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Pain After Having A Lucid Dream


I had a dream about my ex deceased husband all night long last week when I woke up my ring finger had a sharp shooting pain in it. I felt like screaming, I took off my ring and it stopped. I was married to him for 14 years at age 17. We divorced and I remarried he drank himself to death, the night he died I went to say my goodbyes at the hospital, that was 11 years ago in the dream I had we were getting back together and I had a long blue dress on that was the color of my wedding dress, I told him that I hope that this works out this time because I really love you. Then I woke up. When he passed way that night he came to me in my sleep and kissed me on the lips and said he had to go now, I always feel that he is with me in my heart, any help to understand what is going on! Thanks! I have had dreams in the past and they have came true but it is happening more and more these days, and also I have had an experience that my husband now didn't turn on the coffee pot in the morning and came out to the kitchen and it was not on, but I want to know why I experienced the pain in my ring finger after dreaming about my ex all night long, he was my first love and the love we had was a deep deep love it was a abusive marriage with a lot of drinking and drugs but it really was a deep love we had for each other, I need help to understand this experience... Greatly appreciated thanks

My mom has always been that way when she dreams something it usually does happen my daughter also has had dreams that her dad and I have gotten back together she is 34

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-11)
The ring finger is aligned to our heart. The Heart aligns to the Astral Plane. This Astral plane is an area we can visit by Astral projecting. Other people can visit this place by Lucid dreams that jump into the Astral Plane.

What we call heaven has been said to have dimensions.
A place we visit our loved ones.

Humans have an Astral Body that Carries our consciousness upon returning this information can affect us physically/emotionally and mentally.

Just because a human dies and no longer exist does not mean that love dies.

Life is not straight forward. As you stated you moved past the Life pattern of the old life style. Your ex-spouse did not find or wish to move forward therefore a parting of ways occurred.

If one believes in soul ties or soul groups there is a meeting and a circling around each other for support and forgiveness and healing.

Good journey

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