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Too Much Pain


I am a 2nd generation psychic. (Supposedly, this is what I am told. I never believed much until now) My mother is born on the autumn equinox and I am born on the spring equinox. Her sister is also a Halloween baby. I was born the same day and time my husband's father passed in a tragic fire. He always said to my mother in law, look for the number 11, it's special. My son was then born on 1-11-11.

I suffer from c-ptsd since early childhood and because of that I have seen dark figures and shapes and colors my whole life. Recently, I got married and had a son, and we moved in with his parents. His father in law has a heart condition and his mother has mangled nerves/disks in her back. Not long after I moved in I started to feel both of their pains, and I am doubled over in excruciating pain now. I realize now that this is all of their pain transferring to me because I have a wretched toothache and I just found out that mom chipped her back tooth. I thought this was just part of my condition, somatic pains and such.

Is there a way for me to shut this off when I am near to them? Walking outside helps sometimes but not enough. But they are also very negative people. I can sense their tension a lot too and they are a constant drain on my energy.

I want to help them, I do not want to move out and leave them un-cared for or in a nursing home. They have great potential, and I'm sure they are willing to work with me and to make a change, I just need to know what to do. I also think though that maybe they are getting a little scared of me. Should I just let it go and leave them be and not mention this anymore? They seemed a bit shocked and frightened when I predicted their mother in the hospital after an explosion causing a window to shatter.

Also needing advice with. I keep noticing packs of crows everywhere I go, I am seeing color in meditation, I am having lucid out of body and flying dreams, and frequent ice-pick migraines. My therapist and psychiatrist think that this is spiritual, and that I should seek spiritual guidance for this aspect of my life. I recently made my therapist burst into tears after I accidentally mentioned a passed love one in her office. Sometimes I feel possessed or under attack, how do I ward off those feelings?

I need some direction and control of my abilities. I've lost plenty of friends by using my foresight and scaring the beejesus out of them. I just thought I was giving a valuable insight to their problem, I didn't realize that they would spread rumors that I'm some kind of a crazy psychic.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-15)
c-pst and seeing shadow people.
This is because they are made up of pain, emotions which is a part of the soul of people. Hence you seeing them since young.

You have a very active 3rd eye which if you
Harness with out of body and lucid dreams
Will be able to see some of the energy that
Is behind the feelings of being possessed and attacked. If you google here and look up AnneV-
Owner of this site.
She has information regarding astral projection.
You will be able to identify what is behind physical

The issue with the Crows: has to do with guidance
And reading what the crow is telling you.
I work with two crows and they literally show
Some people refer to the crow as Totem.
For me I've found them as power animals.

My impression of your story is you will find much
Help searching through material of Shamanism.

You will get mixed reactions depending on the respondes understanding of energy and type of work
They utilize.

The reality is we are energy and in a home we share
An exchange of energy. Our aura's exchange and blend
So the importance of understanding your own energy and
When it is affected. Taking time to get away and recenter yourself are essential.
The sparks you speak of are stress and residual energy.
It is not uncommon to pick up someone else's pain.
During sessions when I have ran healing energy
I have incurred pain. But have found that using
A symbols and visualization with help of my guides
Has served to protect and move the energy.
So I recommend reading up on healing techniques.

You will also find you will experience shifts in
Yourself and will feel as if you are lost in a sea
Of emotions. I refer to this as emotional overload.
For myself I use spiritual baths, smudging with cedar/or sage, normally administer healing via set crystals and
During this last week I went to Bach's and used two
Formulas that helped bring out the extra energy out
Of myself I'm still rebalancing. I had to deal with two
Deaths at work and a healing with a cancer patient plus the overload of the deceased relatives plus
3 other patients during two days, additionally pulling
Off extra energy off a co-worker and balancing her
Energy centers.

Hopefully others can add their words of experience.
You will eventually find the right things for you.

Good journey 😁

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