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The Power To Seduce?


I just realized that I'm able to seduce guys without flirting with them. No, I already knew I could seduce them since I was young, but I told myself, it's not true. I'm not the type of girl who goes around talking to guys, I'm not really popular, I don't do anything that attracts guys. I'm not a genius. I'm not very active in sport. My face is normal. Just your average type of girl.

Just for your information, I don't do sexy poses, dances, or anything like that! I'm not a slut, I have very high discipline (I've never even held a guy's hand before! Except when shaking hands for greeting.)

It's kind of like, when I'm interested in a guy, even if the guy doesn't know about my existence, after a week or two, he will notice me. (I always hide my presence so that I wouldn't cause any problems)

After a few months later, the guy confessed to me.

Same goes to other guys that I've been interested in before. Sometimes, I unconsciously seduce guys that I'm not interested in. And worst case scenario. When my best friends (guys) confessed to me. It's like, more than 30 guys I know, confessed to me. When I asked them when they like me, they said they have no idea. It's like, I'm like a magnet pulling them. I didn't do that intentionally... Well, maybe only to the guys I was interested in. But the guys I'm interested in is not more than 3, so, what's the problem with the other guys.

When I'm trying to make a guy fall for me, it's like I am able to use a power to attract them. The power makes me feels like I'm giving out a vibe that's different than my usual aura. Sometimes, I unconsciously give out this vibe, and when I realized it, I have no idea how to turn it off. Not only my aura, but my gaze is different, too.

I did an experiment with a guy best friend and I told him to check what's different about me before and during the time I use my power. My best friend told me that my aura, every single movements, and the gaze of my eyes attracted him all of a sudden when I'm using the same aura to attract guys. May I know what is this called? How do you control it? I don't want to keep hurting people by rejecting them when it's my fault for causing them this way. I find it really easy to tell when a guy fall for me too.: (

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ONIpsychic (1 stories) (17 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-21)
First of all, I find it funny that no men have posted their experiences here... So here I go.

[at] Awakening_In_Crimson, I fully agree with the "chord" visualization. I know it works, but I've only used it once because of the moral dillema you've mentioned.

I certainly DO NOT have the Power to seduce, at least not conciously. But I know for sure that I have a powerful aura, an aura of extremes. I can see it in people's eyes and how everyone seems to run away when I show up. People strongly prefer to avoid me when they can, and are visibly nervous when I speak directly to them.

But at the same time, people who give me the chance find that they can't stop thinking about me and eventually become rather obsessed with me. I have noticed that this is mainly women younger than me.

I agree that this is within the aura, and that fostering it will make it far easier for you to control it. Just please be careful for the sake of all guys out there. And thank you for actually expressing concern for their emotions, most girls I've met would simply use these stricken men for selfish gain. Thank you and good luck.
TheAgentKaye (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-12)
I have the same issue, but I can't control it at all. Actually, it seems like when I am at my most innocent and I'm not actively trying to attract people in the "normal" way, this energy starts pulling them to me. It is getting stronger as I get older (I'm 31 now).

Men are drawn to me and the way they behave often embarrasses me or makes me self-conscious. If they are married or in a relationship, they act way too friendly with me for someone who has a significant other. On the innocent end, that looks like just being really excited when they are around me and not being able to stop talking about me. My sister-in-law's brother is this way. He is a devoted family man and loves his wife and kids, but everyone comments on how he just really likes me so much.

On the not-so-innocent end, I have been sexually propositioned by people's husbands/boyfriends, and every time it makes me cringe at the thought that to have even asked me, they had to have assumed that I would do it.

Then there are also men in relationships who are acutely aware of the energy (whether they realize it or not) and take great pains to steer clear of me. They always have the same idea that I do--make sure their wives/girlfriends don't even THINK there is any attraction occurring.

It is even more obvious with single guys, because I am pretty overweight. Men who are clearly NOT attracted to me physically are still inexplicably drawn to me; I can actually see them mentally reminding/convincing themselves that they aren't attracted because I'm fat. Often, many of them don't even recognize that THEY are the ones who are drawn in, and they'll act conceited or give me the cold shoulder because they think I am interested in them.

Last, lesbians are drawn to me as well. It happens nearly every time I come into contact with them. When I have to turn someone down who has asked me out, I can tell they are embarrassed because they are "supposed to" be able to tell if someone isn't gay.

As a side note--I also get the thing that you talk about, Symbol-of-the-dragon. Ever since I was young, babies have always stared at me in just that way that you describe, and it has always creeped me out.
Awakening_In_Crimson (guest)
10 years ago (2012-04-10)
[at] Symbol-of-the-dragon
Kids do that to me too, except if I get close to them they start screaming. Animals generally get feral with me, but if I get close they're scared.

Anyway, Mikanx95, to your story.
When I was in the fourth grade, I had a crush on this guy. The school year passed and it was like I didn't exist. At the end of the year, my best friend turned on me and told everyone I liked him. He avoided me and it made me feel undesirable; I was angry and disappointed and sad.
Then I learned how to mess with my energy and my aura. When I saw guys I was interested in the fifth grade, I would imagine a cord connecting the both of us and becoming gold, vibrant, and strong. Unconsciously, I also emitted a pulling-type energy. Guys became my friends... But eventually I stopped doing this after I reviewed the moral values of messing with someone's emotions.
Now I attract people in general. If I focus, I can make a person love me or hate me, though I try to avoid manipulating people because I don't feel it's right.
Just be careful. People can become attracted through many things, even your writing. I would just try and develop your powers even more so, by becoming more empathic and trying to feel the other's emotions and try to find your true Self. As for rejecting the guys, I'm not sure what to say, as I can feel their disappointment if I say "no," so I would just not give them a clear answer and dance around their questions. Lol.
Symbol-of-the-dragon (4 stories) (68 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-09)
I sort of have a similar issue... I seem to attract creepy old guys (hasn't happened in years that I can remember thankfully). Babies and very little kids stare at me all the time too. One minute they'll be laughing at something or staring off into space the way babies do, next second they're staring at me with this "knowing", dark look. It's really flattering (that I'm so interesting to little kids and babies I guess), but also unsettling...

Considering how this world revolves around power and how attraction is such a huge part of that, you could do some serious damage or serious good with that power if you learn to control it... Wish I could tell you how. 😕

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