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That year turned to be the strangest year in my life ever, I had a religious friend I would always hang around thing at first were fine. But didn't last long weird small things like snakes all over the place, strange sounds. Things started going missing and could never be found the shadows started appearing around her house I would ignore it at first but I couldn't help but talk about it to her, a male spirit that seem to be stalking around me he would hide in the dark no matter where I went he would fallow just watching me. I talked to her about him a lot I called him "it",he would respond to me but would never tell me his name. Just so you know he gives me these weird feeling or pain when he was emotional or just to tell me he was around. One sleep over I talked about him even more then normal calling him "it" a lot he got mad, my friend didn't really believe me that much until that I felt jolting pains like he would pull my heart out of my chest. My friend became concerned we both saw a shadow before it disappeared out side. I started to have very strong shivering to the point I was vibrating no matter what I did it wouldn't stop. We stayed up a bit longer I could see him threw the window he wasn't happy we spent the time trying to avoid all windows in fear of seeing it again. My friend went to bed I laid on the couch I knew it was stupid but I looked threw the window he stood next to the porch staring right at me. The rest of the night I could sleep things started getting weirder. When I went home I could just feel his anger things felt very hostile, it cooled slowly I had more sleep overs with my friend he still didn't like my friend. We would sit on the porch and watch him creep around the street I would sit in the front yard and some times he come over to me. He eventually warmed up my friend and would even react to my friend we would listen to music he would just sit there and watch until I pushed it to far. It started like any other night we sat down listening to music I had ignored it for so long, I felt some pain I never felt become I started shivering so hard for no reason this slowly sent me into a weird trance I couldn't see my pupils enlarge giving little to no sight to me. I would stay like that for long periods of time not blinking a minimal breathing patterns I would have to gain control to blink taking me out of the trance. This would happen a few times every night until it started happening during the day time. I would start shivering and slowly blacking out until it stopped. I could hear his thoughts in my head but could never see him until it all numbed over I tried to think of him less I still had the painful feeling but ignored it. I can still talk t him but but I try not to let him back in until this day. He still stains my memories.

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Drakoreo (2 stories) (37 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-15)
[at] amberg

You discribe it use to be tall, black hair, angry, and a "attention hog"

Animals which eat hogs are: dogs, panthers, wolves, and coyotes.
Do any of those animals have traits you find desirable? Such as dogs are loyal. Or can you think of a different one? Perhaps you want to invite one to protect you, especially if you have a special connection to one of those animals. Either way, this animal might be good to have as a protector.

Everytime you suspect something in memory, in life, or when talking could be the presense of the entity you use to see, try asserting out loud or in your head,

"That is no longer a part of my life."

Or in whatever words make sense to you.:)
amberg (3 stories) (9 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-15)
its almost like he feed off my anger a fear, when ever he is around I'm prone to violence. He appears to be five foot seven inch man with black grown out hair large eyes changing from red eyes to pure black his arms were abnormally large compared to the rest of him. In the being he would just watch, every night he would stand by the edge of the bed just staring at me, I tried talking to him and he would respond but would never tell me who he was or where he came from. I noticed he was an attention hog he would become more violent when I ignored him or spent time with any one else. No matter where I went he would be not to far behind even my friend could tell he was around he hated my friends and would cause them to become stressed and panic a lot. He would break things and cause chaos so I would have to pay attention to him. I could just sense his emotions he could tell me bad thing I knew better not to listen to him the pain would increase and he would become raged at me. Some time were better then other but I always knew he was around whether in the closet of standing in corner. It lead to fits of frustration because he wouldn't go away but over time I broke free from the overwhelming agony. I still see the shadow I still feel a hand on my shoulder every night at times I'm unsure if he really left.
Drakoreo (2 stories) (37 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-14)
This sounds like an intrusion,
Sometimes we might pick up energies, or "spirits," from other people, certain surroundings, or even by accidentally or intentionally inviting them, but they only connect to us if there is an "entrance" and a "reason."

The "entrance" is any lack of something inside you, it could be esteam, it could be courage, anything. They seek out a certain "weakness" that they can either use to take your power, or use to give you power. Negative energies take power, possitive energies give power.

Pain is a feeling associated with negative energies "taking power" when are you feeling the pain? How was that situation caused? Do you feel pain by thinking bad things about others, or yourself? Does "it" encourage those feelings/thoughts?

Negative entites do not like giving their name because it gives you power over them, but it might have accidently gave you enough identifying information to banish it for good, from your life and your memory.

When you saw "flashes" of his appearance, what do you remeber? Did it look animalistic? Is it's eyes slanted? Does it have any insect features? Does it growl? Bark? Hiss? What is it's petsonality? Angry? Jelous? Cruel? Try to identify as many factors about it as possible, if it is like a certain animal, think about what kind of animals eats or hunts it, then invite that to come "take care" of it. If it is like a certain emotion, such as anger, imagine an emotion that is the complete oposite, forgiveness & joy in others happiness, and try to picture what that would be like, and invite that to assist you.

If that doesn't work for you, try repeating this phraze or something similar 3 times in your head or out loud when ever you think of it:

"I recognize you, I do not want you here, I banish you from my thoughts, life, and memory."

Because you have expirienced this situation, perhaps some day you can help others in over-coming similar situations, you also may be more in tune to also communicating with possitive energies and angels, sinse you can with other spirits.

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