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Unusual Experiences: Do I Have Psychic Abilities?


To all the Readers:

Allow me to share my story about paranormal experiences. Just to give you a brief background, my name is Angelo. I live in the Philippines and I believe ghost stories are very much known here in our country. I just really need help for me to know the EXPLANATION/S regarding my paranormal experiences (if they really can be counted as paranormal).

Since I was a child, I never believed that ghosts are real but when I was about thirteen or fourteen, I started seeing things that people usually don't see. My first encounter was when I was in our high school music building. We were having rehearsals in the choir. I was the pianist. I was actually busy rehearsing the group when I saw a figure, who was I believe a girl wearing a long white gown walking as if her feet were not touching the ground, passed by the door. Curios as I was, I stood up and went out to check who that young lady was. To my surprise, nobody was there. I even checked the area and nobody was there.

From that day on, I started hearing and seeing or feeling or should I say sensing many forms of unnatural entities. I can see people in black and in white, I can see shadow, I can feel somebody's presence as if that somebody is staring at me, I can smell strange odors accompanied by sightings of smoke even if nothing is being burned or cooked. I also experience ghostly manifestations in the light bulb. I can also hear voices which other people don't hear.

Another experience of mine was so strange that I even got scared because it happened when I was sleeping. In the middle of my sleep, my eyes suddenly opened and I knew I was awake, I am aware of my sleeping position, I was aware of what I was wearing that time, I was even aware of the time. I tried to get up from bed when I realized that I was feeling so light that it was so easy for me to sit up. I just felt or see that even though I was already seated, my body was still lying down. I got frightened and I laid back to my body at once. After some hours, I got awakened again, and I was back to normal.

Another strange thing I am experiencing is that when I see a person, I can easily tell his/her personality. I would usually speak as if I knew him/her for so many years. I can speak about the likes and dislikes of the person by simply looking at the person (but not the picture). I can also feel if a person has good heart or bad intentions.

I hope this site may help me understand on why I am experiencing things like this. I need to have a deeper understanding and acceptance to these paranormal experiences. Thank you and God Speed.

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sammi077 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2011-12-06)
in your fourth paragraph - please know that I am really quite jealous that you are able to perform astral projection or in other words OBE (Out of Body Experience)
Please also know that these are special abilities that you have been granted, so don't think yourself as weird or out of place, because your actually quite a special person.

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