense them means you're extremely powerful. Know in your heart that you're safe and that you have assistance. Hope this helps. ❤
RebelTweenOsiria (1 stories) (12 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-12)
Wow, haven't seen anything like this!
But I know the feeling, the feeling that your never safe no matter where you go? Yeah that one!

Your not alone... I looked into the mirror once to only see myself pale with blood covers on me, my eyes were all black and a red in the middle like a cats eyes.
It was horror!
Behind me I saw a man in a hood, unlike your report he had a face.
I haven't seen him for a week but I feel he'll show up soon!
Keep me updated on what happens ok? I might be able to help.

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