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Demons Haunting My Friend And I


I have a gift (curse) that has been with me my whole life. I'm 14 and by this time I have had multiple experiences but that is not what I'm worried about. Growing up I had a demon taunt me and scare me. I eventually got help and it stopped becoming an everyday thing, however it still comes once every year or so.

I have just recently told my family and close friends about what has happened to me and it turns out the same thing is happening to my bff, only way worse. She says that every night at 2:30 or 3:20 this demon visits her. We both know it's a demon because of how it looks. It has all black eyes and the head of a bull with horns. It runs on her walls and ceiling at night and has a very low deep voice. It would talk in a langue that she doesn't understand and then laugh hysterically. She told it to go away one time and it got less than 2 inches away from her face and once again scared her. She doesn't understand the seriousness of this situation. If she talks about it to anyone it gets angry and the activity and brutality of this demon increases dramatically. As I have said I can sense and sometimes see when things come. When I talked to her I felt an evil mincing presence lurking in the shadows. I told her to tell her parents and am at this very second calling a priest and trying to set up a meeting asap for fear of her safety.

If anyone has any advice or knows a local demonologist that can be able to help please come forward. This is very dangerous. I live in Jacksonville, FL and my email address once again is BigStarBDS [at]

Thank you

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PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
7 years ago (2014-05-17)
Wrll it probably got in her face cause it was working it isn't going to possesses you cause if the eyes and pray it will try to stop you but don't let it and don't let it scratch you it cuts you soul and it hurts like really bad
Sisyphus_Of_Comprehension (2 stories) (69 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-17)
Truly getting rid of something like that is as easy as wearing a righteous emotion as a suit of armor, a sword and a shield, confidently pressing the darkness out of the house and out of your life. That does require a bit of skills in energy-channeling, not necessarily seeing energy, but feeling it, reducing it, and using it for the good of getting rid of such a beast. Listen to some wholistic, calm music, nothing too sad and definitely nothing manufactured like what you'd find on the radio, and write or draw, letting the notion of the demon slip into a realm of nonsense or just simply a place where it seems ridiculous as an enemy. It'll leave you alone, out of boredom.
stephyw2001 (3 stories) (108 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-17)
mmmmm... I'm not sure what to offer here. Its going to be hard to convince anyone to do something, its always going to be the choice of your friend. As for you, I would try some cleansings if you will, like Rook's method and see if it helps. Your friend's dad however, I think could be quite right. I have this philosophy that the more people believe and pay attention to, and are scared by "demons" the more they will be around. So her dad saying "deal with it" I take as "ignore it" which is what I'd do. Say for instance, you try Rook's method, but your whole heart isn't in it, you have doubt in your mind, and aren't sure it will work. In my theory, that will only increase chances for you to have more "experiences". However, if you ignore it, pretend it doesn't exist, that you're imagining it, and give it the silent treatment, it will undoubtedly get angry, try harder, then give up and move on. Yes it will suck at first, but let's face it, it sucks already. I hope you have good luck with this situation, but try to not pay it too much attention. Treat it like the pesky gnat it is and shoo it away. 😁 Good luck!
cleocleo4 (guest)
10 years ago (2011-11-17)
First of all don't atempt an exersisem by yourself leave it to a demonologist and if it dousent hurt your frend phisicaly she should tell the demond that it can not ruran soal.
RookDygin (5 stories) (324 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-17)
I'm not sure what to make of this experience but you have asked for help and I will offer a method I use for myself and my Family... You can make it as 'religious' as you wish...

Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete)

Day one: Open all curtains window and doors with screens installed, let fresh air and sunshine into the home. Have all closets, cabinets and other 'dark spaces' open so that as much natural light as possible can enter those spaces. After 2-3 hours take a broom and 'sweep' out each room (this is symbolic and you do not have to really sweep) focus your thoughts on sweeping (pushing) out all negative energies / entities /thoughts. Close home up after completing each room of your home... Please do not forget your garage if you have one. (Optional) Light incense (sandalwood or Dragons-blood works well for me) and let aroma fill the home, and/or play a tape that contains your favorite Church/Positive, Upbeat (songs that give you good thoughts) songs before you begin sweeping.

Day two (or three): Once again open all curtains, windows and doors. Take a White candle (Optional) to the center most point of the home, sit on the floor and place candle in front of you. Light the candle (visualize a white ball of light) and then focus on the flame... Visualize the flame (white light) filled with positive thoughts, energy. (Say a prayer at this time if you so desire... Ask for cleansing positive energy to fill the candles flame/white light). Hold this 'image' in your mind and then visualize the flame (light) slowly expanding outward, visualize it filling the room your in, every corner and 'dark space'. Continue to visualize it's outer edges pushing away (burning away) any and all negative energies/entities out and away from each room in your home. Once you have visualized this flame (light) filling your entire home, picture it expanding to your property lines. Hold this image in your mind for a few moments then visualize 'anchoring' this flame (light) where you are sitting which is the center most point of your home. Once you have done this. Take a deep breath, relax a few moments and then blow out the candle. (If you didn't use a candle just let yourself relax a moment or two.) "

Now you can create a shield for yourself using the 'home shield' technique but instead of focusing on your home visualize the 'flame' simply surrounding you instead of your home... Best time to do this is after a nice shower using a rosemary scented soap (rosemary is good for purification and protection.)

Please keep us informed.


Orroko (8 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-17)
I'm sorry but reading some of your comments it's all very wrong in my eyes imps are very impotent creatures annoying and very strong to get rid of it I suggest making a deal if not over power it with your aura or spirit energy to scare it away
Orroko (8 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-17)
No no demons aren't evil intact that's just probably an imp iv met and seen a demon I consider that sterotype demons don't look any of how you described
SnowAngel12 (guest)
10 years ago (2011-11-17)
Ah that is what you mean. I have never tried that. How to convince them. That is hard one, because there will be unexpected scenarios that pops up so its hard to say. Well you can start off as telling the advantages and disadvantage of cleansing. Research before you tell them. Everyone needs to be present for that cleansing because it can attach to whoever lives there and still make its way in. Think of it like a small blessing or shield that wards them off when they are doing the cleansing so the demon can't come in. Well I sent you a huge list of what you can do through email kind of embarrassed on how long it is. If you didn't get it. Uh I'll try again. Other than that Good luck and God grace. 😁
quixoticqt (2 stories) (53 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-17)
If you believe in demons you must believe in God right? God is much stronger then demons.
You can pray a prayer of protection around yourself and your best friend. It may stop some of the things that happen to you.
What you need is oil. Any kind of oil (just a dab of it) and bless it: "Lord bless this oil and make it pure and holy unto you."
Take that dab and mark your forehead and pray:
"Lord bless me and keep me. Make me pure and holy unto you. Write the truth upon the tablet of my heart. Shut all the negative doorways into my life. Gird my loins with truth, shod my feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace, on my chest place the breast plate of righteousness, in one hand place the shield of faith quenching all the fiery darts of hell, and in the other hand place the sword which is the word of God."
Now if you want it out of your house it would get more extensive then that.
I really hope this helps you out. You can also pray this prayer over your bff and take the oil and annoint her just change the words a bit to pray over her.

❤ Qt
ThUnDeRbIrD123 (1 stories) (9 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-17)
Thanks everyone for coomenting. Bad news... My friend whos being haunted and attacked pretty much gave up. She stopped trying to cast it out which I think is a horribale thing 2 do... Her dad thinks she should "deal with it" and is afraid to go to a priest because hes afraid there going to "take her away and put he in a loony box".Ive tryed so hard to convince him that this is very dangerous these domons are very powerful and unpredictable... I'm typing out in my grauge and when I'm alone I always get a feeling somethings standing behind me staring at me... Most of tyhe time I'm right. See I can deal with ghosts no pronlem after all I have delt with it all my life, but demons now when it comes to that god hep me. 😢 Anyone with advise on how to convinc my friends dad to go ahead with a cleansing? My friends scared really scared she claims verythings "goood" but I'm afriad shess scared. Shes told me before when she talks about it it comes more often and gets increasingle violent...
Sisyphus_Of_Comprehension (2 stories) (69 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-16)
*Destroy in the sense of discrediting it into a pocket somewhere, separated entirely from the OP. Hence the star.
SnowAngel12 (guest)
10 years ago (2011-11-16)
I personally don't think its a wise idea to astral project to destroy it. Without knowing how strong it is you can seriously get hurt or worse destroyed in the process. But I do agree with cleansing rituals, becomes those are pretty effective. But remember this. Demons aren't dumb. They had a long time to study humans and know the best way to use there energy.
Sisyphus_Of_Comprehension (2 stories) (69 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-15)
Yeah, our state is pretty much filled with things of that nature. They don't really physically show themselves to me that often, but I'm trying to learn... I can only locate them by feeling, like sonar. Your best bet would be to try the easiest and most effective thing -- a cleansing ceremony, or simply saying a prayer, will clear the air of most demonic spirits. I'm saying most because not all demons are from the same plane, certainly some are incarnated places on earth, others out of the void to literally drag people into the lower levels of the astral in their dreams. It can be extremely frightening, but you need only remember, your mind is more powerful than what they can do. Your mind can cease their existence in that room, simply by discrediting it, but if you wish to expand your connection to the spiritual world, you could venture into the astral and destroy* it there.

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